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Gene Farris Stacy Kidd
Showdown E.P. Vol.1

Showdown E.P. Vol.1
Showdown E.P. Vol.1Showdown E.P. Vol.1


CM 033


1x Vinyl 12" EP



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Media: VG+i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Haçienda resident DJ collection (DJ Buckley Boland).

Media: VG+i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Gene Farris - Regga Dancin


Stacy Kidd - Getting On Down (Main)


Stacy Kidd - Getting On Down (Dub)

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Shine Grooves (Hanagasumi, ФАКТУРА) is a specialist in live and experimental electronic music, blending software and hardware in his studio in Yekaterinburg, Russia. On this sophomore full-length he cultivates an otherworldly Space Garden on a distant planet, populated by alien organisms that move to their own extraterrestrial groove. Dawn breaks and the garden slowly comes to life on ambient opener ‘Morning Mood’, setting a promising tone for the day ahead. A kick shuffles in to work on the dubby ‘Tribal Acoustic’, which builds and builds before leading us into the industrious bounce of ‘Japan Sequencer’. This latter, first optimistic and later frenetic, ends the A-side’s warm-up and primes us for action on the B. ‘Tool’ is self-explanatory, a refined, stripped-down dub techno weapon honed for an afternoon’s hard work. After that exertion, ‘Evening Radio’ is the perfect cool-down, its delicately skittering percussion contrasting with sweet, improvised synth melodies. Finally, the ambient ‘Night Reverberation Jam’ is the sound of darkness falling, our garden’s lifeforms settling down to rest before the cycle begins afresh.
Hanagasumi - hazy curtain of flowers, cherry blossoms appearing from afar like a white mist - this phenomenon can be seen during the sakura blossom in Japan.The third release on the label from the musician Shine Grooves. This vinyl is a mini LP of five tracks with different moods. The release is opening with a melodic track with exciting keyboard chords, performed in the best traditions of electro rhythm. On the second track, the mood changes towards a glitch house with a 4x4 beat and a naive melody that penetrates deeply into the mind. The first side of the vinyl is closing with a techno track - a loop recorded on a Roland TR-606 drum machine with an atmospheric melody that flutters in the air throughout the entire composition.The second side of the vinyl starts with a 10-minute ambient ode, with cosmic synthesizer sequences and fragments of phrases from telephone conversations - a slow entrance to another reality. The last track on the record has an experimental IDM flavor with melodic guitar tones.This LP is made on 12" vinyl, hand stamped, limited to 300 copies. High quality analogue mastering by Sergey Luginin at Luginin Studio.
When was the last time you were Hearing Colours?Long term music companions, and more importantly close friends, Felipe Valenzuela and Argenis Brito unite once more for their collaboration project - FAER, showcasing their timeless chemistry. This time the Berlin based duo have created an innovative four track EP, “The Fraud Era” and it is ready to see the light of day on the blossoming Hearing Colours label which is co-founded by Felipe himself, and Miami based Max Kraushaar.Opener “Space Cuts” is a serious and gritty number, with real tenacity, hypnotic synths melt into the snappy and crisp broken drums. Squelchy acid bass leads you down a path of curiosity in “Trick Or Trick”, before being met with an intricate groove that enables you to release the tension. Two dancefloor dynamic tracks, both in their own right.The B side showcases the more eclectic and complex side to the pair's productions. Mysterious tones and atmospheres continuously evolve in “Inmersion”, creating an otherworldly yet infectious mood. Mechanical whirrs and bleeps maneuver their way around a glitchy body in the final track, “Fraud Era”. Trippy and eccentric energy for the after party hours, intelligently arranged by two masters of their craft.Since their well received “Internal Jokes And Other Matters'' EP on Raum Musik... tastemakers have been patiently waiting for the next FAER encounter, and this will undoubtedly wroth the wait.