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Carpet & Snares boss Jorge Caiado is back with an EP that has the dancefloor firmly in its crosshairs. ‘Wild Card’ is a contemporary tribal roller driven by moody organ and acid lines, while ‘Life’s Too Short’ recalls vintage Prescription but with extra weight for today’s clubs. On the B the wicked ‘Freak Not Freak’ gets, well, freaky, with spooky pads, skewed rhythms and invigorating cymbal rushes. Finally, ‘Wrong Mindset’ wraps things up with breezy garagey house.
Floating above the clouds you’ll find some extra silky producers making their beats. Specialising in smooth, sunshine coated dancefloor flavours; they are individuals who like to put a smile on your face and make you feel warm inside. For the inaugural release, Velvet Velour’s new outlet; Silky Beats, invites three of the smoothest operators around- B.Love, Bowyer and Astral Wayne to the platform, and contributes a track from himself for the B2. Enjoy!
Ed Nine returns to Chez Damier’s Inner Balance label with the third part in his The Journey series, as ever foregrounding the most classic of house sounds. Chicago from his head to his toes, Ed’s signature nods to the Windy City greats while pushing things forwards with fresh sound design and his innate musicality. From the bright and sunny melodies on ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Time Will Tell’ to the driving bump and groove of ‘Not On The Radio’ and ‘There’s Always A Chance’, Ed establishes his credentials alongside the best of them.
Welt Discos' latest delivery is the debut solo record from DJ/producer/radio host Stephen Howe. The Mimesis EP gives us a convincing introduction to his highly musical sound: spontaneous yet tightly arranged, referential yet idiosyncratic, and not afraid to take the odd left turn. From 80s electro dynamism to loopy techno deepness to broken introspection, this is a diverse and surprising set of dancefloor grooves brought together by Stephen's knack for harmony, counterpoint and tone.
Encrypted messages beamed direct from the digital chameleon -- who else but Dream Ticket could decode these artificially intelligent signals? Concentric networks, cosmic gardens, self-sustaining systems, cryptids bathing in the acid glow of the parhelion. The connections are there for those who want to listen.
Digging Deeper Music debut with 1994 italian masterpiece TMSS - Everybody. Limited Press don't sleep.
Digging Deeper return with a must have gem from 90's maestro Maurizio Verbeni with his aka Excessive. Remastered and ready to rock the dancefloors.
Mysterious Call Edan project on the slightly less mysterious Sounds Better Records label (at least we can say it's from Bristol) . 'Frome' that we got here, as you could hear if you pressed 'play' already is a take on Liz Torres' masterpiece that lived a great life in the 90s and got the resurrection after D'Julz re-released it on his Bass Culture Records. This one, it seems, balances between the original groove and all those 'Deep' and 'Get Down' editions perfectly. Not overloaded with stuff, it squeezes everything from its 126 BPM - almost impossible to listen to the end without moving. I tried. Both A and B-side openers here are slightly similar and could be described as the step on Cosmic Rhythm territory. Both of them got more or less the same pipey vibe, but 'La Riviera' has much more energetic beat structure inside (built around kick) while 'Protos' keeps pumping us with hats. The last one here - 'Gum' , with the most annoying moment on the preview cut (cuts just before the drop), probably will get even more people screaming and shouting, than any other track on this EP. Drop is working perfectly, be sure.
Big reissue for the first release of VIL Records.Originally released in 1993, 4 banging tracks from the past but still contemporary crossing genres between House, Progressive House and Trance.
Digging Deeper continues their research of gems from the past. This time Joe Montana with a release from 1999 originally released on Hole Subaltern . Remastered from original DAT's louder than first press.
VIL Records with their next reissue!
RAWAX re-issues the former Unleash009 by Robert Drewek & Tomie Nevada - Minimize The Maximum EP from 2006.This release became a big push after being played by Francesco Del Garda & Raresh to name a few.The re-mastered version will be out 1st of June.Don't feed the Discogs Sharks!
Vibraphone presents another huge release. This time it's Silicon Minds - IHY (Interstellar Hypnotic Yama -Biko) With an timeless Mayday Tribute Mix by the one and only Derrick May!Highy recommended!
Another strong release curated by label boss OHM aka Bjarnar Joansson. OHM Series 8 is featuring tracks by Tm Shuffle & Tapani Rinne, XDB, Tim G & Dubrovnik (UK)
Physical Education are back to present Occibel’s latest EP, Better Days. The four track release to transport you into Occibel’s timeless universe, with the treasure of an additional remix by Fantastic Man.Opener Nothing So Blue sets the ball rolling with its hybrid of deep chords and glitchy synths spurring up the energy for the rest to come. Fantastic Man’s contribution of a fast paced remix leads the already bubbly track into even more of a capsule of energy. The B side keeps up the dynamism, as Passion from the Past’s grooves and etherial manifestations bounce you deeper into Occibel’s groovy house universe. Take This concludes the consistently infectious EP, steering further towards a world of pulsing rhythms and synths.Unbound by space or time, Better Days redoubles Occibel’s contribution to the renewal of the French scene.
Baby Rollén’s Slump Recordings kicks off 2024 with a powerful 4-track EP of dancefloor ready, tech-driven rollers with an authentic 90’s feel throughout. Brothers Will and Max, aka Duowe continue to mesmerize clubs with their classic OG house sonics.
Bonafide boingtastic. Release your release.
Matthew Reyer, ½ Black/Tuesday, introduces a new project, Hack the Planet!In this electrifying showdown, four enigmatic codebreakers confront an AI overlord known as the Binary Serpent, battling for control of the digital universe and the freedom of the human mind. Poten, the enigmatic Denver-based hardware junkie, known for his cerebral explorations, delivers an energetic and dynamic shot to the algorithm. Sweater, the Philadelphia-based prodigy, propels us on an interstellar journey through a fusion of spacey rhythms and pulsating low-end frequencies. Daisy Boy reminds us that time is a mere illusion, using sound's essence to evoke emotions that transcend the boundaries of the clock. Finally, label boss Reyer orchestrates a multi-pronged attack, diverting the AI's attention with a flurry of decoy data packets and initiating a series of rapid sound injections.Interstellar Buzz is an auditory odyssey that transcends genres, inviting you to lose yourself in the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. So plug in, tune out, and let the music transport you to a world where the boundaries between the real and the virtual blur, and the future of sound awaits.
Dahlia Records is back with a huge new record. This time from label owner S.A.M. Following the direction of previous Dahlia records DAHLIA993 contains three tracks for some very unique dance floor moments. Emotive pads and melodies mixed with hypnotic acid lines and dynamic compositions make up this stunning three track EP. Signature cosmic and groovy S.A.M. sounds on A1 and B1 cuts, while B2 ‘Hibernation’ shows a restrained minimal and slightly conceptual spacious energy with a beautiful string outro. Let yourself get carried away!
Funderground – where fun meets the underground through a symphony of beats, melodies, and unbridled energy.The debut album showcases four diverse talents, each bringing their unique flavor to the dancefloor.A1. Moray - Lujuria Universal: A track that embodies the essence of the universe's seductive allure. Its thumping beats and ethereal synths will transport you to a dimension where pleasure has no boundaries.A2. Natural Goofy - You Are Alone: Enter the depths of the night through a dark and thick symphony, echoing through your very core. Sweaty pulses and haunting melodies intertwine, casting an irresistible, enigmatic spell.B1. Len Lewis - The Emperor Strikes Back: Produced in 1999, this track exudes the aroma of old school tech house. It's not just a song - it's a time capsule, inviting you to dance to the rhythm of history.B2. Will Vickers - Arf Tone: Leaning into the sublimely strange things that happen in the early hours. A house influenced track that will leave you with more questions than answers.
The renowned Spanish club, Oven, introduces its record label, Oven Sound, capturing the essence and energy that thrives in its basement. If you've experienced the club, you know exactly the vibe we're talking about.For its inaugural release, Oven Sound features Sueezo, one of its residents. He has crafted a versatile EP with three tracks that embody the authentic Oven sound.This is just the beginning. Oven Sound is set to unveil the emerging Valencian scene to the world...Early support from The Ghost, Raresh, Dorian Paic, and more...
"Heat Up", another wonderful uptempo soul classic by Peven Everett repressed officially on Groovin Recordings. On the flip "Fantasy Eyes", a soulful gem by the super talented singer and musician from Chicago, never released on vinyl.
Dark Grooves Records starts with the aim to rediscover cult tracks from Deep-House to Uk Garage and old-school Techno. This third release comes from the Philly producer Dozia Blakey, who put out this ep on 1996 under the alias Music From The Trees. The whole EP is a quality Deep House / US Garage record, also including a remix by King Britt (Dynamics Birthday Mix). On Side B we also find "Back to Basiks" which which showed up as the first track on Prosumer Boiler Room mix from 2012.
Official reissue of this techno classic by Desert Storm, one of the most important records from the early Soma catalogue, now repressed 30 years after the original release. Also including Psycho Drums remix.
Milking the cow for the very last time…
Bakked is ready for the next round!
"The ETAT label kicks off in fine style with this VA release of trippy wiggers for the tech house crew to get trancey too. Elias Sternin checks in first with 'Nothing Really Dies', a dark-tinged groover that builds on his other recent appearances, and then GNMR lands with the dirty crunch of 'Alligator', which seems to nod to the likes of Vitalic in its grinding electro synth touches. Luca Piermattei has fun with some oddball leads and vocoder freak outs on the delightfully wonky 'Matrixcian', while Troy keeps things snappy and cheeky on 'Upfornight'. Kurilo rounds the record off with the bubbling acid and trancey pads of 'How'." (Juno review)
Nothing But Nice is back for round 4 with an EP from co-founder James Andrew. The 4 track excursion showcases James’ current sound palette, ranging from deep and dubby, to groovy and trippy, each guaranteed to do the do.Nicely!
For our forth release, Ordinaire Records is proud to present its first solo EP by none other than Enrico Dragoni!Enrico Dragoni has been quite productive lately and making a buzz in the house and UK Garage scene, with DJs like Brawther or DJ Perception giving him high praises.For this EP, Enrico explores more the “deeper house sound” but still retaining influences from garage with subby basslines and lush pads.In that regard, “Eolian” and “Double Berries” on the A side perfectly embodies these traits. The B side starts with “Boomerang”, which is more on a “techier” sound and finishes on a more laid-back atmosphere with “Booba”, mixing 2-step and 4x4 drum patterns with wailing leads.
Magic Carpet ring in the new year with a standout debut EP from English-born, Berlin-baked artist Jack D. With senses honed by days spent front left at clubs like Hoppetosse, Closer and Fold, Jack delivers four superb tracks bursting with energy and quirk. Somehow fusing wonk with groove, his style feels both strangely familiar and highly original at the same time. One for the heads!
Welcome to Gary’s Dreamland, the ultimate getaway for lovers and dreamers alike.. This ain't just music, it's a whole damn experience! This premium package is all inclusive and guaranteed to add a touch of magic to the next funktion. Forget time and dance ‘til dawn, baby! Though the dream eventually fades, the
Taslo, an emerging name in contemporary house music, presents the inaugural release on his own ‘Groove Concept’ imprint; ‘Backshift EP’. Showcasing an effective fusion of rounded timbres and body-rocking rhythms, this red-hot four-tracker is poised for sustained club usage.‘Swop Shop’ kicks things off in compelling style with a coalition of propulsive drums and punchy bass. The swing setting gets ramped up for ‘Basic Principles’, where shuffling percussion and brawny resonances give way to a more explosive trajectory.No momentum is lost over on the B-side, where ‘Globule’ sets in motion a sequence of pointed stabs and sub-bass jabs, resulting in a hypnotic groove that persists in its charm. The joint concludes with ‘Side Burner’, as the dynamic eases and languid, shimmering harmonies rise to the fore.Bona fide groovers for the dance floor and beyond…
There's a hot new wave rising up from the streets of Buenos Aires and Guile has caught it. The Argentinian surfs deftly from hip-house bassline nuggets all the way to a tribal sunrise diamond, catching a few splashes of acid along the way. Get on board with this nugmeister.
SEXTAPE005 lands in the form of four ethereal modular jams courtesy of Bristol-based Boulderhead. “Tomorrow People” is a record which tickles the dancefloor’s most tender spots, the tracks are trippy, dreamy and warm yet all the while driving, complex and intense.
For their 9th release, AGT Records is happy to present a highly sought after two-tracker from Eric Spire. Originally released in 2003 on his own Silver Pearl Records, the ‘Big Brother’ EP provided the perfect blend of tech house, acid and progressive house that took the US scene by storm.AGT Records is excited to get this one back onto turntables, all in good time.
With COLLAB02 System Error continues in the spirit of collaboration and joins forces with London based EYA Records. As big fans and supporters of EYA ourselves this turned out to be a no brainer and the collaboration flowed effortlessly when working on our joined selection for this split EP.On the EYA side we find “Jeku - Phase Lock” a dreamy but driving midnight city ride kinda tune that you just wanna blast out when cruising through the city or over a crowded dance floor. Next we have “JJ Fortune - The Nightmare” a truely haunting house tune reminiscent of last Halloween keeping things weird and spooky all while steadily punching a hole into your speakers(in a good way!).On the System Error side we have “Kurilo - Break A Leg” this track slow but steadily will fill up and revive any dead dancefloor from the ground up again. Catchy, not cheesy vocal samples riding on a mad beat that will take you straight to the front of the DJ booth. And if that was not enough yet “ - Wrong” provides a bouncy but dark dancefloor weapon to also get the last person from the couch to the dancefloor, this one means business!
Der Rotterdamer DJ/Produzent Jochem Paap begann 1990 unter dem Pseudonym Speedy J - als Anspielung auf seine DJ-Skills - Techno-Tracks zu kreieren. 1993 erschien sein Debütalbum 'Ginger' mit der Absicht, 'seine Musik aus dem Rave in die Hörumgebung zu Hause zu bringen' (allmusic), was seinen minimalistischen, aber melodischen Produktionsstil einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich machte. Kritiker lobten seine akribische Aufmerksamkeit für das Audiodesign, den geschickten Einsatz von Interludes und eine sorgfältige Balance von Four-to-the-Floor-Grooves mit Ambient-Texturen. 'Ginger' wurde in zahlreichen Retrospektiven von Trendsetter-Magazinen wie Pitchfork, The Wire und FACT als wegweisender Release hervorgehoben. Die 2021 remasterte Reissue kommt im Originaldesign der langjährigen Warp-Begleiter The Designers Republic.
London based DJ & producer Kawaii San makes his LMML debut this Christmas.Kawaii San delivers a well balanced 4 tracker with a track for every time of the night.from the sneaky & steahlty driving bassline of Covert Operation on the A1 to breaking it down and busting a move on Ding-A-Ling on the A2. On the B-Side we find Get Up And Go! on the B1 to get you back out of our seat in the early morning ours and back on the dancefloor and rounded up with Kerwins Nirvana on B2 to flow through the night and vibe while having a breather. Masterfully mesmerizing belters that shouldn’t be missing in any serious DJs record bag for 2024!Get your copy now before the discogs sharks get wind of it! ;)
Morpheus, the god of sleep is here to give you a quick chance of getting dream records that are nearly impossible to find.
Morpheus, the god of sleep is here to give you a quick chance of getting dream records that are nearly impossible to find.
Morpheus, the god of sleep is here to give you a quick chance of getting dream records that are nearly impossible to find.
Dive into the groundbreaking soundscape of Byron the Aquarius, where innovation meets house music in a mesmerizing fusion. Phonogramme is proud to present "Dey Know Vol.1," a groundbreaking EP showcased on a Transparent Red Splattered Vinyl. Renowned for his avant-garde approach in the house music genre, Byron curates an EP that pushes the boundaries of house music. From the infectious beats of "Black Is Black" with the collaboration of Brandon Banks on "Dr. Devil," each track is a testament to Byron's unique artistic vision. "Real MF From The Avenue" and "Rock That 808!!!" featuring Jordan GCZ further amplify the EP's genre-defying brilliance. The see-through red splatter on this special vinyl screams Byron's style, making "Dey Know Vol.1" more than just an EP – it's a vibe. Brace for it: "Dey Know Vol.2" drops next year.
Elias Landberg, channeling the rich techno legacy of Skudge, presents "The Wind" EP on Syncrophone Records. This 3-track odyssey pays homage to Skudge's atmospheric finesse and hypnotic rhythms, showcasing Landberg's seamless blend of raw analog energy. Limited Edition: Immerse yourself in the Skudge-inspired techno experience with the exclusive golden-colored vinyl, a sonic canvas capturing the essence of the genre's pioneers. Embark on a journey through "Wander's" hypnotic beats, unravel the enigmatic "Hidden Location," and surrender to the ambient allure of the title track, "The Wind." Secure your golden vinyl copy now, and let Elias Landberg guide you through the echoes of Skudge's influential sound, inviting you into the heart of techno exploration.
Rutilance doubles its efforts to celebrate his 10 years in the music industry with this new various artists double pack. All the Rutilance friends reunite to produce 8 house tracks where everyone can find what they're looking for. 3 digital bonus tracks will be available to complete this master piece....
No days off at the Koltrax cave, Kolter is back with the second installment of his recently launched imprint – Keep Bustin!
TRACKLISTA1: Mothersole & Haris - Dumbek (Jay Tripwire Remix)B1: What Kind Of Voodoo Do You Do?B2: Smoothin’ It OutC1: Smooth Swimmers (Swag Unreleased)C2: Caught With My Pants DownD1: DraculD2: GeometryPLAY ALL 7 tracksalso available: Vol. 1 27,86 € In Stock | Vol. 2 27,86 € In Stock | Vol. 3 28,89 € In StockThe 4th and closing part of the extended compilation produced by modern house legend - Jay Tripwire.Featuring some of his biggest classics such as Dumbek, What Kind Of Voodoo and sought after unreleased Swag tracks. Essential club music.
Steve O’sullivan Delivers an Original Soundtrack of a Moviethriller! Full of Suspense and Keeping Yourself Right Here on Thefloor. That Party Friend That Will Not Leave Your Dj Bag, Let’s Hopeso. the Main Character of That Movie Is a Straight Groove Thatflirts With Some Light Dub Arrangements and Late Back Voices.the Original Track Called Secret Chamber Has Two Other Versions....
Official, remastered reissue of the seminal Get Fucked second album (2000).Includes the complete tracklist, for the first time on vinyl. Dedicated to our late friend Nathan Coles.
Third volume of Grant Dell’s Dis Chronicles series on Repeat!Golden Croydon-Tech tracks produced by Dell in collaboration with Jay Tripwire
Dorisburg is Bossmusik regular with four releases on the label under his belt. For this EP he is joined by Efraim Kent - the newest member of the Boss family. Dorisburg and Efraim have many things in common, not just the previous records the pair has produced, but more importantly they unite in a shared love for intricate drum patterns, as well as being masters of trippy spiraling sounds. For the 10th installment in the Bossmusik collection, the Swedish duo goes all in with four deep, yet funky, expertly produced tech house cuts. The tenth release on the label will be released exactly ten years after the first record was released the 13th of October. The A-side opens with Further. A penetrating kick keeps chopped up drums and a spitting vocal sample in order and when the brooding bassline gets to close, hypnotic x-rays twists the narrative. On A2 the boys are clearly letting you know it is playtime; opening with a funk-driven beat and tumbling drums, this track is nothing less than a funhouse full of twirling tocsins - Attjo is certainly nothing to sneeze at. B1, Cave Gossip, is a low-slung affair with an electro-infused bassline; here a deep groove takes you on a hallucinogenic underground journey and a nonchalant vocal sample grows into a warped echoing choir. Final track Skrattack is where the drum-loving duo puts the full spotlight on the percussion: complex rhythm patterns provide a spaced-out backdrop, attacked by what sounds like giddy little extraterrestrial critters, ready to mess up the party in the most charming of ways.
A necessary agitator in the city, Bruno Trigo Gonçalves signs, while Phoebe, some of themost desirable sound infusions of the moment. The founder of Troublemaker Records, collaborator of Rádio Quântica, resident DJ at the “mina” party and also one of the faces behind the Planeta Manas space, has multiplied himself in live performances and brought a handful of news in recent years. “If I was simple in my mind, everything would be fine”, under Rotten Fresh label and “Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love Will Make you Lose your Mind” by Sweet Love Making, a label that he jointly owns with Bleid , demonstrate Phoebe's bird's-eye view. This vision includes allusions to different languages of dance music, ambient musicand other personal cosmologies that define him as an absolutely free producer.
A bass rumble seems to rearrange your organs like a spiritual doctor, fast techno kicks and a funky as hell percussion line emerge - it's the lucky 13th release on Lisbon's Paraiso, this time by local mainstays Shcuro and Vil - the first, label co-founder, the second a longtime friend and impeccable DJ with a range that runs from dubstep to the hardest strains of techno and beyond. The opener track 'Rumble The Funk' evolves with infectious stabs and cut-up vocal and our legs can't seem to stand still. The groove continues on with the A2 'Recoil', a soulful, dubby, relentless ode to techno that feels authentic and purposeful. Emotional tones find their way in via a mysterious, melodic string, introduced in the breakdown. Dubbed out motifs, delay + feedback strokes make a welcome return on the appropriately titled 'Chime Dub' that opens the B side of the record: skippy rhythmic layers and a warm bassline complete the picture, string flourishes give us glimpses of radiant dancefloor revelations. On the B2 the duo's opener track gets the remix treatment by another exciting duo: Blasha & Allatt, who are the women behind the iconic queer techno raves Meat Free. They flip the original's melody into a rapid, dreamy affair, conveying an optimism that perfectly wraps up this solid record by continuing the celebration of collaborative work.
4 bugged-out and massive club jams by Jamie Leather and Christopher Ledger for their Craigie Knowes debut. A serious mix of house, breaks and electronics that tie back to the golden age of dance music while rocketing towards a pure and technologic future. The A-side coming courtesy of their joint CLJL moniker while the B-side is produced solo by Jamie Leather. If you’ve been at a festival in the summer of 2023 it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard this one blowing the roof off a tent laden with party-goers or sending the soundsystem into meltdown at your favourite outdoor arena.
New US label Squid launches into the New Year with some effortlessly catchy and funky house sounds courtesy of Mr Liquid here. Liquid Earth Presents Mr Liquid is an EP that takes in breaks, tech and tripped out techno all at once. 'The Bug Collector' is a real standout with its phased basslines and puling drums overlaid with some nice prog chords. 'The Wind Up' is a lively and unbalanced rhythm with big hits and icy hi hats tied together by squelchy bass and elsewhere 'Funk Patrol' keeps it wild and loose and 'Beat Girl Beat Boy' is another off-kilter and unique house sound.
The wait has been long… Hostom strikes again!
It was all the way back in March of 2021 that La Nota Del Diablo first arrived on the scene with its debut EP. Now, more than two years and the completion of a pandemic later, it is back with a welcome follow up. Christian AB is the able beatsmith behind it and opens up with the heads down house of 'Dr. Darkness'. 'Hearing Voices (Again)' is a more frazzled and twitchy broken beat cut that has fizzy electro energy and 'Red Tears' then brings some classic early 80s house vibes to its bass sounds. There is a blissed out vibe to the delicate cosmic sounds of fantastic closer 'Machine Drummer.' (Juno Review)
After nearly 30 years, Oboro Records is back!With the reissue of their classic Lookout EP earlier in the year on AGT Records, the legendary San Francisco label returns with a reissue of one of their first ever records, from E.T.I & Graeme. However, unlike the original, there is now a new remix from one of the founders and label mainstays.Expect a lot more old and also unreleased music coming soon...
Stranger in Paradise. What a name and what a sound!We fell in love by this remote mysterious producer and his infectious tracks… and the result is this out of nowhere EP.In this fast forward way of living, Stranger in Paradise brings back a kind of euphoric nostalgia that is missing in our dancing nights.To make the choice harder, James Shinra and Jon Gurd capture Groovement's new member vibe and add their distinctive remix treatment.
Introducing “Zum Thema Tiere” by “Standing in the Water,” an electrifying EP that merges the captivating worlds of house and techno with the enchanting tails of our favourite creatures =). Prepare to embark on a journey that will make you shake your booty and surrender to the irresistible beats.Carpet distribution exclusive.
Introducing the newest vinyl record from Pedro Goya, proudly produced by YoY, a sub label from the renowned Yoyaku family. This release promises to take you on a musical journey.
For the third release on Global North, DJ Pipe teams up with Crawley wunderkind Taslo to summon DJs and punters alike into their “Motion Suite”: celebrating a partnership galvanized during countless misspent hours on the dancefloors of Berlin, Tisno and beyond.A1 “Realtime Bounce” gets things moving with slick tribal-house rhythms, fevered exhortations and a folder-full of stabs: not stopping for breath yet still keeping it deep. Bouncy and boisterous “Palladium” marries the sacred resonance of the S900 with undulating sub-bass squelch, making it a certified winner in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Pure momentum!GN03’s flip side continues to deliver sustained bang for your hard-earned buck, with the oily, viscous grooves of “Moonshine” tumbling into your lugholes to deliver a fast-paced and dynamic tech-house cut. B2’s sensual “Shake It” rounds off the collection with heavily swung snares, strung-out chords and plenty of analogue delay – a supremely versatile deep house cruiser with the subtlest hint of melancholy. Another refined, massively playable slab from Global North – and probably not the last you’ll hear from Pipe + Taslo… enter the Suite.
Molly is a very creative player in the electronic music field today. She's always moving us forward in a very surprising way.Composing her new EP for Groovement was a long, slow but self-empowering process, as she went through a lot of different vibrations these past years."Introspections" is a deep, beautiful and soulful journey about being tremendously human and sensitive.5 new tracks in which we can enjoy the power to dance and the power to rest spiritually sane.For fans of Giegling, Fred P or Dial.
After the success of Vol. 1, Dublin producer Lukey returns for Other Worlds Vol. 2 on Carpet & Snares’s LAB series, once again blending house, techno, breaks and electro into something cutting-edge and distinctive. The loping grooves, tight percussion and yearning harmonies we fondly remember from the first record are present and correct again across four streamlined club-ready tracks, taking in moods from early hours to peak time.
French-Singaporean duo Dixia Sirong return for their third EP on Inner Balance, the sub-label of Chez Damier’s legendary Balance imprint. Breezy harmonies float over the tightest of grooves in a classy combination that has become the label’s hallmark. ‘Eight’O’Eight’ is a surefire hit while ‘Kashmere’ and ‘Yggdrasil’ will slot in with the best of today’s Berlin-London tech house sound. Closer ‘HK Side’ transcends subcategorisation, its piano and pads reaching for something bittersweet and timeless.
Saudade aka Fabian Appolaire returns to Carpet & Snares’s Patterns series with four refined explorations of jazz-inflected minimal house. As on his debut EP on the imprint, what interests Appolaire is the fundamental units of jazz – syncopation, swing, improvisation – and how these can combine within a stripped-back dance music template. Take the razor sharp arrangement of ‘52nd Street’, where silence is its own instrument, or the stunning melodic unfurling in the back half of ‘Walking’.
Released by Lisbon’s Welt Discos, Rafiki’s debut EP release The Source takes three decades of UK rave heritage — hardcore, breaks, house, garage and bass music — and throws it into the pot with the producer’s own Indian heritage, then gives it a healthy stir. Rafiki is the alter ego of Sohail Arora — a pioneering figure in the Indian music industry, who significantly shapes club culture as the founder of Krunk and Krunk Kulture.
Jorge Caiado and Paul Cut return for another round after their 2020 collaboration on Caiado’s Time & Space LP. Those familiar with the two will know the order of the day: immaculately produced and deeply-felt house music that marries a studio master’s subtlety with a live musician’s flair. Each of these tracks bursts with the essence of soulful house and its jazz forebears, traversing moods that are by turns wistful, playful and go-getting. Cut’s solos on the keys — which recently graced Larry Heard’s latest LP — provide the loose counterpoint to Caiado’s tight production. Inner Balance softly strikes again.
Saramago debuts on Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares with four slices of deep and groove-laden house. This is an EP of contrasts, the light skip of the A side shadowed by the more driving pulse of the B. Opening with the dubby, weightless house of ‘The Red Room’, Saramago then treats us to a wiggly banger in “Unicorn”, sure to melt today’s dancefloors. ‘Sakaboto’ takes things into darker territory with a focussed acid groove that opens up halfway through with twinkling pads. ‘Happy Endings’ rounds things off with funk and flair, another sure-fire peak-time bumper.credits
Kitchens inc. is a new label set up by Leeds based DJ and Producer duo, Marcus and Chris Kitchen. The first release comprises of three original tracks of their own material and will appeal to those that seek out genre crossing music. On a minimalist house tip, expect eery off tones and unearthly vocals that are seamlessly woven into understated grooves. Each track has its own personality, switching between 4/4 and breaks with a discordant jazz theme that runs throughout the EP.
A genuine treasure trove of unreleased material from Mark Nicholas O., presented across two discs that together stand for his singular and compelling vision.The offbeat, buoyant grooves of his original Ringrose releases are present and correct, falling somewhere between beatdown house ('Konig Jeremy' and 'Iam The People), tuff UKG ('Luv It' and a new remaster of 'Calico Vibe') and a subtly reduced techno sound that can be surprisingly tough ('Peeonies Heed' and 'Hod Cours'). This is distinctive dance music that will make you feel as much as it makes you move.
Lisbon’s Welt Discos brings you the latest charming confection from Rory Bowyer, whose Rube Goldberg Series label has become synonymous with this strand of upbeat, modern house music. Following hits on Partisan and Free Voyage, the Bob’s Your Uncle EP features big 4/4 groovers on the A and delicately poised breaks and downtempo on the B. Restraint and flare are here in equal measure – check the patient build-up on the title track or the blissful breakdown in the monster ‘Horizontal Horizon’. Musicality, groove and a quick wit – Rory’s recipe for any occasion.
First solo release from the label owners (Juan and Mateo) under Lay Down The Groove moniker. Pursuit Of Sound is the result of their musical influences throughout these years of producing and playing music. This 5-track EP can hardly be classified within only one genre, but as a diverse vinyl suitable for different times and seasons. Many of the music-wise elements were recorded with a Juno 60, and the whole record itself manifests the importance of this machine in its identity and creative processes. All tracks were written and produced by these Colombian artists in Melbourne, Australia between 2020/21.
Vinyl Only!! Unknown edits series coming from the heart of Porto. Limited series! "Francesinha is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat, and covered with melted cheese and a hot and thick spiced tomato and beer sauce. It is typically served with french fries. "
Vilamar collective’s second dance floor-oriented EP lands with a bang, concerning the intentions laid out in their opening salvo from late 2020: this is classical, transparent techno that leaves little room for interpretation. Intense bass weight, watertight arrangements, and an appreciation for the power of silence – all these qualities combine into raw momentum that will satisfy the voracious dancers of Waking Life’s floresta stage, Labyrinth, or the big house itself. Plug in and feel the pressure.
Carpet & Snares’ white label Dummy series returns for round two and it’s ready for action. Five modern, lean and club-ready bangers split the difference between house, techno and electro. Don’t sleep.
Luhk returns to Carpet & Snares after his 2020 EP ‘Em Casa’. Now the Portuguese producer is seeking ‘Novos Horizontes’ (new horizons) via these five fiery club tracks. Each of the first four cuts has its own jet fuel: acid basslines on ‘Em Missão’ and ‘L.Submundo.D.’, a classic M1 on ‘Não Há Volta Atrás’, and an early 00s bumping tech house groove on ‘Linhas De Espaço & Tempo’. The title track closes the EP with galactic electro, proving that the horizon is just the start.
DJ ARG is back on Dream Ticket and once again he is Not. Fucking. Around. Four headmelters from the master himself that traverse breaks, house, techno and booty. Hardware was indeed harmed in the making of this record. Live with it!
The mysterious trio Pandilla LTD provide the first release on Ozy, a new sub-label run by Miguel Melo from Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares family. Never ones to tread the easiest path, Pandilla show off their full range of moods and tempos on this 4-tracker, opening with the jazzy and glitchy breaks of vignette ‘Beat Untitled’. This leads into ‘aWARe’, a downtempo epic of cinematic ambience and released tension that contrasts with the more dancefloor-ready cuts on the B. With its patient dubby tick-tock, ‘Mind Trick’ feels like a long-lost Basic Channel side-project, while the more extrovert ‘Trying To Go’ closes things in style with a shimmy and a shake.
Following Chari Chari and Rui Maia's albums, Organic Series releases another collection of beautiful music by funcionário, artistic alias of multitalented Pedro Tavares."Lisbon Dreams" is a conceptual album shaped by Pedro that evoques his travels between Setúbal and Lisbon, while studying Fine Arts at the portuguese capital city.Music wise, "Lisbon Dreams" represents an unfolding new world, full of overwhelming feelings translated into musical landscapes and possibly inspired by contemporary producers like Nuno Canavarro or Susumu Yokota.But when Pedro talks about his album he likes to quote John Cage: don't try to create and analyze at the same time. They're different processes.- For fans of Susumu Yokota or Nuno Canavarro
Shine Grooves (Hanagasumi, ФАКТУРА) is a specialist in live and experimental electronic music, blending software and hardware in his studio in Yekaterinburg, Russia. On this sophomore full-length he cultivates an otherworldly Space Garden on a distant planet, populated by alien organisms that move to their own extraterrestrial groove. Dawn breaks and the garden slowly comes to life on ambient opener ‘Morning Mood’, setting a promising tone for the day ahead. A kick shuffles in to work on the dubby ‘Tribal Acoustic’, which builds and builds before leading us into the industrious bounce of ‘Japan Sequencer’. This latter, first optimistic and later frenetic, ends the A-side’s warm-up and primes us for action on the B. ‘Tool’ is self-explanatory, a refined, stripped-down dub techno weapon honed for an afternoon’s hard work. After that exertion, ‘Evening Radio’ is the perfect cool-down, its delicately skittering percussion contrasting with sweet, improvised synth melodies. Finally, the ambient ‘Night Reverberation Jam’ is the sound of darkness falling, our garden’s lifeforms settling down to rest before the cycle begins afresh.
Dublin producer Lukey has his finger firmly on the pulse of the sounds emanating from Berlin and London’s newly awakening dancefloors, as proven by this stellar debut for Carpet &Snares’ LAB series. Contemporary club music is all about opening up the space between genres and filling it with something at once referential and new, and this EP is no exception.Other Worlds Vol. 1 effortlessly blends house, techno, electro and breaks into a mature sound world that’s both tight and expansive, funky and tough, contemplative and right down to business. Get moving with Vol. 1, and watch out for Vol. 2 coming soon!
Belgian producer Gratts, an active dj for more than 20 years, teams up with pioneering Chicago vocalist Robert Owens on this new house anthem for our times. Hope is built into the very fibre of ‘Brighter Future’, from its optimistic synths to the sprightly Roland drum patterns, with Owens’ lilting affirmations soaring above. On the flip, Jorge Caiado’s remix and the New Vision Dub bring the track to the late night dancefloor, recalling the 90s heyday of Murk, Cajmere and Mood II Swing.
A reference work, a body of knowledge, a record of human endeavour: this archival release of works from Arcarsenal's fertile collaboration in the period 2011–2016 is all of those things. Pressed on its two discs you will find, in the duo's own words, the 'broken flowers that needed just a little care and attention to bloom'. And exquisite flowers they are, rooted in the reduced formality of minimalism, yet prone to frequent and unabashed florescence. Ranging from their very earliest productions, made with limited gear, through to later recordings from a fully-equipped studio, the tracks move from techno to dub and house and into blissful after-hours and ambient, all with the rich and spacious imprint that is their own. Most of these tracks have been firm favourites on the dancefloor, whether played by other DJs or Arcarsenal themselves, yet this is the first time any of them have seen an official release. This 'Compendium' is a record of Arcarsenal's past achievements; only time will tell what new endeavours the two may pursue


Heads-down tackle! Pedro Goya follows releases on Yoyaku, Brique Rouge and Bloop with his first EP on Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares. Filled with moody grooves, sinuous acid and funky drums, these tracks meld Pedro’s esteemed engineering chops with his strong sense of movement and timing. This EP isn’t just about fireworks, it’s about your brain gradually switching off and the music taking over, leaving only your body, moving in the night.credits
Sasha Pervukhin (or sometimes also Alex Pervukhin) whom you should recognize from his Laconica label, is starting a new one, called Pixel. The orientation is simple – modern, dancefloor-orientated house music, with a little twist. The twist is – the Ukrainian voice should be presented on every release.With this release, Sasha has established himself as a part of Carpets and Snares family since Pixel is a sublabel of Carpets and Snares Records. All the proceeds will go to Ukrainian donation initiatives
Floating above the clouds you’ll find the silkiest of producers making their beats. Specialising in smooth, sunshine coated flavours; they are individuals who like to create smiles on the dancefloor. For the second outing, Velvet Velour’s outlet, Silky Beats; invites four certified wizards and musicians alike- Tiago Walter, James Andrew, Mtty and Duncan Thomas. Enjoy!
Since its inception in 2022 the PILLZ label has built a reputation for refined underground moods, and “Take A Chill Pill” is certainly no different.; The astounding Belgian producer; Session 4000 maneuvers and delievers 4 cuts between gritty shades of house and electro. This EP shifts the night into fifth gear with spaced out atmosfears and direct drive. Here is a producer whose experience for the hazy after hours takes us deep into such imagined trips as a “ravey conga paradise”, or some “hypnotic textured blend of vox sampled hits,” or twisted ravey motions, and big bass lines that blast the floor.
“Embark on a transcendent journey through time as Sex Tapes From Mars proudly resurrects a beloved classic: “Deeper Cut - Feel It”.This release, features bewitching remixes from Velvet Velour and Baldo, and pays homage to the illustrious era's sultry groove while injecting an invigorating vitality into the chemistry.Inspired by the fervent underground movements of the ‘90s, Deeper Cut "Feel It" encapsulates the essence of an epoch gone by, transporting listeners to a realm where unadulterated emotion and infectious rhythms reign supreme.The A1, a meticulously crafted beam of puncturing class, sheds the antiquated vocal elements, presenting a polished rendition that resonates deeply with contemporary sensibilities. This transformative, evocative rework of the acclaimed version fervently championed by FDG, has ignited a digital wildfire, enrapturing audiences and rekindling an impassioned devotion for the track's timeless allure.Serving as celestial companions on this nostalgic odyssey are the luminary remixes from Velvet Velour and Baldo. Velvet Velour infuses their unmistakable flair, imbuing the track with pulsating vitality and entrancing rhythms that elevate the dancefloor experience to sublime heights. Meanwhile, Baldo bestows his idiosyncratic perspective, guiding listeners through an exhilarating sonic expedition adorned with eclectic nuances and an irresistible groove.As Sex Tapes From Mars, and the mysterious label head himself Elon Dust, continue to transcend boundaries and exalt the rich tapestry of electronic music, their latest cut stands as a testament to the label's unwavering commitment to cultural heritage, done properly.For devotees of electronic music and seekers of auditory transcendence, this release is an indispensable addition to your collection.”
Thirsty work!Leeds-based long-time friends Kepler & Wickham join forces for the first Thirst release, with four varied and functional house cuts. ‘The Recipe’ kicks things off with a wiggy bassline and plenty of energy, Octa takes things into more melodic territory with a nod to classic deep house. The B side starts in hypnotic fashion with the golden-era UK tech house influenced ‘Represent’, before the closing future classic ‘Free Your Mind (Deep Mix)’ wraps the package up nicely. Something classy for all occasions.
Nuances de Nuit’s first release of 2024 comes courtesy of Liquid Earth, Man/ipulate, Robin Graham and Basement Space.
Here at Rube Goldberg Series we pride ourselves on having everything you need to complete your ski gear set-up this season. So, whether it's ski bindings, ski goggles, ski poles, helmets, thermals and base layers, or a new 4 track VA record, Trust us. We have it all in our collection.While you're here, why not check out our stylish new release? Discover tunes from Velvet Velour, Picasso, Bowyer and Kawaii San. Shop our selection online or at your nearest store today and find quality tunes fit for your next adventure to the dancefloor.As well as increasing cardiovascular fitness and muscle growth, DJing is a thrilling snow sport that allows you to glide across snowy slopes with speed, grace, dexterity. Getting the right records for your build, experience, and terrain type can make all the difference to performance and enjoyment on the dancefloor.
Introducing an enormous EP from a rising star in our ever-growing scene: Wooka makes his dynamic debut on ABS, presenting a trio of original bombs ready and tested for the dance floor. Complementing the Frenchman is the acclaimed Velvet Velour, who brings a fresh take on Wooka's, 'I Waaanna See You Dance' with an electrifying remix. Hailing from France, Wooka's talent blossoms on this EP, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating ascent in the world of music.Addition by Subtraction remains steadfast in our commitment to showcasing only the finest artists from every corner of the world. Our signature sound, ever evolving like the changing seasons, is underpinned by a constant: our unyielding dedication and passion for discovering artists.
Absolute mastery of the Nu-boing movement. Release your release.
Lee Humphreys and Evasive head honcho Rob Pearson returned to the imprint for their 2nd EP together as Lovable Rogues. This followed on from their first collaboration which launched Evasive Records : Look Into Your Eyes / Chica / Twilight Manouvres (EVA001)For this Ep Rob travelled out to work with Lee in the depths of the German countryside at Lee’s Tofu Studios. EVA003 delivered 3 more tasty underground cuts for main floors and urban warehouse spaces and pleased all the right DJ movers and shakers in the year 2000. It now finds favour in 2024 with Tech House connoisseurs hungry for that early South London Tech sound.Time Zones delivers some peak time twisted year 2k Tech. Swirling ear candy synths and tripped out almost acidic twangs are the order of the day. A head nodding bass combines with the filtered and sample triggered vocal phrase ‘Eternal Energy Music’. As if the production pair were indeed clairvoyants able to look ahead and prophesize the future state of underground dance floors some 20 years later! This cut has since become a classic requested early noughties gem for those in the know.On ‘Integer’ Lee Humphreys rides solo to showcase his unique talent and slick production sound. Driving filtered percussion elements and an infectious bass combine with ‘Body Grooving’ vocal cuts and eerie reverse synths and sounds. Lee basically hit this track out of the park here so Rob had no choice but to request this cut and it was snapped up for the EP.‘Thursday’ see’s Rob & Lee back on the joint production for some Tech Funk shenanigans that are ‘sure to get you high’. Not sure what Mr Humphreys was on to allow Rob to play the lead keyboard solo on this funk fuelled excursion but it stills sounds fresh over 2 decades later.! A very different vibe that has not been equalled or surpassed on Evasive since.
Under-the-radar and majorly overlooked Glaswegian label Beluga Records, founded and run by Lorne Walton & James Gray, operated mainly in the mid 90's and released a sleuth of music ahead of its time. Together they recorded and performed as Western Alliance and released two recently acclaimed EP's and it's there where we turn our attention to with their 'Atalanta EP' from 1996. Featuring four no-nonsense, stripped back, groovy, dancefloor rammers it's music that seems now more relevant than ever. Serious gear.
The third in a series of self-released Liquid Earth Physical Records, “Three Dimensional Rocker” is a sonic cheese plate for the dedicated dancer. The 12” navigates through four robust club tunes, surely an expected outcome from the seasoned Californian producer. From Aside titles’ full throttle funkery to the equally nauseating floor fillers on the flip, LEP003 is one big kahuna.
Velvet Spirit is back with a rising artist. Berlin-based frenchie going by the name of Numero 6. His music has spunk, it is gritty, a bit creepy, and has an overall unique sense of groove. Three club bangers and an after party delicacy.
We are very happy and honored to present you Ricardo Villalobos on his own RAWAX series! You will find here past & present releases from the Mastermind, starting with the 25 YearsAnniversary edition of "808 The Bassqueen", formerly released on LoFi Stereo.Special thanks goes out here to Christian Rindermann aka C-Rock!
Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha's Dungeon Meat label is back with another massive platter of heavyweight house, this time from Dutchman Dennis Quin. He wastes no time in getting down to business with 'Naimus' layering up rock-solid kicks and steel-sharpened hi-hats with yelping vocal stabs for an energetic rave-up. After that comes the equally high octane and sweat-inducing 'Buzz Cracked' before 'Switch The B' brings a raw and naughty hint of garage swing to its monstrous drums. These tunes have already been road tested at places like NYC Downlow and Houghton Festival to great effect, so there is no doubting their ability to make an indelible mark.
Leizure is back in action with Huerta’s fourth EP on the label entitled, “Pan’s Grotto Jam.”— In the heart of an ancient forest, concealed by twisted vines and mosscovered rocks, lay the hidden grotto of Pan. Pan, the mischievous and jovial god of nature, reclined against the vines idly. With a sly grin, he brought his enchanted flute to his lips, sending ethereal notes rippling through the air. As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the creatures of the forest, touched by the god's mystical presence, found themselves swaying in a gentle dance beneath the trees.

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