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Carpet & Snares boss Jorge Caiado is back with an EP that has the dancefloor firmly in its crosshairs. ‘Wild Card’ is a contemporary tribal roller driven by moody organ and acid lines, while ‘Life’s Too Short’ recalls vintage Prescription but with extra weight for today’s clubs. On the B the wicked ‘Freak Not Freak’ gets, well, freaky, with spooky pads, skewed rhythms and invigorating cymbal rushes. Finally, ‘Wrong Mindset’ wraps things up with breezy garagey house.
A mix of kicks returning two familiar foes and adding two new friends to the scene. Extended instant release for this one.
Four exotic dancefloor brews prescribed by the UK’s premier witch doctor a.k.a. Leeds lad Pete Melba. “He looks barking mad” you say? That may be true, but peer beyond the bone piercings and the smell of burnt tequila and you’ll glimpse that rare spark of genius some spend a lifetime chasing. These are the real deal. Drink up!
AirFunk is back with a second release AirFunk 002. Find again some strong Pop influences and sexual Funk with Sweely, Aline Umber, Aladdin and Atree!
After nearly 30 years, Oboro Records is back!With the reissue of their classic Lookout EP earlier in the year on AGT Records, the legendary San Francisco label returns with a reissue of one of their first ever records, from E.T.I & Graeme. However, unlike the original, there is now a new remix from one of the founders and label mainstays.Expect a lot more old and also unreleased music coming soon...
After a successful reintroduction for The Don earlier on in the year, Marvyn returns with another reissue of an underground UK tech house special. Three rolling tech-house cuts fit for any occasion. 300 copies.
Once is not usual Chat Noir Tools is welcoming an established producer in the name of Robbenspierre for his tenth installment. Since 2017 the italian artist and Club Vision resident has released top notch music on labels such as Land of Dance, Alphaville records, Tone Dropout, Threads, Nugs on board or System Error. After a short break, we're glad to have him for his first vinyl release in three years. His Lacrimosa EP, five tracks filled with melancholic goodness, will stand as the first Tools record sitting halfway between homelistening & the club.
The ever growing Picnic Records crew are back, this time with a tasty VA showcasing talents close to them.
After his well received "Unknown Pharmacy" EP Rambal Cochet is back on Griffé almost a year later to the day with his "Matrix Convoy" EP! Once again the producer pleases us with his proggy touch filled with tribal & trancey motives for a full shamanic dancefloor experience. Liso his joigning him on the eponym track while Remotif serves an outstanding breaky downtempo remix of Virus Funk.
Many of us pine for a 'scene shift', not least since most music scenes are prone to growing stagnant before succumbing to uncreative forces. With that in mind, Rez19nineteen hears a full-on resurrection of the EP Word To The Wise by Sceneshifters (under a different name), in doing so revitalizing the freshness of UK house in its entirety. Or at least, our enthusiasm for it. Proper retro vocal shouts, garage house beats, and alt-mixes make for a sweet trip back down memory lane, as if rubbing the dirt of the Denon lens and taking just one last snap of a long-foregone rave. (Juno Review)
There are no more boundaries in dance music. Transfer, the latest EP from Amor Satyr, not only pulls heavily from trance, but does so while also repurposing vocal clips lifted from Brazilian baile funk. On paper, it seems like an almost unholy musical union, but in the skilled hands of this Parisian, the combination is straight-up deadly. This is body music, and while the record's breakneck tempos and blazing synths are fully rooted in freewheeling rave traditions, its thundering low-end is muscular enough to push even the biggest favela soundsystems into the red. The EP's speedy title track rolls out crunchy melodies atop a broken rhythm and thick sheets of bass, but it's "Quer Dan?ar?" that perhaps best embodies the music's dual spirit, its swirly psychedelics unfolding atop booming, electro-indebted breakbeats and a potent array of face-smacking percussion. That array also includes a variety of finely sliced Brazilian vocal chops, which Amor Satyr expertly employs to punctuate the song's already dizzying drum attack. It's a technique he returns to on "Rebola," injecting a bit more life into the track's rumbling gallop, before wrapping up the EP on a brighter, bouncier note with the effervescent "Bebe."
The follow up for the instant classic Impresiones Acidas from 2022. Felipe again lends his fusion sensibilities to infectious grooves to create a modern version of the golden age of house music. With non other than Kai Alce on remix duties on the title track. Tip!!!
OPIA’s 14th release sees them digging deep into the archives with old school UK producer, Solar Plexus. The innovative work from the early 90s stands the test of time today as the London based label serves up four tracks from way back when. The A1 remastered and reissued from Jay’s Tanglefoot Alias, and the three others are all unreleased from recently found tapes. All to be brought up to scratch the label have called on LVCA to re-edit all the tracks, adding more character than ever to these productions. An authentic exploration of progressive house and trance full of 90s emotion..
Berlin party series and label AWAY Music continues its limited vinyl series called "Reissued", dedicated to re-releasing iconic cuts from the vast collaborative catalog of Move D & Pete Namlook. The second installment "Reissued 2", which follows the series' inaugural EP from 2019, features again some exceptional pieces that were previously only available on CD.Move D and Pete Namlook are electronic visionaries whose 26-album relationship explored and intertwined psychedelic synthscapes, deep house and techno, future jazz, and downtempo on Namlook's cult imprint Fax Records. Their innovative and influential works keep inspiring electronic music producers today, showcasing their willingness to collaborate and push the boundaries of electronic music."Silk Route Part 1", which comes from their 2008 album "Travelling The Silk Route", occupies the A-side with a 12-minute journey full of jazz-infused ambient soundscapes meeting oriental melodies with sophisticated percussion patterns. A truly immersive listening experience!On the flip, "Sleeplearnin'" was described as psycho-active electronica when it first came out on the "Sons of Kraut" album 17 years ago. Translated, we're talking about minimal house that carries their warm trademark sound, enriched by pulsating echoes, space noises, and relapsing vocoder shreds. It conveys the pair's unique energy that embraces the improvisational moment to create a hypnotic flow that's nothing but timeless."Reissued 2" is a true testament to the innovative spirit and pioneering work of Move D and Pete Namlook. With these tracks now available on vinyl for the first time, AWAY's limited series is a must-have for old and new fans alike.
Sudd WAX is a vinyl only label of Sudd Records Family.The Limited Series, 2nd release presents SCSI.Gari Romalis signature sounds Detroit Electro and Techno.SCSI Culture maintains his Soul essences and influencesfrom Underground Scene
In the year 2000 the internet had not yet become the new messiah. I would often cross the Channel by ferry on my way to London where I would spend the weekend going out and hunting for records, especially those that were impossible to find in Belgium. As soon as I set foot in a record shop, then under the influence of labels like Rephlex, Warp and Planet Mu, I would rush like a gold digger, head down in the racks that mentioned these labels, to try and find the piece I was missing or the latest release not yet distributed in Belgium. The artists that obviously haunted me the most at the time were Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. During one of my visits to the record shop "Sister Ray", I was, as was often the case, deep in the Squarepusher rack. And there, I find a record that I do not yet know, an LP entitled Ceephax Acid Quakers 1000, on the fantastic label "Lo Recording" ! Without hesitation and without further investigation I rush to buy it, convinced that I am holding the new Holy Grail from Squarepusher. Back in Brussels, I listen to this mysterious LP straight away and I discover a completely different album from what I was expecting. More audacious than what Squarepusher had produced in the past and which was more in line with the sound I was looking for at the time. I had to look hard at the record sleeve to understand this new approach. "Produced by Andy Jenkinson... but no, it's Tom Jenkinson....there must be a mistake?" Knowing the record shops of Brussels well, here I was on my way with the record under my arm to get more info. A record shop owner in the city centre tells me that this "Andy" is Tom's little brother, and that if I'm interested, he just brought in another record by this artist who calls himself "Ceephax"... Of course I'm interested! Icing on the cake, it is on a Belgian label, and moreover, provided with a cassette. I had to meet the guys who were behind this impressive "First Cask" label. I don't know by what magic I managed to meet Ga?l, one of the two founders, but what is sure is that since that day he has become more than a friend and he arranged for me to get in touch not with Squarepusher but with Andy. Two historical albums united in a superb gatefold !
Pitch language - Modular synth wizard Blawan brings his brand of distorted, syncopated electronic productions. Toast introduces the EP with a playful head bopper with ethereal sounds and menacing overtones. One of the biggest acts in dance music playing international festivals such as Pitchfork 2022, ADE, Nuit Sonores.Plays from Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 music and coverage from Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, Dekmantel, CRACK, The Face “losing himself in modular synthesis without ever sacrificing soul for science”
Long before Karen was a universally accepted epithet for entitled middle-class white woman, there was Karenn, an uncompromising techno duo who do artful things with menacing noise. Pariah and Blawan have been on and off making music together since first launching this project in 2011 but whenever they do, it's worth hearing. This one on Voam is another case in point: 'Feeling Horizontal' is a monstrous and ghoulish stomper with twisted vocal darkness, while 'Happy Birthday' is a more lithe and bouncy cut with rubbing low ends and zippy synth texture. 'From Hunk To Husk' carries on the brutalist approach with more intense voices, bass and drums, and 'When Lutes Were A Thing' is a brain-bogging mix of sludgy sounds, spangled percussion and metallic surfaces. (Juno Review)
Marlon Plein also known as Driven By Attraction, one half of Watching Airplanes is releasing a new solo EP on klakson! Watching Airplanes' 'blue is dope' was already one of the pleasant surprises featured on the klakson 20in20 compilation and the journey continues with 'Last Days Of Innocence'. 4 distinguished contemporary electro funk driven dance floor stompers with an ultra deep twist. Mandatory for serious record bags!!!!!!
His five years at the helm of IDO (Intercontinental Dance Organization) have provided Valentino Mora the outlet to explore his concept of "active meditation", through the lexicon of deep and organically-textured ambient house and techno. Now with the inking of sub-label imprint EDO (Exothermal Dance Organization) Mora's newest output finds direct, molecular inspiration from deep in the aquaverse. Taking its name from the chemical release of heat, EDO's exothermic first EP delivers four tracks of heady, transformative techno atmospheres. Charting Mora's evolution from multi-channel acoustic recordings, samples and digital-analog hybridity, Hydrosphere EP continues his production complexity yet arrives at this point via the singular expression of modular synthesis. "Erosion" opens as a cryptic transmission from submersed entities, with haunting tone tendrils emerging from within the indigo unknown. A subtle echo of reverb softens the edge of its propulsive kick drum, creating an entrancing, enticing and unsettling journey into the deep. The snaking minimalist shimmer of the title track "Hydrosphere" evokes a landscape of frozen tundra, with a backdrop of shifting, urgent techno precision. Bewitching through endless motion and slow deliberation, chimes and pings are stretched out and warped to mind-bending effect. "Doppler Shift" takes a forthright approach, leading with prominent looped bass tones, percussion and rhythmic sweeps. Rounded shapes move rapidly through the inkinesss, forming repetitions that only intensify in pace and energy. To complete the resynthesis, "Solarized" embodies the life-giving warmth of it's name, beaming irregular shafts of illumination into dark, bass-heavy, chugging terrain, forming melodic wisps of tonal condensation.
Jexy's back with another entry in the Bad Timin' catalog! This time 'round, the Canadian/DJ/producer aims straight for your USB with four steamers engineered for the club. Deep cuts, dance cuts and upper cuts baby, we got 'em all! While "100% Electronic" twists a clever voice sample over a proggy thud, "The Best Ever" brings the Bad Timin' project ever-closer to Jexy's melodic roots. Elsewhere, "Instant Motion" morphs a tune from the producer's sizable back catalog into an uptempo screamer, while "Know Yourself" implores dancers to get real ... and quick!
“I’ve always loved mistakes; it’s the hidden beauty in all art” - Andrew WeatherallTransparent Sound are the original dons of UK electro, not exactly household names yet an act with so many under-repped classics that once you dive into their catalogue you might end up emptying your bank account on Discogs.To save you going down this calamitous path as well as to finally, raise TS to the level of notoriety they deserve, Tresor Records is very proud to announce the release of Accidents 1994-2023. Formed by Orson Bramley and Martin Brown in Bognor Regis in 1994, Transparent Sound have managed to create 30 years’ worth of some of the best electro from the British Isles, despite claiming to not know what they were doing nor how their instruments work.It’s likely that it’s this lack of knowledge that led to the quality and longevity of their output - the pair experiment and tinker with the machines until something pleasing appears then follow that sounddown whatever path seems fruitful: “the confidence of ignorance” as a slightly more-famous Orson, Orson Welles, once put it.This tactic has paid o well and found them stumbling into many notable adventures, from remixing The Cure to performing during an intermission between two halves of a lecture - none of which they understood as it was in Spanish.The compilation collects a lucky-for-you 13 of their most glorious electrical accidents on a three-disc set including the dancefloor hits Punk Mother Fucker (a mainstay of Villalobos sets at the time of release), and No Call From New York (as heard on Helena Hau’s perfect 2017 Essential Mix). The package also comes with ‘Windows To Your Sole’ from the unreleased white label Transparent Sound 007, other unreleased tracks, and special 2023 edits as well as six digital bonus tracks.
The Brane is resurrected with 4 killer klub tracks from Velvet Velour & Youandewan.
Roberta returns to her own Night Moves label with her most accomplished work to date on NMR012. After a string of recent underground hits on prominent labels like NDATL, Worldship Music, and Innermoods, it is easy to wonder where she would go next. With all that cachet built up, a return to her roots with increased confidence has paid off in this exquisite and refined record."Your Touch" kicks off with Roberta's signature dusty drum sound before sultry vocals and electric piano drop in, setting a proper atmosphere for dancefloor action. Moody strings along with instrumental solos including one from James Duncan on mute trumpet elevate this track to an even higher level, certain to be big with the best deep and soulful house DJs across the globe.On the flipside, "All The Things" works with a similar sound palette, but focuses more on harmony. Jazzy Rhodes chords slide over each other into an extremely infectious and memorable pattern, playing off the bumping and melodic bassline. The vibraphone solos are the cherry on top of what would be an A1 killer on any other record. Here it has to settle for being an unreasonably hot B side jam for the heads.
High value DJ clobber that gives the purchasing selector options throughout the night. House-master Matthias joins Craigie Knowes for his debut EP with the Scottish imprint. Classy cuts glittering with originality and outright funk.
Dance music has always been grounded in a sense of place. Chicago, Detroit, London, Berlin—a zip code can tell you as much about the music as the year it was made.But beyond the nuts and bolts of the here and now lies a netherzone where some of the best electronic music floats, impossible to pin down. Swayzak’s Snowboarding in Argentina is one such record.The title hints at its uncanny placelessness. The music has nothing outwardly to do with Argentina, for one thing. The work of UK producers David Nicholas Brown and James S. Taylor, it was recorded in a number of locations—mostly bedrooms—around London. Yet there is little that is quintessentially British about the music.Instead, Brown and Taylor drew much of their inspiration from, on the one hand, the luminous chords and silky heft of Detroit techno, and on the other, the staccato drums and clipped textures that were then beginning to bubble out of Berlin and Cologne.That brings us to the question of time. For if Snowboarding in Argentina belongs to nowhere, it is equally a product of nowhen.On a practical level, the music took shape in the mid to late 1990s, although it took nearly 10 years for it to come to fruition. Brown and Taylor began jamming on instruments, then machines, in the late 1980s. Then, after Brown suffered a serious car accident, the two musicians began working together more seriously. Trial and error yielded a promising single with a downtempo vibe that a hired-gun studio producer promptly ruined; Swayzak retreated to their bedrooms.They learned about Chain Reaction from a radio show, found new ways to burrow into the circuitry of their machines, and by 1996 they had hit upon their sound. brought 10 copies of the first to Berlin’s Hard Wax, sold them directly to the shop for a fistful of Deutschmarks, and turned around and spent the money on records; that’s how DIY electronic music worked in those days.) The album itself appeared in 1998 on London’s Pagan label and quickly built a cult following. It was clear that the music was in conversation with its contemporaries: Heard from the right angle, it was possible to imagine it as a halfway point between the proto progressive house of Underworld and the monochromatic minimalism of Kompakt. But it also didn’t quite sound like anything else around; it was a dispatch from an unknown territory that needed no special understanding to decipher.A quarter century later, Snowboarding in Argentina sounds simply eternal. Certain hallmarks of ’90s production are available—the music’s almost murky warmth is a reminder of what electronic music sounded like before software swallowed everything into its digital maw—but there’s nothing dated about it. The exploratory nature of these tracks, as the result of experimenting with their machines’ limitations, never eclipses their musical or emotional essence.Long since been deemed a classic, Snowboarding in Argentina remains an underdog in the annals of electronic music. Its semi-obscurity was surely not helped by the decision to publish nine of its original 12 tracks on the CD, and seven on the vinyl, with only four appearing on both formats. Twenty-five years after its original release, Lapsus’ Perennial Series edition unites, for the first time, all the album’s tracks as a single triple-vinyl package, rounding out the 12 original songs with previously unreleased material. Working off the original DAT premasters, Swayzak have created new edits of all the tracks. The result might be considered the definitive edition of the album as it was meant to be, after a 25-year journey. It seems fitting that an album so timeless would continue morphing throughout its lifespan. For fans, it’s the chance to hear a beloved album as never before. And for newcomers, it’s the perfect introduction to a record that, in its own quiet way, reshaped the sound of electronic music, opening up new frontiers unbound by cartography or calendars.The core of Snowboarding in Argentina appeared on a series of three two-track singles in 1997. (Taylor brought 10 copies of the first to Berlin’s Hard Wax, sold them directly to the shop for a fistful of Deutschmarks, and turned around and spent the money on records; that’s how DIY electronic music worked in those days.) The album itself appeared in 1998 on London’s Pagan label and quickly built a cult following. It was clear that the music was in conversation with its contemporaries: Heard from the right angle, it was possible to imagine it as a halfway point between the proto progressive house of Underworld and the monochromatic minimalism of Kompakt. But it also didn’t quite sound like anything else around; it was a dispatch from an unknown territory that needed no special understanding to decipher.A quarter century later, Snowboarding in Argentina sounds simply eternal. Certain hallmarks of ’90s production are available—the music’s almost murky warmth is a reminder of what electronic music sounded like before software swallowed everything into its digital maw—but there’s nothing dated about it. The exploratory nature of these tracks, as the result of experimenting with their machines’ limitations, never eclipses their musical or emotional essence.Long since been deemed a classic, Snowboarding in Argentina remains an underdog in the annals of electronic music. Its semi-obscurity was surely not helped by the decision to publishnine of its original 12 tracks on the CD, and seven on the vinyl, with only four appearing on both formats. Twenty-five years after its original release, Lapsus’ Perennial Series edition unites, for the first time, all the album’s tracks as a single triple-vinyl package, rounding out the 12 original songs with previously unreleased material. Working off the original DAT premasters, Swayzak have created new edits of all the tracks. The result might be considered the definitive edition of the album as it was meant to be, after a 25-year journey. It seems fitting that an album so timeless would continue morphing throughout its lifespan. For fans, it’s the chance to hear a beloved album as never before. And for newcomers, it’s the perfect introduction to a record that, in its own quiet way, reshaped the sound of electronic music, opening up new frontiers unbound by cartography or calendars.
Sleeve004 is a collection of six of the best tracks selected by Sleeve Records from Luca Palmerini's work, made in Italy in the 90s. An essential record for club music lovers.
Adam Pits is back with his second album on Leeds based On Rotation ‘Synthetic Serenity’ represents the next evolutionary step of Adam’s sound design and direction. In stark contrast to his first album, ‘A Recurring Nature’, this new release moves out of the forest and into the digital landscape, capturing the sound of a future world over 8 varied tracks.Adam Pits talks about the inspiration behind the new album:“It’s hard to put into words how much of an impact 2022 had on my life. I could talk for hours about the highs and lows, the journeys, both inside and out of my body. Or I could just make an album.Having delved into the deeper reaches of techno and ambient, I wanted to show my appreciation for these genres on the record. Atmosphere, clarity and warmth became the pillars of my new sonic exploration, with stress falling on my signature ‘journeying’ style. The album describes the idea of being at peace with machines and being open to the idea that in the future we will find ourselves more and more involved with one another.‘Synthetic Serenity’ is a product of a big energy release. It’s a testament to my acceptance of change in life and I believe it’s a true sign of my sonic evolution”
Turntable magician and champion of all things strange in the world of dance music, Jerome Hill, joins Craigie Knowes for his debut record on the imprint. 4 mind-melting acid trax primed to contort even the most rigid of dancefloors.
4th release on the “Classics” Division of Nocturbulous Records., Paradise 3001 “Blue Highway” is a reissue of the classic ep”, remastered for vinyl and repressed for the first time since 1993.A trancey journey into the very unique ambiance and beautiful atmosphere of the legendary D-Shake, a must have for real amateur.
Catch the Signals from Fantastic planet, made for Heterotopian Bodies.Fantasic planet 002 EP from well known Bassiani resident Hamatsuki incl Eversines remix
Pluto’s Plan is back with another carefully selected four-tracker EP, featuring Man/ipulate, Marcos Coya, Existencia Pasajera & Mati F, and Lorenzo Slider. Hard-hitting grooves and pure nostalgia guaranteed.
The 007 EP is shaken, not stirred by Bizarre Trax’s own Jhobei. Four colourful and animated cuts which you can expect from him, teased with the trippy elements we love at MW. Three for the floor, and one for the chill, straight from the archives of the MI6 headquarters.
Darren Allen on Underlying Form!Darren Allen has always operated in his own sonic world with high-fidelity electronics and cultured grooves taking you on deep trips through the cosmos. The Underlying Form label head is now back on his own outlet with another timeless EP that takes you deep down the rabbit hole. 'Over The Rainbow' is deep, warm techno with plenty of deft details over a thudding groove. 'Time Dissolves' is a psychedelic 5am wig out with twisted synths warping around the rubbery, linear drums and bass. 'Think Schwarma' ups the ante a little with more tech-leaning drum slaps and nice smeared synth work and 'Electric Sun' closes out with a skittish percussive energy. (Juno Review)
As we continue the five part journey to say goodbye to the Telomere Plastic series, we as always, are excited to share with you Telomere 020.2. This second VA, features producers, Anderson, Aspetuck, Bænglund and Watch Patrol.We begin off the record with ‘Funk Inspector’ from Bænglund. The track name here sums it up pretty well. Full on quirky funk in the airwaves. A delicious cut to keep everyone on there toes!Next on the A2 we have Aspetuck with his ‘As the Fog Rolls In’, Starting off with a bubbly soundscape the track progresses into a hypnotic acidic journey keeping the mood deep and melancholic. Handle this one with care!On the B1 we have Anderson who delivers another deep and beautifully crafted soundscape. This is a timeless tune that takes you on a sonic journey from start to finish. This will work wonders on the dance floor and during your introspective moments laying in bed with your headphones bumping.
Electrocute Soundplates 1202R by The Freeek aka Thomas P. Heckmann in the rebound!Originally released in 1998 - soon back on solid vinyl (re-mstered)
UK icon Chris Simmonds meets Detroit legend Mike Huckaby in this EP that today is a classic, released in 1993 on Definitive Recordings and brought to light by FRL Classic Edition.Reissue of the stone-cold killer baseline twelve with some sweet addictive Detroit House music.Mike Huckaby's vibes continue to this day as the most treasured and sought-after sound!
Stranger in Paradise. What a name and what a sound!We fell in love by this remote mysterious producer and his infectious tracks… and the result is this out of nowhere EP.In this fast forward way of living, Stranger in Paradise brings back a kind of euphoric nostalgia that is missing in our dancing nights.To make the choice harder, James Shinra and Jon Gurd capture Groovement's new member vibe and add their distinctive remix treatment.
Waage is a firm favourite amongst dub techno fans. The Icelandic producer has long been turning out icy and atmospheric rollers for the heads and here he works alongside a fresh name, Quantal, who is sure to go on to big things. Here they land on Thule Records, a legendary label in its own right with roots going back to 1995. They kick off with the textured dub of 'WQ1' which has glitchy sounds paying over the rolling drums. 'WQ2' is much more smooth and streamlined, with an underwater current that sweeps you off your feet, then 'WQ3' leans into the wind with hypnotic techno drums and vamping chords that melt the mind. Last of all comes 'WQ4', a timeless dub with infinite horizons and the most frictionless drum loops.
Minimal Man is the legendary studio partnership between Eon (aka Ian Loveday) and Baby Ford. They cooked up some of minimal's most essential tunes some 20-odd years ago and they have become expensive and highly sought after since. This EP is one of them and it features three killer cuts that will move a dancefloor as much today as ever. 'Make A Move' has a pent-up energy and forward drive that sweeps you up and keeps you locked amongst soft hi-hats and vamping chords. Part 2 is a little darker and more mysterious, with the drum loops a little edgier and the mood that bit more mischievous. 'Stay On' closes down with bubbling drum funk and swirling abstract synth world from deep inside some distant nebula in the sky.
repressed !Trelik returns with a repackaged edition of one of the catalogue's most treasured releases. "Overcome" and "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)" need little introduction, and now come sporting the new TR11:11 matrix number. Written and produced by Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford aka Soul Capsule. These tracks came from one of the many sessions recorded at the West London Ifach Studio in 1999. On the A Side "Overcome" is stripped back and energetic, driven by rolling and shuffling garage style beats, tight bubbling bass and atmospheric synth pads. The intermittent vocal samples and the release's signature organ set you up for the flip, "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)". Possibly one of house music's most emotive pieces, the track builds slowly with the introduction of each part building a story of soulful optimism based around a sparse palette of deep synths, uplifting keys and warm analogue bass. The understated beauty of the main vocal riff never seems to grow old or tired with the track lending itself perfectly to either main room, peak-time play or after-hours sessions alike. Remastered by Rashad at D & M.
Introducing “Zum Thema Tiere” by “Standing in the Water,” an electrifying EP that merges the captivating worlds of house and techno with the enchanting tails of our favourite creatures =). Prepare to embark on a journey that will make you shake your booty and surrender to the irresistible beats.Carpet distribution exclusive.
Pure electro straight from Eupasia caves. A release from Velvet Skin, a new Electro alias from VIL, an influent Portuguese techno producer and DJ, co-founder of Hayes Collective and that already has released music on Klockworks.
Introducing the newest vinyl record from Pedro Goya, proudly produced by YoY, a sub label from the renowned Yoyaku family. This release promises to take you on a musical journey.
Blue/Red Mixed Vinyl"Welcome back to Planet Rhythm, where the techno is proper and the grooves true. In what marks a quick return to our shelves just a week after his outing on HAYES, Fresko is the man at the helm for this one. He heads straight into turbulence on 'Twist', a tune that is indeed twisting and turning relentlessly, while 'Bravado' is a filtered banger with whomping great kicks and deft synth slashes cutting up the beats. 'Hands' is another tense and bass driven techno workout with spangled synths and 'Bungy' rounds out with high-speed dub inflections. A superb EP." (Juno review)
For the third release on Global North, DJ Pipe teams up with Crawley wunderkind Taslo to summon DJs and punters alike into their “Motion Suite”: celebrating a partnership galvanized during countless misspent hours on the dancefloors of Berlin, Tisno and beyond.A1 “Realtime Bounce” gets things moving with slick tribal-house rhythms, fevered exhortations and a folder-full of stabs: not stopping for breath yet still keeping it deep. Bouncy and boisterous “Palladium” marries the sacred resonance of the S900 with undulating sub-bass squelch, making it a certified winner in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Pure momentum!GN03’s flip side continues to deliver sustained bang for your hard-earned buck, with the oily, viscous grooves of “Moonshine” tumbling into your lugholes to deliver a fast-paced and dynamic tech-house cut. B2’s sensual “Shake It” rounds off the collection with heavily swung snares, strung-out chords and plenty of analogue delay – a supremely versatile deep house cruiser with the subtlest hint of melancholy. Another refined, massively playable slab from Global North – and probably not the last you’ll hear from Pipe + Taslo… enter the Suite.
Molly is a very creative player in the electronic music field today. She's always moving us forward in a very surprising way.Composing her new EP for Groovement was a long, slow but self-empowering process, as she went through a lot of different vibrations these past years."Introspections" is a deep, beautiful and soulful journey about being tremendously human and sensitive.5 new tracks in which we can enjoy the power to dance and the power to rest spiritually sane.For fans of Giegling, Fred P or Dial.
In 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, Gene On Earth created his production masterclass “Nuggets: The Blueprint”. This is the fifth release of a collection of works submitted by students shortly after finishing the course. The class of 2022 overcame expectations and birthed a digital compilation and 5 vinyl releases to come out during 2023. Nug-Net will continue to be a home for music written by course students. To take the course, visit
Fresko is back on HAYES with Inner Funk - four heavily swung, boisterous cuts conducive to a frenzied dancefloor. Jagged, tight percussion is underscored by rolling basslines, stabbing synths, and a manic atmosphere, all while maintaining a deep sense of soul and ecstasy.
Josh Baker returns to You&Me Records with maybe his biggest release yet, ‘Work It Out.’The title track sets the tone for the whole EP, made up of 3 weighty tracks which have been doing the rounds over the last 6 months. The lead track offers a hypnotic vocal hook along with a baseline that you won’t forget. Following on from that Pardy Hardy carries on the peak time club theme with a wobbly bassline combined with all sorts of glitches and playful synth lines. Rounding off the EP is Counter House. This once feels slightly more laid back, with hints of early 2000’s house vibes in there, but still works in them club situations.
The first title on our in-house label! 4 killer tracks, switching between genres.(We have a few copies of this remaining, please get back to us as soon as possible if you'd like some of the last copies.)
Experimental musician and performer Moss Kissing debuts on vinyl for Lisbon collective Vilamar. Thick layers of ambience and intense bass weight form a canvas for plaintive melodies and brooding dance rhythms. These latter range in tempo and gait from dubstep to techno to jungle and back again, summoning contrary moods often within the confines of a single track. This freedom with form arises from Moss Kissing’s background in noise guitar and his current focus on dynamic improvisation led hardware jams, which have gained him notoriety around his chosen city of Lisbon. The British connection is unmissable, though, as the Pass Through LP is haunted by many of the spectres conjured by FSOL, Autechre and Burial before it. As with their previous releases, Vilamar bring to light an artist playing with the boundaries of dance music without ever losing sight of what’s at its core: the physical texture of bodies and minds in space, moving, seeking connection.
Butter Side Up Records welcomes back Liquid Earth for Deputy Dog, his second EP on the label. It arrives in early May and once again explores a sublime and spaced-out club sound with original artwork by Cleymoore.New school mainstay Liquid Earth last appeared on this label in the summer of 2020. Since then, the LA-based artist has continued to bring his sound to labels like Kalahari Oyster Cult and his own Liquid Earth Physical. He mixes up elements of the OG 90s tech house sound with fresh West Coast feels, infectious analogue grooves and a real understanding of dance floor dynamics.This new EP continues that signature sound with opener '2 The Dance Floor' bringing tight, punchy drums and swirling cosmic pads that make for a cinematic trip. 'Deputy Dog' gets more unhinged with its wild modulated leads bleeping and squeaking over brushed metal drums and a fat bassline. 'Rim City' continues to up the ante with party-starting energy coming from quick, slick drums and jungle breaks, raved-up chord patterns and subtle trance vibes. It's a brilliantly busy arrangement to really make the floor cut loose. Last but not least, 'Feels So Good (As It Should)' locks you into a deeper, more marching groove that's coloured with muted neon pads and cosmic motifs.
When helmets fit like gloves. Release your release.
Nuron makes a spectacular return on De:tuned with a compilation of hidden treasures! Nurmad Jusat aka Nuron / Fugue, one of the originators of the UK emotive techno sound, went on a quest for archived material and unearthed a handful of DAT tapes with previously unreleased music from the early to mid 90s. The tracks offer a deeply melodic and unique masterclass. Nuron combines a pulsing four-on-the-floor signature beat of the traditional techno sound with his characteristic rhythm and harmony elements. Classic Likemind-esque material that comes with an exclusive Stasis remix of 'Contrapoint'. Essential purchase!Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis and pressed on 180 gr vinyl. Al White created all the graphic work. Stay tuned!
Bristol based party promoter, now turned label. Recommended!
Unstoppable Chicago house tour de force Boo Williams has one of the most recognisable sounds in the scene but always manages to say new things with it. This time out he takes care of a 50th release on the Boo Moonman label. It kicks off with some tech-leaning grooves that swing back and forth underneath cosmic pad work. 'Limited Time' is a more percussive and laid-back vibe, with deep house chords and jazzy feelings. 'Emergency Teck' then comes in two further versions - one acid one, and one beat tool for layering up your sets. It makes for another timeless outing from this vital house voice.
Colin Chiddle’s Art of Dark releases its 14th EP.
Blue VinylPortuguese super talent Shcuro in the house! Right on point with his new EP Signs Of Unsettlement. 4 dark and heavy modern slamming electro/techno belters loaded with some heavy surface tension!!!
Wormhole Wisdom returns with a reissue of 3 essential 90s techno trax by Oligo & Lost Sector. Written and produced by Bill Fuller & Ben Garner between 1995-1996 and previously released on Fishtank return to the surface in 2022 via Parts Unknown and Craigie Knowes reissue label, Wormhole Wisdom. Vinyl only release. Remastered with care from the original recordings by Johanz Westerman at Ballyhoo Studio Mastering, NL. Serious club material resurrected. For DJ use ONLY.
DJ Stingray 313's Aqua Team series returns to Micron Audio. Originally released as a two-part series on the ever-innovative WeMe, the records quickly became collector's items. 15 years later, Aqua Team is now back in full force, reimagined as a triple vinyl album of underwater sonic explorations, fully remastered to meet modern cyborg standards. "Serotonin" starts the series off in true DJ Stingray style - pounding drums and 808 bass kicks, airy yet striking arpeggios and haunting vocal loops throughout. "Straight Up Cyborg" is a dystopian journey through cybernetic blips, bleeps and static and progressive build that truly bring the track to life. An aquatic alien bassline, sonar-like leads and hovering snare move swiftly in "Star Chart"; "Silicon Romance" and "Counter Surveillance" are modish tracks instantly recognizable as DJ Stingray 313's unique Detroit sound. "You have a destiny, and now is your time to fulfill it" says the mantra-like sample in "Potential", an entrancing synth loop sure to send listeners and dancefloors deep diving into euphoria.
After the success of Vol. 1, Dublin producer Lukey returns for Other Worlds Vol. 2 on Carpet & Snares’s LAB series, once again blending house, techno, breaks and electro into something cutting-edge and distinctive. The loping grooves, tight percussion and yearning harmonies we fondly remember from the first record are present and correct again across four streamlined club-ready tracks, taking in moods from early hours to peak time.
French-Singaporean duo Dixia Sirong return for their third EP on Inner Balance, the sub-label of Chez Damier’s legendary Balance imprint. Breezy harmonies float over the tightest of grooves in a classy combination that has become the label’s hallmark. ‘Eight’O’Eight’ is a surefire hit while ‘Kashmere’ and ‘Yggdrasil’ will slot in with the best of today’s Berlin-London tech house sound. Closer ‘HK Side’ transcends subcategorisation, its piano and pads reaching for something bittersweet and timeless.
Saudade aka Fabian Appolaire returns to Carpet & Snares’s Patterns series with four refined explorations of jazz-inflected minimal house. As on his debut EP on the imprint, what interests Appolaire is the fundamental units of jazz – syncopation, swing, improvisation – and how these can combine within a stripped-back dance music template. Take the razor sharp arrangement of ‘52nd Street’, where silence is its own instrument, or the stunning melodic unfurling in the back half of ‘Walking’.
Released by Lisbon’s Welt Discos, Rafiki’s debut EP release The Source takes three decades of UK rave heritage — hardcore, breaks, house, garage and bass music — and throws it into the pot with the producer’s own Indian heritage, then gives it a healthy stir. Rafiki is the alter ego of Sohail Arora — a pioneering figure in the Indian music industry, who significantly shapes club culture as the founder of Krunk and Krunk Kulture.
Jorge Caiado and Paul Cut return for another round after their 2020 collaboration on Caiado’s Time & Space LP. Those familiar with the two will know the order of the day: immaculately produced and deeply-felt house music that marries a studio master’s subtlety with a live musician’s flair. Each of these tracks bursts with the essence of soulful house and its jazz forebears, traversing moods that are by turns wistful, playful and go-getting. Cut’s solos on the keys — which recently graced Larry Heard’s latest LP — provide the loose counterpoint to Caiado’s tight production. Inner Balance softly strikes again.
Saramago debuts on Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares with four slices of deep and groove-laden house. This is an EP of contrasts, the light skip of the A side shadowed by the more driving pulse of the B. Opening with the dubby, weightless house of ‘The Red Room’, Saramago then treats us to a wiggly banger in “Unicorn”, sure to melt today’s dancefloors. ‘Sakaboto’ takes things into darker territory with a focussed acid groove that opens up halfway through with twinkling pads. ‘Happy Endings’ rounds things off with funk and flair, another sure-fire peak-time bumper.credits
Kitchens inc. is a new label set up by Leeds based DJ and Producer duo, Marcus and Chris Kitchen. The first release comprises of three original tracks of their own material and will appeal to those that seek out genre crossing music. On a minimalist house tip, expect eery off tones and unearthly vocals that are seamlessly woven into understated grooves. Each track has its own personality, switching between 4/4 and breaks with a discordant jazz theme that runs throughout the EP.
After previously releasing stand-out music on labels such as VEX, DPR, Rhythm N Vibe, Obstacle Records and on his own imprint Moodwing, DJ Perception has decided the time is right to truly express himself via the album format. As the standard bearer of modern UKG and after 1.5 years in the making Timehri is extremely proud to finally unveil DJ Perception's debut album, Journey To The Star. A 2x12" LP built for millennia in the future, retrieved during Perception’s deep exploration through space, guided by a faint starlight in the outer reaches and beamed back to earth for your listening pleasure.
A genuine treasure trove of unreleased material from Mark Nicholas O., presented across two discs that together stand for his singular and compelling vision.The offbeat, buoyant grooves of his original Ringrose releases are present and correct, falling somewhere between beatdown house ('Konig Jeremy' and 'Iam The People), tuff UKG ('Luv It' and a new remaster of 'Calico Vibe') and a subtly reduced techno sound that can be surprisingly tough ('Peeonies Heed' and 'Hod Cours'). This is distinctive dance music that will make you feel as much as it makes you move.
Lisbon’s Welt Discos brings you the latest charming confection from Rory Bowyer, whose Rube Goldberg Series label has become synonymous with this strand of upbeat, modern house music. Following hits on Partisan and Free Voyage, the Bob’s Your Uncle EP features big 4/4 groovers on the A and delicately poised breaks and downtempo on the B. Restraint and flare are here in equal measure – check the patient build-up on the title track or the blissful breakdown in the monster ‘Horizontal Horizon’. Musicality, groove and a quick wit – Rory’s recipe for any occasion.
Within just one year, the Leipzig-based label Self Learning System has established itself as a serious and cheeky contender in the electro scene, and the third release aims to live up to this claim once again. DJ Unisex surprises with Chromatic Stimulations, as his four otherworldly tracks unfold a no-frills attitude on par with a trippy sound design between a revealing in and outro. This EP is not afraid to present raw and unsettling machine noises and rather revels in the bubble bath of reverberating and resonating synths from late night hardware sessions.
Brand new iile Records release from french rising star Leo Pol featuring Victor Petroi. TIP!
20 years anniversary edition! Losoul, whose real name is Peter Kremeier, has been one of the leading figures of legendary 90’s and 00’s German label Playhouse. He released numerous LPs and EPs during the last three decades, including underground hit “Open Door". He also appeared under the names “Silhouette Electronique” and “Don Disco". Belong, originally released in 2000, gathers nine titles of pure electronic music. From minimalistic house (Taste not Waste), through 90’s trip hop (Sunbeams in the rain) all the way to more experimental endeavors (Late Play). The album also includes the track “Overland” which samples the bassline of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson in an eccentric and joyful way. Belong represents the 2000’s musical turn, with its delicate, smart, minimal and emotionally groovy sound. A pioneering yet soulful layout of independent electronic music. In a limited edition this exclusive vinyl reissue for Diggers Factory celebrates the 20th anniversary of its release. For this occasion, a new mastering was done by POLE in the SCAPE studios, and a revisited cover, divided in 20 parts, reassembling as the original version of the artwork.
Extended Repress Alert!On the occasion of the 300th release on Tresor Records and the 20th anniversary of the mysterious Scopex imprint, we are glad to present you the long awaited re-edition of the three essential Scopex records, along with a previously unreleased track, recorded during these essential sessions.Gatefold Sleeve Vinyl OnlyOn the occasion of the 300th release on Tresor Records and the 20th anniversary of the mysterious Scopex imprint, we are glad to present you the long awaited re-edition of the three essential Scopex records, along with a previously unreleased track, recorded during these essential sessions.All tracks are re-mastered from the original DAT tapes. The recently unearthed "Original Flow" was originally recorded in 2000 and previously unreleased. The 4 records come together in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring the original and idiosyncratic Scopex designs with delicate spot UV print. Essential...
First solo release from the label owners (Juan and Mateo) under Lay Down The Groove moniker. Pursuit Of Sound is the result of their musical influences throughout these years of producing and playing music. This 5-track EP can hardly be classified within only one genre, but as a diverse vinyl suitable for different times and seasons. Many of the music-wise elements were recorded with a Juno 60, and the whole record itself manifests the importance of this machine in its identity and creative processes. All tracks were written and produced by these Colombian artists in Melbourne, Australia between 2020/21.
Vinyl Only!! Unknown edits series coming from the heart of Porto. Limited series! "Francesinha is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat, and covered with melted cheese and a hot and thick spiced tomato and beer sauce. It is typically served with french fries. "
Vilamar collective’s second dance floor-oriented EP lands with a bang, concerning the intentions laid out in their opening salvo from late 2020: this is classical, transparent techno that leaves little room for interpretation. Intense bass weight, watertight arrangements, and an appreciation for the power of silence – all these qualities combine into raw momentum that will satisfy the voracious dancers of Waking Life’s floresta stage, Labyrinth, or the big house itself. Plug in and feel the pressure.
Velvet Velour (Scratch Discs) welcomes us to his wonderful inner world on this ebullient EP for Welt Discos. By turns breezy and bumping, each of these sparkling tracks mixes classic ideas with a twist of original musicianship: a subtle hint of acid here, a carefully constructed solo there, a rhythmic shift that suddenly transforms the mood. Tunes like these make us want to dance with our eyes closed for minutes on end, only to open them again to witness the smiling faces of those around us.
Carpet & Snares’ white label Dummy series returns for round two and it’s ready for action. Five modern, lean and club-ready bangers split the difference between house, techno and electro. Don’t sleep.
Luhk returns to Carpet & Snares after his 2020 EP ‘Em Casa’. Now the Portuguese producer is seeking ‘Novos Horizontes’ (new horizons) via these five fiery club tracks. Each of the first four cuts has its own jet fuel: acid basslines on ‘Em Missão’ and ‘L.Submundo.D.’, a classic M1 on ‘Não Há Volta Atrás’, and an early 00s bumping tech house groove on ‘Linhas De Espaço & Tempo’. The title track closes the EP with galactic electro, proving that the horizon is just the start.
DJ ARG is back on Dream Ticket and once again he is Not. Fucking. Around. Four headmelters from the master himself that traverse breaks, house, techno and booty. Hardware was indeed harmed in the making of this record. Live with it!
The mysterious trio Pandilla LTD provide the first release on Ozy, a new sub-label run by Miguel Melo from Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares family. Never ones to tread the easiest path, Pandilla show off their full range of moods and tempos on this 4-tracker, opening with the jazzy and glitchy breaks of vignette ‘Beat Untitled’. This leads into ‘aWARe’, a downtempo epic of cinematic ambience and released tension that contrasts with the more dancefloor-ready cuts on the B. With its patient dubby tick-tock, ‘Mind Trick’ feels like a long-lost Basic Channel side-project, while the more extrovert ‘Trying To Go’ closes things in style with a shimmy and a shake.
Following Chari Chari and Rui Maia's albums, Organic Series releases another collection of beautiful music by funcionário, artistic alias of multitalented Pedro Tavares."Lisbon Dreams" is a conceptual album shaped by Pedro that evoques his travels between Setúbal and Lisbon, while studying Fine Arts at the portuguese capital city.Music wise, "Lisbon Dreams" represents an unfolding new world, full of overwhelming feelings translated into musical landscapes and possibly inspired by contemporary producers like Nuno Canavarro or Susumu Yokota.But when Pedro talks about his album he likes to quote John Cage: don't try to create and analyze at the same time. They're different processes.- For fans of Susumu Yokota or Nuno Canavarro
Shine Grooves (Hanagasumi, ФАКТУРА) is a specialist in live and experimental electronic music, blending software and hardware in his studio in Yekaterinburg, Russia. On this sophomore full-length he cultivates an otherworldly Space Garden on a distant planet, populated by alien organisms that move to their own extraterrestrial groove. Dawn breaks and the garden slowly comes to life on ambient opener ‘Morning Mood’, setting a promising tone for the day ahead. A kick shuffles in to work on the dubby ‘Tribal Acoustic’, which builds and builds before leading us into the industrious bounce of ‘Japan Sequencer’. This latter, first optimistic and later frenetic, ends the A-side’s warm-up and primes us for action on the B. ‘Tool’ is self-explanatory, a refined, stripped-down dub techno weapon honed for an afternoon’s hard work. After that exertion, ‘Evening Radio’ is the perfect cool-down, its delicately skittering percussion contrasting with sweet, improvised synth melodies. Finally, the ambient ‘Night Reverberation Jam’ is the sound of darkness falling, our garden’s lifeforms settling down to rest before the cycle begins afresh.
Dublin producer Lukey has his finger firmly on the pulse of the sounds emanating from Berlin and London’s newly awakening dancefloors, as proven by this stellar debut for Carpet &Snares’ LAB series. Contemporary club music is all about opening up the space between genres and filling it with something at once referential and new, and this EP is no exception.Other Worlds Vol. 1 effortlessly blends house, techno, electro and breaks into a mature sound world that’s both tight and expansive, funky and tough, contemplative and right down to business. Get moving with Vol. 1, and watch out for Vol. 2 coming soon!
Belgian producer Gratts, an active dj for more than 20 years, teams up with pioneering Chicago vocalist Robert Owens on this new house anthem for our times. Hope is built into the very fibre of ‘Brighter Future’, from its optimistic synths to the sprightly Roland drum patterns, with Owens’ lilting affirmations soaring above. On the flip, Jorge Caiado’s remix and the New Vision Dub bring the track to the late night dancefloor, recalling the 90s heyday of Murk, Cajmere and Mood II Swing.
A reference work, a body of knowledge, a record of human endeavour: this archival release of works from Arcarsenal's fertile collaboration in the period 2011–2016 is all of those things. Pressed on its two discs you will find, in the duo's own words, the 'broken flowers that needed just a little care and attention to bloom'. And exquisite flowers they are, rooted in the reduced formality of minimalism, yet prone to frequent and unabashed florescence. Ranging from their very earliest productions, made with limited gear, through to later recordings from a fully-equipped studio, the tracks move from techno to dub and house and into blissful after-hours and ambient, all with the rich and spacious imprint that is their own. Most of these tracks have been firm favourites on the dancefloor, whether played by other DJs or Arcarsenal themselves, yet this is the first time any of them have seen an official release. This 'Compendium' is a record of Arcarsenal's past achievements; only time will tell what new endeavours the two may pursue


Carpet & Snares boss Jorge Caiado is back with an EP that has the dancefloor firmly in its crosshairs. ‘Wild Card’ is a contemporary tribal roller driven by moody organ and acid lines, while ‘Life’s Too Short’ recalls vintage Prescription but with extra weight for today’s clubs. On the B the wicked ‘Freak Not Freak’ gets, well, freaky, with spooky pads, skewed rhythms and invigorating cymbal rushes. Finally, ‘Wrong Mindset’ wraps things up with breezy garagey house.
Welt Discos' latest delivery is the debut solo record from DJ/producer/radio host Stephen Howe. The Mimesis EP gives us a convincing introduction to his highly musical sound: spontaneous yet tightly arranged, referential yet idiosyncratic, and not afraid to take the odd left turn. From 80s electro dynamism to loopy techno deepness to broken introspection, this is a diverse and surprising set of dancefloor grooves brought together by Stephen's knack for harmony, counterpoint and tone.
Ed Nine returns to Chez Damier’s Inner Balance label with the third part in his The Journey series, as ever foregrounding the most classic of house sounds. Chicago from his head to his toes, Ed’s signature nods to the Windy City greats while pushing things forwards with fresh sound design and his innate musicality. From the bright and sunny melodies on ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Time Will Tell’ to the driving bump and groove of ‘Not On The Radio’ and ‘There’s Always A Chance’, Ed establishes his credentials alongside the best of them.
Floating above the clouds you’ll find some extra silky producers making their beats. Specialising in smooth, sunshine coated dancefloor flavours; they are individuals who like to put a smile on your face and make you feel warm inside. For the inaugural release, Velvet Velour’s new outlet; Silky Beats, invites three of the smoothest operators around- B.Love, Bowyer and Astral Wayne to the platform, and contributes a track from himself for the B2. Enjoy!
The first release of CIRCULO CERRADO comes from one of label owners Aniano, from the Canary Islands. He offers us a solid work of 4 tracks that navigates between house and UK tech with a touch of sophistication from the sounds of one of his influential producers Morgan Geist. A mixture of ranges and textures, with added mystery and dark passages characterizes these productions from young artist Aniano.
Ring, ring, ring... time to wake up. Time For Freakness has finally come! Our frèro, Sweely, aka le chef étoilé, effortlessly concocted the quintessential summer anthem. Exclusively crafted for your auditory delight, Sweely has curated an exquisite five-course sonic feast, skillfully blending jazz, funk, and pop influences together to a unique style. His latest one is as addictive as fresh oysters.
In the sixth installment of My King Is Light’s release, the label presents “Alpha and Omega EP,” an exquisite musical journey crafted by none other than Melchior Production LTD.
The wait has been long… Hostom strikes again!
For its second release of 2023, Marginal Returns presents its most anticipated - and largest - output to date. Levat is a decade-plus friend of the label, and like us, has always believed that good things come to those who wait. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing his musical career come in full blossom, with an all hardware, fully bespoke live set that is still the talk of each and every town it has visited.
Discos Perdidos - which translates as Lost Records - is a new series started by Lisbon label Paraiso, dedicated entirely to releasing archival music that, for a reason or another, never saw the light of day. The first outing on this adventure into the unknown is by none other than the legendary portugal-born, london-based techno instigator The Advent aka Cisco Ferreira. The three tracks on this EP were written in 1998 and were meant to be released on a label that another Portuguese techno legend - Jiggy - meant to start running, but other projects got in the way.
After the double LP entitled ”What He Does”, seekers return with a beautiful 4 dancefloor tracks recently produced on the other side of the Atlantic. Artwork by @mona_bit_

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