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Following the success of their “Deeply Floored” EP earlier this year, DJ Pipe and Global North are BACK to bring you “The Night-Time Economy” EP.
Fio Fa is back with another release exploring his finely tuned approach to effortlessly rolling, yet playful pumpers that have become characteristic of his sound. This time on his new imprint Sunset Drifters, the label launches with 4 devious dancefloor cuts that solidify his sonic relationship with the sounds of early dance music. Straightforward yet effective, the EP merges his many inspirations - the dynamic drums & flecks of acid in proto-house, the rolling basslines of progressive, and the mini melodies and synth stabs of EBM and early rave.
As the London-based NorthSouth Records enter their fifth year they also arrive at their tenth release. After a run of artist EPs NSR returns to the split format to deliver 4 tracks from two of the label’s founding members; Sam Bangura and Harry McCanna.On the North side we hear Sam’s first cuts pressed to vinyl for the imprint. Shining with his characteristic sound of bubbling melodies, refined grooves and tied together with a growling low end, ‘Jaspe’s Groove’ and ‘Marble Leg’ are two driving tunes aimed straight for those facemelting late-night moments.Heading down to the South side we catch Harry working again under his alias Henry Hyde. ‘More Days Inside’ starts things off on something of a mellow tip, whilst still being a functional track for the dance floor. ‘Wading Through’ on the other hand offers up shuffling percussion, spacey synth plucks and one of Harry’s signature squirmy, swarming basslines.It’s an EP that showcases some of the signature NorthSouth sounds and who better for it to come from than two of it’s own.
Physical Education is back with another signature offering. Four tracks, four peak-time cuts courtesy of ‘90s production veteran Bryan Zentz, under his seldom-seen pseudonym: Barada
"London's ZeroFG manages to do a fine job of mixing up dark wave garage sounds with well placed samples that make each tune pop. After minting the TXTBK label in late 2021, he's now back once again with four more red hot cuts. 'All The Time (Get You Off My Mind)' kick-off with well-swung drums and nawty bass plus a nice r&b vocal for the soul. 'Mind Who You Talkin' To' has more attitude, with prickly 2-stepping drums and perc and neon melodies. 'Why Oh Why' is a more stripped back sound for midnight warehouses and 'Every Little Thing' harks back to early Zed Bias with its brushed metal drums and silky stabs."Juno review
repressed !Legendary UK dub techno pioneers Glyn 'Bigga' Bush and Richard Whittingham aka Rockers Hi-Fi, originally formed in 1992 in Birmingham. Rockers Hi-Fi gained a cult following in the early years of dub-techno and soundsystem culture with their psychedelic, bass-heavy blend of dub, house, techno, beats and drum & bass.Rockers Hi-Fi first met when Dick was putting on nights in Brum whilst working as a carpenter, after Glyn needed work doing on his house, the pair got chatting. One thing led to another and they eventually set up a studio in Glyn's living room, where the majority of the first Rockers Hi-Fi album was recorded. Following a signing at Island Records in '93, the pair expanded to a studio above a piano store in the centre of Birmingham.A lot of these tracks presented here were influenced by musical outfits like Mo Wax, Metalheadz, Shut Up & Dance, Scientist, and King Tubby. Glyn's and Dick's music also heavily sampled 90's hip-hop, and the classic New York house sound i.e. Kenny Dope, Bobby Konders, Nervous Records & Strictly Rhythm. Not forgetting the Birmingham Diskery, a record store where the pair found plenty inspiration amongst film soundtracks, spoken word LP's and other obscure records which became part of the Rockers sound.We're pleased to present a selection of tracks from their formative years, mainly encompassing the club ready, dancefloor centred part of their discography. This reissue LP includes a mixture of sought after bangers, as well as some lesser known tracks which people may not have heard.
The 27th release on Gestalt Records comes from Manchester-based Aiden Francis, spanning three original cuts of driving techno and a levitating remix by South African producer Terrence Pearce aka Biodive.
Esteemed proponent of outré dancefloor manoeuvres, Superconscious Records co-founder Fantastic Man makes his Kalahari debut proper.Having shown up for rework duties on a couple of occasions, we find the mutable oddball at his most trippy and esoteric. In fact, OYSTER42 is the handiwork of a producer who has his formula of balmy, lysergic dance music down to an exact science.‘Alltogethernow’ gets on a swaggering cosmic tip, all sub-loaded and celestial as levitational arpeggios and funked-up groove dovetail to mesmeric effect. ‘Alpha’, on the other hand, takes a vision quest through enchanted jungle terrain. Initiating with a hypnotic ritual chant, it’s tunnelling and murkily psychedelic; occulted dancefloor rapture tailor-made for the wormhole interior.As if it were some artefact from a distant ‘90s utopia, Bioxy’ recalls a time when warehouse parties littered the Melbourne landscape. Where its predecessor evokes ceremony and ritual, this is an anachronistic, dilated flashback to simpler times. FM kicks it languid and life-affirming on the closing number. Radiant synth lines flutter with a gentle headiness as ‘Trojan Force’ takes us full circle with a reprise of the rainforest FX.
The mastermind behind long-running Inner Sunset Recordings out of San Francisco and the elusive Imperial Pressings has once again resurfaced, and resurfaced with ferocity! Inaugurating the all-new imprint PDG Discs, Homero G.’s “March of the Mighty Club Heroes” is a superbly crafted 4-track E.P. that hearkens back to the days of old, when music had unforgettable stories to tell and partying went hand in hand with making memories that lasted a lifetime.
Just because a planet may be tiny, doesn’t mean it isn’t abundant with life. With the fourth time around its orbit, Tiny Planet vol. 4 is all about teaming up and bonding in synergy; personal and unified collaborations specializing in hi-tech quioxic explorations of electronica. With an all new/all star cast of artists, materializing in four sleek and sexy tracks shaped for outer space indulgence.
Can you hear the hoofs? For their first Various Artist Compilation, Espace Noir is proud to bring to its stables some of the most daring riders in the scene. All the way from Canada come Unknown Mobile and Maara. They join Melbourne (Naarm) favourites Mabel and Reflex Blue. The result? Stomping 303 lines, spaced out vocals and punching breaks that might just knock you off your saddle. Giddy up cowboy, these equine beauties are gonna take you for a real gallop.
Late last year, Canadian producer Priori returned with his second album ‘Your Own Power’ to great acclaim. Released via his NAFF imprint, the album showcased a more contemplative style to his productions and featured one collaborative track with label partner Ex-Terrestrial. The story continues as Priori enlists a heavyweight line-up of artists to rework some of the album’s standout tracks.Slated to drop on the 18th March, ‘Your Own Power Remixes’ features new editions from Donato Dozzy, Aurora Halal, DJ Python, and Bambounou alongside a Priori VIP - each bringing their own flair and style to the record.Priori is an alias of Francis Latreille who first put out solo releases on Greek label Echovolt and Canadian imprint ASL Singles Club. Known to be an avid collaborator, Latreille is involved in a number of projects including Jump Source, M.S.L., Housemates, New World Science, ANF and more. He has also worked on mixing projects by fellow artists including Roza Terenzi, Ex-Terrestrial, RAMZi, Bambii, and Ouri.
The second release on Tonight’s Dream Records is delivered by Baltimore-based ambient and new-school Kosmische guitar musician PJ Dorsey, better known as Tarotplane. The Ektachrome Dawn follows on from the stunning Horizontology (12th Isle) and Light Self All Others (Impatience). He describes the album as a collage of work collated since 2017. Drawing in on inspirations from guitar-oriented psych and modern ambient music, using elements he values and revere in older 70’s head records and mixes it with modern techniques and influences. The tracks fuse traditional rock music, ethereal ambient textures and downtempo electronica, blended together seamlessly to create an engaging and unique listen throughout.The artwork has once again been designed by Tonight’s Dream Art Director Jonny Edmund-Jones. The circular sun collage was formed from various textures and curves collected over time—a similar idea as each of Tarotplanes tracks, starting as separate pieces. When the collage curves are viewed together, they create a whole/circle/sun, like the completed album. The album has been mastered by prolific producer and mastering engineer Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio who has worked on album for artists such as Inhmost, Juliana Barwick, Grouper, Steve Hauschildt, Loscil, Telefon Tel Aviv and Tycho amongst hundreds of others.
Sweat Ur Prayers, the next wavy addition to Radiant Love’s catalogue, is the first solo-EP of Byron Yeates. In their messaging, their timbres and grooves, the 4 tracks speak faithfully to Yeates’ inclinations as a DJ and label-head: the playfulness and buoyancy, a constant nod to the roots of rave, and a faith in dance music’s transformative power.
Traveling from dancefloor-geared groovers to space-ready euphoria, space•lab’s fifth EP lands with four otherworldly tracks. Kicking things off, we have the swirling atmospheres, trippy vocal samples, and broken grooves of Dylan Forbes’s ‘Resoblaster’. This is followed up by Mariiin’s ‘Restless Mind’, which journeys to the tonally darker reaches of classic prog-trance, with its spun-out synth melody and deep, driving bassline. Next up, Rambal Cochet, the artist behind space•lab’s fourth EP, makes a return with the spacious, hypnotic wormholer, ‘Mushroom Hill Zone’. Rounding things off, punchy kick drums combine with zero-gravity atmospheres for KAWAII SAN’s drifting-through-cyberspace groover, ‘Nuclear’.
Re-introducing Uk producer Jay Strata, a Glasgow Scotland based Dj/Producer/Graphic Artist Since 1990; with releases & remixes on Soiree Records Detroit, Ozone Records, Jack Trax, Crayon... Previously called Jace Syntax.This is Jaces new pseudonym & a chance to reinvent Himself. This Selection reflects Jason's Unique Mystical take on Electronic Music with tracks compiled from a musical period of 15 years plus. Each track has their own Quirk, varying from Haunting Electro, Acid House, Hip House & Detroit Style Techno with live recorded vocals by Siouxla Le Sommer.
Denver-based Seafoam (Brian Cavender) is by far the most prolific of the talented Cavender brothers, but he has remained elusive for his 2+ decades-long career in deep funk. After releasing a one-off 12-inch in 1999 on a small Denver label, Seafoam quickly found his way to the Guidance family by way of gatherings at Miami's Winter Music Conference. A string of three twelves on Guidance from 2000 to 2003 cemented his legacy early in his career, however, having never quite reached the same heights as some of the Guidance greats, Seafoam's output mysteriously declined around the time of the label's demise.
9th release of Botanic Minds Sunset Series. 12" 180g Vinyl Only. No repress!Botanic Minds is a vinyl-only record label that deals in heady tech house and minimal and has since 2017. The sounds are often lush and ethereal for those sun up or sun down moments that send shivers downtime spine. That continues once more on this new one from an apparently unknown artist. Track 1' pairs nice supple and silky synth modulations with flappy drums that come up from below as spoken words add dreamy details. 'Track 2' is a little darker and more wonky in its linear grooves and finally 'Track 3' has fleshy bass and bumping drums with spangled metallic synths and DIY percussion.
Repress !Constant Sound sublabel Instinct comes correct with some ruff n' tuff steppers from 0113, a shadowy alias that channels pure speed garage energy into a record of pure firepower. There's no messing with lead track "Inside", all nasty bass and frantic swing with more rudeboy swagger than a souped up Vauxhall Nova. "Steppa" darts around a crooked 2-step flex to die for, embellished with eerie atmospherics to darken up the dance. "Rouge Fader" brings some heavyweight 4x4 bump n' flex, and "Break" keeps the pressure up to make this a four-deep dancehall wrecker of the highest caliber.
Four cuts of four to the floor garage music from Enrico Dragoni, Snolan, Gavin Dista, and U Know The Drill.
Long time deep head Thomas Cox debuts his new label Q.E.D. Recordings with his first solo release. Sounding like these house jams were composed and then stashed at the bottom of the Monogahela River, this three tracker drips with the rusted out grime Pittsburgh was notorious for in its pre-gentrification era.
After two years stuck in the virtual world our lil’ ninja is ready to jump back in the real world to deliver the 5th volume of the label’s Ninja tool series. From 1991 to 2022, over 30 years of electronic music are covered through 5 tracks.
Verlies by Vladimir Gnatenko, the first release by Lutsk label Lss557.These four compositions, written by Vladimir in his homeland, are ready to delight connoisseurs of quality electronic sound.
After the resounding success of Vol.1, Needs return for a second instalment of their eco vinyl campaign in collaboration with Green Vinyl records in Holland.Needs continue their journey into the future of vinyl production, partnering with Green Vinyl Records in Holland to produce a 100% recyclable record which now uses 90% less energy cost compared to traditional vinyl production methods. This revolutionary chapter in vinyl history features the production skills of Maara, Priori, Rudolf C & HearThug.For Needs 010 we welcome yet another all-star lineup of producers from around the world across vinyl and digital formats. Featuring trancey techno from Montreal’s rising star Maara; chuggy, percussive, mysticism from Priori; sultry minimal grooves from Berlin based Rudolf C, and a constantly evolving spacey acid banger from Tunisia’s leading light HearThug.
Qasio, chilean producer and DJ based in Berlin makes his debut on 3n0 Records with Sky Patrol, an EP consisting of 4 tracks produced between 2017 and 2021 in Santiago de Chile and Berlin. This work, influenced mainly by acid sounds and rhythms that fuse house, techno and trance, travels through complex and surroundings structures in an atmosphere of apocalyptic science. Abstract sounds evoking landscapes of the future generate a journey of diverse and emotional intensity, conceived as a dancefloor tool.
Bloop Recordings run by Cruz from Lisbon celebrates its 25th release with 2 vinylAlbum. 8 floor use friendly track fitall kinds of situation in modern electronic dance scene.The 1st Vinyl is with the artist all around Europe and the 2ndV inyl is with the Portuguese producers.
We spent lot of time in a thorough search, looking for gems among our friends producers from all corners of Ukraine. As aresult, we got a universal record that can satisfy the tastes and needs of many. First track from A-side made by Victor B, atalented producer from Odesa, whose live performances can often be heard in the walls of the Odesa club PORT. Sidecontinues by the work of Closer resident from Kyiv - O 'Fourty Four aka Pahatam. This man has more than ten years ofmusical experience behind him and knows how to capture the listener's attention, which he skillfully demonstrates in hiswork. B-side begins with the track of the already well-known musician from Kharkiv, co-founder of the Trance Pandemiclabel — Kurilo. The track has absorbed all the best technical and stylistic methods of its author. Our friend fromZaporizhzhia Brooht completes the record. A lyrical and slightly dreamy composition that balances so well with dynamicand dance-provoking bangers.
Pleasure Club’s very own Bobby. makes a welcome return to the label with the Space Age EP.After a recent outing on Cabaret Recordings, he traverses further into cosmic territory with three tracks that transcend time and space.Fasten your seatbelts, prepare for a journey into the unknown, and please keep your arms and legs inside the spacecraft at all times..
Art of Dark’s Grotty Little Sister “DHUTT” releases 2nd split 12 by JM Project and Keo Lab.
Salomo & Reece Walker start their new sublabel from R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings with a collaborative EP of house groovers and freedom vibes.
Following releases from Dublin’s Fio Fa & naive label head Violet, LA-based Cromie & Timedance affiliate rRoxymore and various artists compilation Visions Vol. 1, Holly Lester prepares the next chapter of dualistic bleeps, bloops and blends from Utrecht producer Tifra on Duality Trax. Re-imagining vintage club sounds through a contemporary lens, Tifra is no stranger to stretching the electronic music template into new forms and ideas. His left-field house and old-school breaks have found their way onto Gestalt Records and Rough Recordings, and here the producer turns in three cuts of blissed-out electronica, hedonistic progressive and jungle-run club with its sights firmly fixated front left, complete with a wicked remix from one of modern dance music's most reliable names Roza Terenzi. ‘Plastic Replicant’ is a vocal-laced electro-house roller that takes inspiration from the golden-era of 90s electronic music and fuses it with the organic, multi-genre blends of the current gen. The ravey continuum is laced with high-frequency vocal stabs and deep basslines designed for a heads-down approach on the dancefloor, before ‘Entomology’ captures the playful side of the club with its shape-shifting acid-lines, trance-licked melodies and kaleidoscopic blend of colour, feeling and mood. Out of the club and onto the beach, ‘International Waters’ is a trip-hop inspired, downtempo dub that will delight ambient and laid-back electronic-revellers with its chirpsing birds and aqua-like aesthetic, before Roza keeps the dualism alive with a stripped-back jungle flip of the original; the perfect score for the perfect daydream.
Terrazzo is a new VA label formed by Northern Irish selector Holly Lester (Duality Trax) and prolic label entrepreneur/producer Steffan Todorović (Gestalt Records/Coymix/Hidden Assets/Abdul Raeva). The label’s debut EP journeys through a variety of club sounds with Dylan Forbes, Eric OS, Anderson and underground heavyweight Harrison BDP rolling out 4 cuts of euphoriainducing prog, broken beat-infused tech, heady minimal an contemporary Detroit techno.
Once again Dungeon Meat bring the club heat with what will be their first ever double pack release on the label. A chunky collection of 7 prime cuts featuring new unknowns and more established names, some of them under mysterious alter egos which will never be revealed. It's all about the music for Dungeon Meat and this fresh selection of tracks and tools hits that nail on the head. Tried and tested as always this dynamite double pack will be one of those releases that never leaves the bag and is constantly reached for by discerning DJ's and ninjas who come to play and slay. Just like it says on the label, these jams are weapons of ass destruction. Handle with care.
repressed !Trelik returns with a repackaged edition of one of the catalogue's most treasured releases. "Overcome" and "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)" need little introduction, and now come sporting the new TR11:11 matrix number. Written and produced by Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford aka Soul Capsule. These tracks came from one of the many sessions recorded at the West London Ifach Studio in 1999. On the A Side "Overcome" is stripped back and energetic, driven by rolling and shuffling garage style beats, tight bubbling bass and atmospheric synth pads. The intermittent vocal samples and the release's signature organ set you up for the flip, "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)". Possibly one of house music's most emotive pieces, the track builds slowly with the introduction of each part building a story of soulful optimism based around a sparse palette of deep synths, uplifting keys and warm analogue bass. The understated beauty of the main vocal riff never seems to grow old or tired with the track lending itself perfectly to either main room, peak-time play or after-hours sessions alike. Remastered by Rashad at D & M.
Politics Of Dancing Records is an ever expanding and ever evolving and ever excellent label that has recently grown to include the P.O.D Cross sublabel. This next vital two tracker is a split with Politics Of Dancing the artist on both sides, with a different producer on each. It is Djoko with whom he links first for a spaced out tech cut that spins you out into the cosmos on warm pads and metallic drums. ON the flip is the more rubbery and bass driven dubbed out and deep offering from Politics Of Dancing x Lowris. Both sides bang.
Midway Hustle proudly returns with another release straight from the Southside of Chicago. "Ed Nine" Delivers a 6 track EP packed with deep & soulful vibes, a bit of oomph, & a heavenly vocal tune featuring Detroit native "Javonntte".
Toronto veteran Jason Hodges is back with a new one this week on local label Purveyor Underground Limited, following up a great inaugural release by homeboy Demuir. The result is the deep, down and dirty boompty business of 'Our World' featuring some cool vocal work atop by William Alexander. Demuir's Playboi edit up next retains all the jazzy, dusty and deep qualities of the original, and will mix well with all your old Classic or Robsoul records. Over on the flip, there's some hypnotic DJ Sneak style disco loops on 'He's Whining Again' followed by the thumping funky house banger 'Find A Way' (part 1).
NDATL continues with the return of Kayenne, Rain Fall Down originally produced by Chris Brann is the first single from Kayenne's forthcoming full length, produced by various Atlanta based producers, Kai Alce, Stefan Ringer, DJ Kemit, Salah Ananse & Chris Brann. This first offering bring forth Kayenne's sweet melody over atmospheric rhythms & pads over driving drums brought together on Anthony Nicholson's rewerk. Next an unexpected late night groover from Plastik Recordings, Marc Cotterell where his deep chords transport you deep into the dancefloor. This last mix comes from Groove Victim aka Jay Brown (whom we unfortunately lost late 2021) simple but elegantly effective very reminiscent of the early 90' MAW dubs! Once again NDATL blazes forward!
The second single-artist EP on Nuances de Nuit comes courtesy of the ever impressive Velvet Velour, releasing four intricately-produced, enchanting pieces of electronic music out into the universe
Next up on Seven Hills, we have an original release from the Holland-based Timo Faber and Jeffrey Baardolf AKA Young Adults!Serving up 4 slices of tech’d out wiggle, melding: techno, minimal, electro, and a splash of noxious chemicals, the Anxiety Bar EP comprises a variety of heavyweight d-floor weapons.Threat Level Midnight blends a combo of idiosyncratic drum samples with an infectious bubbling synth line, a prime example of peak-time tech-house tackle. While the title track Anxiety Bar takes a dark, moody, almost gothic turn, seriously phat bass for seriously phat systems.
With the release of The Paradox: Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, techno legend Jeff Mills and keyboard wizard Jean-Phi Dary embark on an exciting, ground-breaking musical trip that takes Techno and electronic dance music to a new level. In the past Jeff has spoken of the need to, "take a few steps back and try and assess what has been done, and what might need to be approached to be able to go forward." Paradox: Live at Montreux is the result. "Trying new things is important, it's reminding people we have not exhausted all possibilities with what we can do with electronic instruments," he says.
Hot on the heels of 2021's stellar release of The French Connection's "Speechless" LP, Balance head honcho and legendary producer and DJ Chez Damier teams up again with Camille and Adeen Records for another trip around the the world with Lima, Peru's Surco's Groove, "The Lima Project.
"In the nicest possible way, Weirdo is a perfect way to describe the music that comes from the mind of Theo Parrish. The Detroit badman has his own set of rules and they are constantly being re-written. His Sound Signature label is home to most of his work and that is where he lands here. The title tune is a rickety house workout with heat-damaged chords vocal mutterings and that grinding mechanical groove that is all his own. 'Original Weirdo' ups the ante with skittish drum patterns and more intense vocals while 'Imaginary Thugfunk' is a fusion of jazz keys, shuffling beatdown drums and dustiness." (Juno review)
After three EP's in his own name, and one with Moreno Ácido at Holuzam, Diogo makes his debut 12” in the Discos Extendes series with “FINALMENTE!”. In a singular appropriation of the vast legacy of rave culture, Diogo crosses, along four tracks, a certain time span between the 90's and the 2020's, with all kinds of recycling and updates that the exercise entails. Syncopated rhythmic patterns, robust basses, junglist echoes, haunted voices or celestial pads make up a revivalist sound palette, here rearticulated beyond linear structures. “Até Segunda” sets the tone in territories close to Objekt's Theme from Q in a live sound design amidst sudden disturbances and rallying hooks. Tracks 2 and 3 stand out for their plot twists: “Ponto de Não Retorno” starts with a frenetic breaky maze before get immersed in a oneiric landscape, and “What?!” progresses gently within Vancouver coordinates to be opened to a schizophrenic rawness that, from there, completely remakes the track. “Errar É Ok” is an exercise of decompression, melodically woven, with a dreamy coda pointing to nostalgic horizons. Violet closes the EP with a muscular version of “Ponto de Não Retorno”. "Finalmente!" marks for this unstable balance between familiarity and strangeness, intuitiveness and disturbance, euphoria and immersion. Tracks for the dance floor, yes, with a twist, to be rediscovered as often as you like.
Spray test on the first project, a splash of fun in a house key with Jacopo Latini, Rizzi & Lapucci, Roberto Manolio and Moff!
Kommuna is back with the “Silent Uproar” EP featuring James Andrew, Driahn and Pekkuliar. Track by track, we build a Kommuna of well-established artists but also unknown studio dwellers who share a fixation for music discovery without following any trends or limitations.
Legwork is back with a new single from our favourite cosmic crusader, Brother Nebula. The A-side consists of a tape-crushed lysergic stormer, on which the Brother helps us to be mindful, and a couple of useful DJ tools from the same session. The B-side starts with a broken affair with pensive chords floating around bleeps and sounds of the universe, and finishes with a dubbed-out version of the previously-released and extremely well-received S.I.S. featuring San Francisco stalwart Solar.
Episode 8 in the Magic Carpet saga sees our intrepid explorers venture back in time in search of forgotten magic. Following a series of hare-brained escapades through the mid-90s they encounter the mighty DJ Fary. Once revived from his shock at modern day Discogs prices, Fary entrusts our travellers with the DAT tapes of his most original work. Two timeless tracks, brought back to the future and arranged back to back. Enjoy the ride!
The French crew La Boomerie is back with its second EP produced by Sunaas. Deep dive into its musical Spectrum, produced with Birkenstock on feet and cat on knees for dancefloor and sofa purposes.
Emerging from the dark recesses of the Chicago and London underground, in 2000 Omni a.m. relocated to New York. This EP marked their first release in their new surroundings, it's an intense and highly sought after 4 tracker that showcases the duo's continuing originality and guile.First up 'Smurfette's Big Night Out' is imaginative in it's approach, there's punchy beats and cascading percussion that drive the track along and really deliver the funk. Psychedelic acid touches interweave with haunting pads and a super deep b-line creates a chemistry like no other. Next is 'Buckshot' a more stripped back rolling affair. Undulating synths and swathes of infectious bass build the track throughout, whilst spacious analog delays and dub influenced sonic tricks abound. Over to the flip where 'I On U' is a wonderful floor friendly roller coaster of a ride, intro'd by a super phat kick, there's stuttering snares that jack and swing, whilst warm synths bubble and filter. Lastly 'Sick Sense' sets the controls for deep space, the bold throbbing bass makes it proper heads down groovin' affair, and the expertly programmed spoken word vocals interplay to add intrigue and atmosphere.New York Sessions is a cherished release from the Omni a.m. catalogue, a classic where all 4 tracks ooze class and character. This EP has certainly stood the test of time and has been lovingly remastered by Curvepusher for today's discerning minds and dance floors, full support already coming from Raresh and SIT.
Deep Sleep Robot returns with another throwback excavating some of the rare finds. The second chapter of the series, a Various Artist four-track EP, timeless cuts from the archives.The A-side, Ronin (aka. J. Axel) the man behind several albums on PlackTown Sounds, Plastic City and Driftwood brings us "Mysterious City", classic Ronin sound here folks this being one of the first releases by the artist back in 1998. Followed by Swedish producer Johan Bacto (aka. Johan Svensson) responsible for labels such as PlackTown Sounds, Everyday, Mankind, Zync, Countdown 2000, with his "Takemountain" the combination of these creates the reunion of the tracks previously released 24 years ago, sounds just as fresh now as it did back then.The B-side Van Delta (Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner) a German duo in charge of EP's on Groove Attack Productions, M_Nus, Archipel, and Krush Grooves, gives us a nostalgic trip from 1999. "Adjust", with hypnotic keys and solid bass line building up the tension slowly but steadily creating the groove. The final track by Dav (aka. Davor Stosic) a Croatian artist B+Positive, Cove Recordings, and Sensei labels that regularly has been on Swag Records store shelves. "Flight", a fantastic example of late 90's tech-house. Hypnotic soundscape, variety of layers and a slow build up, giving the track an otherworldly feeling.All tracks were produced between the years of 1998 - 2003, timeless and rarer then rare.Order DSR002 nowunsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences distribution.triplevision.nlTriple Vision Record Distribution BV · Achterhaven 160 · Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3024 RC · Netherlands
Heavy collection of west coast house classics and unreleased tracks produced by Jay Tripwire in early 00’s.Exquisite choice of underground grooves that were played over the years by Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Margaret Dygas to name a few.
Originally released on M-Plant subsidery label, Duet in 2002.20 years later sees these hypnotic grooves remastered by Thomas Heckman for a highly demanded re-release !
After the Ukrainian double EP from Sasha Zlykh and Trippsy, Twig comes back with 4 tracks from the Italian producer Lapucci …. based in Florence with his studio, delivering dubplates and mastering service around the world.
Studio Carbonell is a new label and party series from the seekers collective.For the first release Italian Filippo Bologna takes charge of the Studio Carbonell control room.
It's been 1 year since our last appearance, but we are back with a new series of releases, presented in 2 parts, that aims to take you straight to another dimension, where both your sensations and emotions will connect throughout the music.For Part 1, on the A1, we are honored to have 100hz hopping on board the RawBeats family, one of the most respected producers in the game, with an 11min masterpiece that will make you dance from the first beat till the last.On the B side we first have a deep and trippy track, made by Argentinian renowned producer Fer Mariño and one of Rawbeats creators, head honcho Juan Proeliis.B2 comes all the way from the US, with another collaboration between two super good friends and artists, no other than Diego Santana and Pily who delivered a hypnotic masterpiece than can only be described as a real dance floor banger!
Ft. a Alexander Skancke remix!"The basslines might be big, but Berlin collective Cheap Fast Worldwide are keeping budgets tight with their brand new vinyl concern. Already an established podcast mix series, now a fully-fledged label, this launch release lays down everything we need to know as we flip and fly between the flavours. Cats like Lou Raw lay down golden woozy UKG skippery, B is all about the lo-fi flavours and warm and warping house while Alexander Skancke gets super trippy on his remix of Felix and Olli Oski and EE bring the EP to a wonderful psycho dub finale. What an entry EP." (Juno review)
Berlin-based label. Burial Soil proudly presents a collaborative electro album initiated by CYRK.For their album "Freundschaft" CYRK has collaborated with Steffi, Anthony Rother, Ravn Jonassen, JakoJako, Jensen Interceptor, Alienata, Nite Fleit and David Carretta.Over the last few years electro has had a massive resurgence. Since then, a new generation of producers has taken the genre under the microscope, recombining classic tropes and influences in new ways. CYRK is among the list of artists consistently pushing all things electro to new heights with forward thinking, dancefloor shattering and bass-heavy concoctions ready to turn your favorite club dance floor into a sea of spaced-out euphoria.
Underwater deepness from Levon Vincent on Novel Sound, 3 beats to the bar and 180g pressing
Noha is back on Panick Panick! with a new EP. This release sees the Italian producer at the top of his game, delivering three sonically diverse dancefloor weapons rich in detail. The Midnight Zone EP is full of slick sound designs, ethereal atmospheres drenched in warped pads, heavy beats and sci-fi soundscapes, guaranteed to please those looking for bolder creations.“These tracks have been played by a selected group of friends and me over the past few years. It finally seemed the right moment to share them with the world.” Noha
Afterhours. continues their journey through the deepest of the realms via their freshly created sub-label Elements., keeping up to their promise of releasing stripped-down music, where hypnotizing palettes float on top of bare yet highly functional sonic bones.Alsi‘s release did leave a solid statement to defend their motto, and because of this, it deserved a remix EP. Who better for such a task than two local heroes at the forefront of the Romanian scene? Cristi Cons and Priku require little to no introduction. Their remixes elevate everything Elements. had previously envisioned for this project: two very mature interpretations of Alsi’s original work, filling them with an outstanding richness and a straight-to-the-point, functional groove structure that assures both sides of the release are two incredibly deep, minimal techno wonders.
Magnetic is a project which has been build on the principles & awareness of environment design and its importance. Every moment in our lives is influenced by the environment we are immersed in and music plays a huge part in this concept.We welcome Sublee to curate the first release on the label, with his Until We Dance EP. The two tracks on the A-side, draws you into serene places before releasing you with textured Sublee baselines. Misto Sup, on the B-side of the vinyl is an energetic journey which is meticulously crafted providing a joyful experience for the listener.We thank Max Binski for the ecstatic artwork design as we present you with Magnetic.
Four years in the making, Duct Tape Project is the new brainchild of Tripmastaz in the realms of Trip-Hop and Downtempo. And it's a project that makes perfect sense to anyone familiar with Andrei's background (making Hip-Hop beats since his teenage years), musical capabilities and decades-long experience. Duct Tape Project joins Andrei with a troupe of stellar musicians not only from many different corners of the world but also from acutely distinct genres - Guti, Argenis Brito, Mad Dim, Denis Kaznacheev, Krussia, Damien Vandesande of DOP, Sarkis Ricci, Andrey Orenstein, and vocals by Inga.Featuring all sorts of live instruments, drum machines, synthesizers and modular systems, Duct Tape Project brings forward a complex work brimming with musicality. Using Hip-Hop, not only its rhythmic structures but also its sampling techniques, as a foundation, Tripmastaz created a vibrant and fascinating ecosystem with enough sonic texture to leave one captivated, enraptured and lost at the edge of words. There are 13 musical compositions in total that explore all things Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Chill Pop and Lounge, forming a cohesive and deeply soulful album.
"CCR - Club Culture Rarities" the new record label exclusively dedicated to re-prints of cult and rare 12” taken form Expanded Music’s labels.The 7th release on "CCR - Club Culture Rarities" DESIRE originally released on CREATIVELABEL in 1992Produced by D.J. Martini, Fabrice & Davide Rizzatti during their artistic fertility period.A new colored vinyl (white) release on CCR Club Culture Rarities
Introducing Josh Caffe’s second single on Phantasy, ‘Do You Wanna Take Me Home?’ is a sensual yet gritty return, a keen document of just one of the many stories of desire always occurring in the shadows, just beyond the strobes. Produced in collaboration with Quinn Whalley, one half of Paranoid London, ‘Do You Wanna Take Me Home?’ also features a headsy interpretation from Steffi & Virginia, marking their first ever collaborative remix.Inspired by the rawest shades of early Chicago house music, ‘Do You Wanna Take Me Home?’ finds Caffe in thirsty pursuit of pleasure and recognition, eyes locked on an unidentified but all-too enticing individual in the club. Whereas previous single ‘According To Jacqueline’ turned the heads of dancers with it’s outrageous sexuality, Caffe’s follow-up finds him switched by a different strain of lust, head down in a blend of analogue jack and vocal vulnerability.Steffi & Virginia have long since established themselves as distinct individual forces in contemporary dance music. Here, reunited in the studio together in the first instance since 2019’s ‘Work A Change’ EP on Ostgut Ton, the duo transplant Caffe’s yearning invitation into a sensuous reverie that touches on the deeper, tripper ends of their house and techno heritage. Driven by creeping organ chords and a powerful shuffling bassline, the result is a sophisticated reimagining primed for the heat of the function.
Rising star Amy Dabbs delivers us another huge house EP, dropping as the debut release on her brand new label Dabbs Traxx. The modern take on classic house that she's become renowned for in her recenthighly acclaimed releases permeates every track on Four Track Mind EP, serving up Amy's trademark pacey rhythmic percussion, emotive melodies, and fat subby basslines.Ghosts kicks things off with ticking clocks and haunting melodies woven throughout, creating a deeply atmospheric track. It surrounds you with thick layers of pads and strings, underpinned with tear-jerking chords and vocals, sprinkled with touches of Amy’s beloved Juno 106. This track relays a moving tale of facing the ghosts of your past which, alongside Ghosts’ powerful percussive drops, is guaranteed to give the dancefloor goosebumps in more ways than one.Til You See takes us in an uplifting direction, with a powerful bassline blazing against a backdrop of soaring pads and delicately placed arpeggiators, leading towards a spine-tingling yet subtle vocal as the track reaches its peak. Bringing Amy's desire to create music that moves you to life, this stunning track is brimming with jubilance and optimism from beginning to end.Last but by no means least comes the EP's title track, Four Track Mind, its nostalgic organ sounds, bouncy percussive chops and big basslines ensuring it will be a huge dancefloor moment when played out. This energetic track takes you into the heavens with its relentlessly uplifting transitions throughout, Amy's intention clearly to place you firmly in the centre of the dancefloor with a massive smile on your face.Having recently been named as one of BBC Radio 1's Future Stars 2022, and with a string of solo EPs coming out over the next 6 months, it's quickly becoming clear that Amy Dabbs is going to be a name we'll be hearing a lot more of this year
LVCA's crack team of rhythm researchers have extracted these four beats directly from the Ibiza Sound Machine for your listening pleasure.
Number two on Nimble: back alley bangers delivered dexterously. Come ‘round back for the beats.
Four belter tracks lined up on the slots. It's a wheel of fortune, and you pick where the needle lands. Winner!
I feel honoured to finally present my first EP on de Lichting. All tracks except A1 were made during my COVID-19 quarantine between 8th-19th July 2021 on an EMU E64 and KORG MS2000. With the EP, I tried to cover most of the sounds that I regularly play during my DJ sets. Side A starts with two house cuts, ‘CAL01’ and ‘Emspacer’ inspired by some of my favourite house records, and ends with the electro title track ‘RDS THEME’. Side B, starts with the minimal-ish ‘Substance’, followed by two Ambient Techno/IDM cuts ‘Trapswet’ and ‘Cwejfx’. Personally, I feel that the tracklist reflects the process of being isolated, which on the one hand, enabled me to (finally) work on music without being distracted, and on the other hand, got me into a melancholic mood over time’.
Libertine 19 features the first album from Roman master Gianluca Bertasi AKA Teslasonic, a journey of 10 stunning tracks from pure electro to Italo infused techno and space disco… Limited copies!
CALLING ALL FRENETIC LOONS - cursed to strut on thy toes, or to point them to the sky. Has a lack of dance based activity made you weary? The deprivation of bass inflected oxygen surging thru your body resulted in a euphoric fatigue? Well rise and shine all youSpiritually Deluded kinder, the hit parade is back, with Roza T & D. Tiff tip-toeing in with 8 tracks high in kinetic synergy and low in “bOriNGG!!”. The sound of 2 artists; serious in their intent yet blowing raspberries at the cork sniffers/snobs, obstinate to the world of industrial decay press shots + plastic ravers.Instead they straddle the Edge of Innocence. Residue of lines once written, now your own personal tightrope. You wobble to and fro as part of a troupe of ethereal jesters, composed of Lil’ Drummer Boi’s pitter pattering on Gravity Bongo’s. Both tracks repping and following the rhythm of the ozone bounce house. With enough elasticity you’ll ^^break thru^^, experiencing Possession by momentary ascension. The weightless sensation of falling in a circle; catch yourself if you please. Such transcendence is lucrative, the Paparazzi on hand to flash and burn the retina, providing instant short-circuit delusions of grandeur. Sonically every hard knock is met with a “bOinKK!!”, illuminating the dark yet cartoonish nature of the practice - guaranteed to make u skip, achieve the perfect sly pout. You and your gang can terraform into bodacious bass-bins, and cast your personal Redemption Arc onto the ether.Inhibitions are to be absolved, and fat kickdrums to be followed. In this hyper-informed yet unknowing present tense, who can ignore the beat based intrinsic incentive to fuck up the circadian rhythm - the music becoming a byte-based silkworm, spinning its digital silk from synapse to synapse, until your brain is a translucent cocoon playfully ricocheting, the cranium its pleasure dome. Call the drum dealer.
After being operating for the past few years under the name ALVA, with debut releases on Pont Neuf, Chez Damier's sub-label Inner Balance or on Dansu Discs, the Parisian duo Calmos & Berzingue has decided to get back to the roots of a more percussive and mental deep house universe. With their new EP “Belleville”, they pay tribute to those years which saw them immerse themselves in the production of their first tracks, in the famous Parisian district.
Sixteen arrives to the label straight from Detroit, by the owner of Vigilante Cartel - Dave P who is also known as Dirty Dave or Dirty Dave P, who has been releasing records since the early 90’s. This Electro & House infused 12’’ is made by the man together with his friend Rick Tuner and consists of 4 track journeys starting from the space and heading way beyond any known stratospheres known to mankind.This record is very dear to these artists and to all the people who took part into making this project come to life. All aboard the “Saturn V” as it’s taking off into the wilderness of clubs & institutes of electronic music all over the world. The weather seems bright and the sky is clear, which makes it absolutely perfect conditions for the launch.
The third Planet Tapes EP can be defined as a true odyssey through an explosion of creativity that will serve to refresh the imagination.The team will be 100% made in Italy.A1 written by a familiar face of the scene. For years he has been leaving impressions of fine workmanship and we are sure that we have chosen something that truly reflects him. We are talking about the Imprints / Propersound label boss, Domenico Rosa.A2 created by Alessandro De Padova aka Deyayu. He is certainly one of the most surprising surprises of recent years and after scoringseveral EP’s alone, we are delighted to welcome him into our reality.B1 composed by the label's captains, Andrea and Luigi. Year after year they are building and bringing their sound to a specific dimension. The temperatures will be like those of the tropics.B2 belongs to the only rookie in terms of record release, Eros.His family has always chewed music and this has allowed him to receive solid foundations since childhood. It's no coincidence if we use this adjective to describe his music : “erotic”.
Lacking no celerity in its approach to dancefloor traction, the second incursion on STRCTR from Paris-based rising talent Vitess is primed to slap a smile on the face of 90s breaks, electroid techno dashers and pumped-up trance lovers. Following up to releases on Happiness Therapy, Pulse Msc and Chat Noir Tools, Vitess is bound to break the sound barrier with “Splitter” - a no-frills four-tracker featuring two originals + two remixes designed to bulldoze its way onto upper spheres of consciousness with absolute panache and determination.
The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, Plonk’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias. His sound palette has broadened to absorb and refine trap’s un-smeared geometrics and drill’s taught rhythms amongst the gaseous bodies and soul-piercing ambience that has garnered such acclaim; Where those previous veins were rooted in the pre-Columbian civilizations of his native Kansas, Plonk reflects the mournful sodium glow of cities at night, street corners that light up with painful moments of clarity you wish would disappear.
After being marooned in a small beach town in Brazil at the start of the pandemic, California-born Gene On Earth eventually made it home to Berlin. As the reality of the global situation sunk in, he set to work on his second album, working in an obsessive daily rhythm. After gathering an arsenal of samples and inspiration he returned to the studio for 5 months of feverish work. Set for release on June 3rd via his own imprint Limousine Dream, ‘Time on The Vine’ is a slick record delivered with the laid-back warmth of a producer at the top of his game. Breezy yet assured, its wonky minimal rhythms are as feel good as they are fun, a perfect antidote to the long and waning pandemic that birthed them.
black VinylNew Maastricht-based label with a release from the mysterious J.S. Zeiter.
Welcoming Arfa to the Time Is Now family with his debut EP: a tight 5-tracker which sees the emerging producer come into his powers with a fiercely forward-facing take on dark garage, featuring a raucous remix from London's Bakey.Real Badman EP starts as it means to go on. 'Run It Back' is driven by a fractured syncopated rhythm and a heavy warped bassline which lends it its tune, fusing together the stylistic elements of dark garage and speed garage to offer a fresh take on both genres. Clattering rimshots and a womping bassline compliment 'For The Mandem's luscious pads before being carried onto 'Ain't Ready' which adds a tight two-step rhythm and the chopped-up vocals of an old skool garage MC. Finally, 'Real Badman' sees the EP at its most playful. Staccato piano chords infuse it with an uplifting melody before Time Is Now family member Bakey steps in to deliver his take: a half-time rendition which strips back the higher ends to make way for a focus on the subs. A real stomper.
A spacial 4-tracker signed by Böhm for Partout’s Dutch series. Guaranteed 303 trip.
Unreleased tracks from the vaults of Finlands' finest!
His Master's Voice makes his second appearance on Delsin. Late 2019 the low-profile German producer released his first EP on the label backed with a remix by Vril -- who's taken care of the mastering on this EP again. 'Carry On In My Name' contains yet again four original works of engaging electronics. It's a fresh combination of dusty break-beats and stuttering rhythms boosted by rough, yet emotive melodies. A very well balanced pack melting together all sides of electro, drum & bass and glitchy atmospheres.
- 2022 repress -The debut release from Time Is Now - originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive. Four cuts of UKG goodness.
Vitess joins the Shall Not Fade family with a vibrant contribution to our Season Series. Retroactive City sees the Parisian talent helm the uplifting house sound for which his prolific live sets have become known.Easing us in is the down-tempo slow burner "Cockpit" with synth arpeggios that bubble playfully on the surface of layered ambience and a modest two-step rhythm. The next two tracks take things up a notch with funk-infused melodies ("Fantasia") and old school Robin S-esque organ samples which make for a fiercely modern take on a classic deep house sound ("Popeye").Flip to the B side and thumping floor-fillers "No Dancing" and "Ratz" maintain the pace before "Grand Turismo" switches things up completely. Jungle drums rattle under luscious pads before mutating into 4X4 to make the perfect closer - both to the EP and to any DJ set.Retroactive City EP drops 15th April via Shall Not Fade
It's always a huge pleasure to have him back. Lewis Fautzi's astronomic ascension is well known and we are delighted that he decided to 'play home' one more time.Although the years are passing by, Lewis is faithful to his principles. His personal style is almost a trademark and impossible not to recognize. Techno scene has evolved and he has evolved with it but always in a straight line, adapting himself perfectly to the new tendencies and keeping his touch and his vision.This new ep is full of trippy pads and powerful bass lines. Mesmerizeng techno as its finest and with a small cherry on top of the cake: a remix by Rødhåd. His first time with us and there is no greater feeling, specially knowing the huge artist he is. Established nowadays as a techno force, the german producer combines the hypnotic with different theatrical approaches and came a long way demonstranting the uncontainable nature of his brand of shadowy dance creations, as someone once described his work. We couldn't be happier with the result.In summary, the first ep by Lewis Fautzi on his own imprint with a remix by Rødhåd.Lewis, welcome back home!! And thank you for bringing such an illustrious guest
Timehri Records are back with another trip into intergalactic Crud, delivering more timeless physical output for the ongoing journey. Up next is UK underground stalwart and Boiler Room label takeover guest Yosh. The South Londoner has made a name for himself for his signature break-step sounds, delivering projects for various UK imprints since his pre-rona emergence.Fresh off the back of his 100% production mix for the label’s reputable cassette series, Yosh delivers a weighty three tracker showcasing both sides of his arsenal.The A-side and ‘Cool Down’ is signature. Punchy offbeat percussion and recurringbreaks providing the top layer for the sub-low and bass. Nifty stabs working the groove throughout.For the B side Yosh comes with something a bit different, a familiar producer-label pattern when it comes to Timehri curation. ’ Follow The Leader’ goes in straight from the off, no nonsense Ghost like drum patterns, sound system big-ups and vocal samples taking you back to the nostalgic heights for UK Garage.
Pyramid of Knowledge debuts on Craigie Knowes with the "Heart of Silicium" EP. Reassembled electronics for club use or headphone escapism. Unconventional electro that feels at peace beside much of the Craigie Knowes back catalogue.
Cosmic disturbances cause emotions to run free throughout the local system on Cignol's acid-laced Craigie Knowes debut. "Misaligned Logic" is shaped in Cignol's signature electro sound across the 4-track EP.
DMX Krew on a dark rave trip! For fans of early UR, AFX etc..
More hot techno tracks on the fifteenth iteration of Reclaim Your City. The trip goes to Paris via Vienna with complimentary pair Eric Fetcher and Arthur Robert taking over for a round of cold-blooded club-busting blends. A full-on hypnotic affair leafing through the darker districts of dubbed-out deep techno, "RYCL.015" eases us in a sunken realm of unquiet oneiric folds and further afield, obscure crannies. Fetcher strikes first with "Arrival" - a pulsating meshwork of distressing signals going pong on the reverbs, as sturdy kick drums and skittish percussions guide the groove onto proper club-ready rails via a clinical 4x4 frame. Then comes Arthur Robert's "Petrichor", an enslaving roller tailored to catch you in its intricate web of sonar-like bleeping and wild, homing hats let loose like hounds on their prey, whilst you progressively lose track of your actual environment to enter a new world of multisensory stimulation and blurred-out abstraction. Flip the record and here is Robert's "Centipede" taking over with an uptempo cascade of heavily delayed machine talk, dust-clogged kicks and surgical 4x4 swing bound to have everyone losing their shit in the basement with shadow-knightly swagger and in-your-face attitude. Fetcher's closing number "Balter" adds a further hip-swaying, breaks-laden, rowdy spin to the overall forward-moving ride, but also some more warmth sound design-wise, which will most certainly find a positive echo in DJs looking for true-school hybrid weaponry - capable to keep the dancing clock ticking in full-swing, without jeopardising the after's chiller vibes. As per usual, RYCL.015 comes adorned with a bespoke piece of artwork, this time courtesy of talented Dutch photographer Joris Graaf, and will be pressed on 180-gram white vinyl for the discerning heads.
Mr. Fingers returns on Alleviated Records with a new album!!! Larry Heard (under his most notable monniker) continues on the path he's set with 'Cerebral Hemispheres' in 2018. Encompassing all his influences from Jazz, R&B to Techno and Ambient these lush tracks with a feel that no one else expresses quite like Mr. Fingers. Right from the start with "Around the Sun" the ten track album pulls you in with these lush produced tracks and effortlessly captivates you with the always infectious grooves and perfectly spaced arrangements. No need to further elaborate... This is Larry Heard at his finest.
Counterchange celebrates its 25th release with a special 12’’ by much loved Berlin techno-sound-artist and Berghain resident Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann, featuring two brand new productions, plus remixes of ‘Sequence 100’ (taken from Stream State, COUNTER014), by DJ Skull and Johanna Knutsson.‘Mono’ steers an organic, runaway synth line (courtesy of the classic Korg Monopoly), along a sleek, 136 bpm set of modernist rails. In contrast, ‘Subconscious Dub’ bows to a dusty lo-fi house alter, while bouncing to a funky, techno-centric and contemporary pulse.Chicago’s DJ Skull is a revered member of techno and house history who continues to provide slinky bangers that joyfully evade pigeon-holing. Skull’s mix of ‘Sequence 100’ reshapes the cascading polyrhythms into an effervescent, summery deep-house stomper.In beguiling contrast, Malmö-based Johanna Knutsson channels sensitive storytelling and blissful tonal formations, ushering Efdemin’s original through a verdant forest of post-club ambience and subtle harmonics.
Keith Farrugia a.k.a. Sound Synthesis delivering top quality electro tracks made up of dreamy melodies and a touch of acid. Produced with tons of analog devices and coming with that seal of quality he is known for. ''Ezzential Electro'' is the biggest project Electro Records has done so far. It consists of 36 vinyl records produced by artists they consider essential for the current underground electro movement. The first six parts of the series come in beautiful white silkscreen printed sleeves on recycled cardboard and include a real puzzle piece on the front cover, indicating which part of the series you have in your hands.
Adeen Records breathes new life into a fan favorite with a collection of B-sides and unreleased gems in this stellar remastered series. First up, is the 2016 classic that started the Adeen Records label, DJ Spinna's "More Positive Things." this intergalatic soul deep house track was well sought out in it's initial pressing, and highly sought after. If you don't already have this classic Adeen release in your collection, this is a great way to get familliar with this trusted label.
Adam Strömstedt's debut album features 11 tracks of elegant chords and softcore acid basslines that instantly fit perfectly into the KANN universe.The LP as a whole works excellently with slippers and morning coffee, while individual tracks definitely also aiming at the dancefloor. Although more reminiscent of a very life affirming sunrise party than a 90s rave in Sheffield. Please check out the opening track "SWF" or "Desperate Housevibes" for further reference.
First Word Records is very pleased to welcome back Quiet Dawn with a brand new EP entitled 'Movements'.Parisian multi-instrumentalist Will Galland has been with First Word since late 2014, providing several releases for us over the years, from his acclaimed debut album 'The First Day' to his last EP release, the organic opus 'Human Being - The Short Story Of The Reed'. Collaborations have included Makaya McCraven, Oddisee, Miles Bonny and First Word crew such as Eric Lau, Bastien Keb and Sarah Williams White, who he teamed up with on his classic remix of the track 'Hum' and most recently on the track 'One By One' which appeared on the compilation EP 'A Family Affair' at the start of 2021.For his latest project, 'Movements' sits firmly in the realms of broken beat, after being heavily inspired at First Word's infamous 14th birthday party at Total Refreshment Centre, where he played alongside label-mates such as Kaidi Tatham and Children of Zeus. This delectable six-track EP encompasses a series of deeply percussive grooves and squelchy synths. This is a predominantly instrumental affair, though does feature the supremely soulful vocals of Oliver Night on the track 'Change Must Come', following on from Oliver's work with the CoOp Presents crew amongst others.Quiet Dawn says "after the birth of my son, I took the time to get back to making new music.And when I started to work on new tracks, I wanted to compose something without concept, unlike my previous records, just because time is precious and I wanted to find pleasure again when I composeand not be fixed to a concept, or a story.These new tracks are instinctive; made with my main instruments, rhodes & piano, synths, percussions, vocals, bass and guitars. They are naturally oriented towards my big musical crush, BRUK, along with different rhythms, vibes and grooves. For me, it's definitely a record for the dancers. For this reason, the new EP is called 'Movements'. Aside from the dancer's element, the title relates to everything that is happening in the world at the moment, working on this record over the pandemic. Affecting people in all countries, friendship, mutual aid, solidarity and movements in many instances are very important to me, my family and my musical family, First Word.'The influences on this particular EP come largely from the West London music scene; DKD, Bugz, Neon Phusion, 2000Black, Domu, IG Culture, Jazztronik, MdCL, the First Word fam and many many more artists. There are also heavy vibes inspired by 70's jazz, funk, disco, latin & african music."'Movements' by Quiet Dawn is released on First Word Records on vinyl & digital in late 2021.
Part two of Arthur Robert’s most recent EP package showcases his atmospheric style of dubby, strong rhythms and rich, detailed sound design.On this EP Robert explores his mastery of mesmerizing machines, looping bleepy signals into trance-inducing patterns on Abundance, Watchful and Homecoming. A welcome brief respite from the madness, delicate ambient interlude You Cannot Hurt Me twinkles soothingly, as does the warmth offered by subdued hazy chords on the almost housy Tunnelvision.Such versatility not only further establishes Arthur Robert as one of current Techno’s most promising producers but also makes this EP package a strong contender for one of the year’s defining releases.
Rubisco frontman Nick Beringer is teaming up with Sota to deliver the label’s first long-player titled Cloud Management LP. A string of lockdowns provided the perfect opportunity to spend countless hours in the studio exploring new sonic territories, resulting in an eclectic compilation that showcases a more experimental side of their musical craft whilst staying true to their signature stripped back sound. The double vinyl ventures into a colorful variety of styles and lends itself for both club use and home listening. It goes without saying that Rubisco is proud to present the debut album of the synergetic producer-duo.
Doodle's first V.A. compiles a Hodgepodge of spicy tunes with bangers on the A and trippy sounds on the B.
S.O.N.S first album, The Escape, because we all need to escape in our lives at some pointpressed on non-colored, non-180gr vinyl, 2 x 12"An O.S.T for a movie which does not exist... the story of Anna and her escape from Earth... to planet SeylanideIncluding the non billboard-chart-topping singles Identity (ft. Sun) & Eternity (ft. OCB)And yes, this time, there are deep pads, emotional landscapes, melodic horizons, mysterious moods, psychedelic soundscapes...Also included, an order form to order some mysterious bonus records
"Having appeared recently on a self-titled label with the blissed-out delights of the Travelling Without Moving 12", emergent artist Opik is back with a fresh dose of trance-licked house music which aligns neatly with the contemporary trippy crowd. This release appears on the KMA60 Rezpektiva label in the wake of releases from Denia and Cosmic Underground, and it easily fits into the label's interests around 90s-influenced club sounds. From dreamy roller 'Orson' to the ravey reverie of 'Serotonin', there is all kinds of sublime gear here to get a crowd moving in unison." (Juno review)
Carpet boss Jorge Caiado returns with three tracks to expand your mind and your soul. Stretching across the A, ’Plant A New Garden’ is a cosmic neo-Detroit techno epic that comes accompanied by a life-affirming narrative in the long tradition of UR’s ’Transition’. On the B, ’Find Your Rhythm’ weaves a military kick, febrile percussion and a wicked acid motif into a dangerously groovy web. Finally, the easy, breezy ’Say What?’ smooths things over with classic house aplomb.
Velvet Velour (Scratch Discs) welcomes us to his wonderful inner world on this ebullient EP for Welt Discos. By turns breezy and bumping, each of these sparkling tracks mixes classic ideas with a twist of original musicianship: a subtle hint of acid here, a carefully constructed solo there, a rhythmic shift that suddenly transforms the mood. Tunes like these make us want to dance with our eyes closed for minutes on end, only to open them again to witness the smiling faces of those around us.
Carpet & Snares’ white label Dummy series returns for round two and it’s ready for action. Five modern, lean and club-ready bangers split the difference between house, techno and electro. Don’t sleep.
Luhk returns to Carpet & Snares after his 2020 EP ‘Em Casa’. Now the Portuguese producer is seeking ‘Novos Horizontes’ (new horizons) via these five fiery club tracks. Each of the first four cuts has its own jet fuel: acid basslines on ‘Em Missão’ and ‘L.Submundo.D.’, a classic M1 on ‘Não Há Volta Atrás’, and an early 00s bumping tech house groove on ‘Linhas De Espaço & Tempo’. The title track closes the EP with galactic electro, proving that the horizon is just the start.
DJ ARG is back on Dream Ticket and once again he is Not. Fucking. Around. Four headmelters from the master himself that traverse breaks, house, techno and booty. Hardware was indeed harmed in the making of this record. Live with it!
The mysterious trio Pandilla LTD provide the first release on Ozy, a new sub-label run by Miguel Melo from Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares family. Never ones to tread the easiest path, Pandilla show off their full range of moods and tempos on this 4-tracker, opening with the jazzy and glitchy breaks of vignette ‘Beat Untitled’. This leads into ‘aWARe’, a downtempo epic of cinematic ambience and released tension that contrasts with the more dancefloor-ready cuts on the B. With its patient dubby tick-tock, ‘Mind Trick’ feels like a long-lost Basic Channel side-project, while the more extrovert ‘Trying To Go’ closes things in style with a shimmy and a shake.
Following Chari Chari and Rui Maia's albums, Organic Series releases another collection of beautiful music by funcionário, artistic alias of multitalented Pedro Tavares."Lisbon Dreams" is a conceptual album shaped by Pedro that evoques his travels between Setúbal and Lisbon, while studying Fine Arts at the portuguese capital city.Music wise, "Lisbon Dreams" represents an unfolding new world, full of overwhelming feelings translated into musical landscapes and possibly inspired by contemporary producers like Nuno Canavarro or Susumu Yokota.But when Pedro talks about his album he likes to quote John Cage: don't try to create and analyze at the same time. They're different processes.- For fans of Susumu Yokota or Nuno Canavarro
Shine Grooves (Hanagasumi, ФАКТУРА) is a specialist in live and experimental electronic music, blending software and hardware in his studio in Yekaterinburg, Russia. On this sophomore full-length he cultivates an otherworldly Space Garden on a distant planet, populated by alien organisms that move to their own extraterrestrial groove. Dawn breaks and the garden slowly comes to life on ambient opener ‘Morning Mood’, setting a promising tone for the day ahead. A kick shuffles in to work on the dubby ‘Tribal Acoustic’, which builds and builds before leading us into the industrious bounce of ‘Japan Sequencer’. This latter, first optimistic and later frenetic, ends the A-side’s warm-up and primes us for action on the B. ‘Tool’ is self-explanatory, a refined, stripped-down dub techno weapon honed for an afternoon’s hard work. After that exertion, ‘Evening Radio’ is the perfect cool-down, its delicately skittering percussion contrasting with sweet, improvised synth melodies. Finally, the ambient ‘Night Reverberation Jam’ is the sound of darkness falling, our garden’s lifeforms settling down to rest before the cycle begins afresh.
Nørbak's debut EP on Hayes exposes versatile multi-layered exercises where complex rhythmic patterns and textured atmospheres are unfolded like pages of a well-written book, evolving anxiously with grasping notes and lashing nuances to provide a thriller of gripping depth.
Psychedelic packaging for a real trip of a record from Kimchi Records boss Patamamba! This has come direct from the source in Berlin so get it while it's fresh.
Dublin producer Lukey has his finger firmly on the pulse of the sounds emanating from Berlin and London’s newly awakening dancefloors, as proven by this stellar debut for Carpet &Snares’ LAB series. Contemporary club music is all about opening up the space between genres and filling it with something at once referential and new, and this EP is no exception.Other Worlds Vol. 1 effortlessly blends house, techno, electro and breaks into a mature sound world that’s both tight and expansive, funky and tough, contemplative and right down to business. Get moving with Vol. 1, and watch out for Vol. 2 coming soon!
Belgian producer Gratts, an active dj for more than 20 years, teams up with pioneering Chicago vocalist Robert Owens on this new house anthem for our times. Hope is built into the very fibre of ‘Brighter Future’, from its optimistic synths to the sprightly Roland drum patterns, with Owens’ lilting affirmations soaring above. On the flip, Jorge Caiado’s remix and the New Vision Dub bring the track to the late night dancefloor, recalling the 90s heyday of Murk, Cajmere and Mood II Swing.
Viewtiful Joe (Casa Voyager, mindcolormusic, Fundamental) continues his run of sublime electro EPs with this joyful 5-tracker for Welt Discos. Futuristic in sound yet harking back to the heyday of breakdance in the early-to-mid 80s, these battle-ready boogie jams explode with wiggly slap bass, soaring pop melodies and the funk to make you jump. Lock in and freak out!
Dream Ticket celebrates 10 releases on this planet with a VA matching old label favourites with fresh new blood. Multidisciplinary artist Koolmorf Widesen kicks things off with a madcap acid squirmer that will terrorize your sense of direction as much as it moves your body, before DT stalwart Binary Digit hits us with his latest signature braindance pounder. On the flip, Ryan James Ford, another DT alumni, brings us a techno banger that marries the best of Detroit and Berlin, then newcomer ZDR closes things out with stuttering, dreamy piece of jungly dnb magic. Here’s to the next 10!
Lerosa (Uzuri, Idle Hands, Lunar Disko) adds to his esteemed discography with an EP composed entirely during the summer of 2020. Several of his musical influences – I.M.S., Lee 'Scratch' Perry, James Stinson – can be heard across these four diverse tracks, as he jumps nimbly from italo to dub to house to electro. As always with Lerosa, though, the sound that emerges is distinctively his own, the result of daily cat-assisted studio time at his home in Dublin.
A reference work, a body of knowledge, a record of human endeavour: this archival release of works from Arcarsenal's fertile collaboration in the period 2011–2016 is all of those things. Pressed on its two discs you will find, in the duo's own words, the 'broken flowers that needed just a little care and attention to bloom'. And exquisite flowers they are, rooted in the reduced formality of minimalism, yet prone to frequent and unabashed florescence. Ranging from their very earliest productions, made with limited gear, through to later recordings from a fully-equipped studio, the tracks move from techno to dub and house and into blissful after-hours and ambient, all with the rich and spacious imprint that is their own. Most of these tracks have been firm favourites on the dancefloor, whether played by other DJs or Arcarsenal themselves, yet this is the first time any of them have seen an official release. This 'Compendium' is a record of Arcarsenal's past achievements; only time will tell what new endeavours the two may pursue


For the next installment on the label we proudly present outcast Torino head honcho Cristian Sarde. Expect a high quality cheese dipped stellar 4 cut EP. Workin’ the club the Italian way with this one. Grazie a frate Cris!

An all-star cast of remixers have gotten their hands on Gene On Earth's second album, Time On The Vine, with the task of making club remixes of the album's offtempo cuts. Sweely, Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Youandewan, and Gene himself all turn in stellar effots.
Vilamar collective’s second dance floor-oriented EP lands with a bang, concerning the intentions laid out in their opening salvo from late 2020: this is classical, transparent techno that leaves little room for interpretation. Intense bass weight, watertight arrangements, and an appreciation for the power of silence – all these qualities combine into raw momentum that will satisfy the voracious dancers of Waking Life’s floresta stage, Labyrinth, or the big house itself. Plug in and feel the pressure.
Prolific 90's house maestro Maurizio Verbeni strikes again on Digging Deeper . After stellar past releases on UMM , MBG Records , Discomagic , UMD amongst others his rare and original release on Trancebeat from 1992 with his aka PDQ gets a full re-issue and remaster. Not everybody understand house music
A new various artists included selected musicians and representatives of the Ukrainian underground scene, residents of the Kyiv Closer club, founders of Odessa DSK Port and Kharkiv Trance Pandemic Krew. Strong limited, must have.
B?hm delivers pure dance floor action on Dolly with this solid 3 tracker. Solar cycle is serious UK rave, deep bleep and slamming breakbeat dance floor madness, As simple as that!!! :-)
For the third release, Mung Records presents 12’’ Vinyl EP by acclaimed Ukrainian producer Yevhenii Kurylo aka Kurilo. His music passion goes back to playing percussion and drum instruments at the age of 12 and swiftly grew up into a desire to do DJing and create electronic music. Now, he produces electronic dance music, makes live performances, works on new vinyl releases and manages the Trance Pandemic label.
The Heko boys are back in control and serve up another certified Summer blooter of an EP from Cristian Sarde.
25yrs after the emergence of Steve O'Sullivan's dub moniker, Lempuyang has the honour of presenting the first full length album of all-new material.Over the span of 9 tracks, Steve takes us on a version excursion, exploring a mixture of dub rhythms alongside a healthy dose of wizardry to work the floor.Also featuring collaborations from Hidden Sequence, Another Channel, and vocals from Prince Morella.Strictly for connoisseurs & utterly essential!
PANCRATIO on One Trip To Avyon!!
UBU004 features Portuguese legend Pedro Goya delivering two perfectly crafted originals titled 'Boof Bonser' and 'Carousel'; with Argentinian, and Berlin based, Federico Molinari rounding out the EP by adding his signature touch to Carousel.
Lisbon's Paraiso bring their A&R a-game once again with a stellar EP by one of the city's most beloved techno DJs - VIL - and a chef's kiss remix by the one and only queen of twisted dance, EDND from Algarve. VIL effortlessly strikes a balance between his seasoned raver's effective ammunition approach and his penchant for freshness that has accompanied him since his early days as a dubstep DJ.
For the first release of the label we would like to welcome MASI. Two brothers from Amsterdam who’s sound could be described as old meets new school electro and minimal. The A1 of the EP represents that old meets new school electro club focused track while B1 is an atmospheric cosmic inspired minimal track.B2 is a smart club driver track that gradually adds deep low end bass throughout the track for a unique build up that will be noticed best on a proper soundsystem.
Stoned Pilot continues his flight with the second leg of his collaborative journey!This time, Shonky welcomes Italian producer and friend Giammarco Orsini into his studio, resulting in 4 tracks that merge together the dreamy and driving influences of the two artists, always with a rich presence of analog synths and drum-machines.
A classic science fiction sound track album - outstanding & masterfully executed by Convextion aka ERP/Gerard Hanson. Artwork by David A. Hardy. Including download via bandcamp.

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