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Another preciosity from the amazing Exist Dance catalogue made readily available to your record collections in newly remastered format. On the A side, “We're Go” is a 3 stage piece of breaky prowess developing throughout a total of almost 13 minutes spiraling around a catchy cosmonautic vocal sample. B1 brings a quintessential Rave energy to the table with samples from live crowds echoing over high octane break rhythms, would be hard to stand still for the duration of this - highly effective on a dance floor. B2 takes a turn towards more introspective moods as it brings in psychedelic elements intertwined with “world music” samples. Very much characteristic of the distinguished Kandel/Chasteen Exist Dance sound. West coast early 90's rave at its best, can't go wrong. “Recorded in Heaven, in 1991, according to the label.”
Italian producer LNO steps up for his debut release on Francesco Del Garda's Timeless with three surefire, dance floor filler tracks. Limited quantities!
The second in a series of self-released Liquid Earth Physical Records, “The Breakdown” is a front flip into curbside clubbing.The Aside offers two impeccably tight mixes of the 12” title tune, both providing different licks of pleasure for the casual clubber. “Charms Of Gaia” is forward leaning, equipped with big room, big energy type vocal breaks. “Trips & Skips” is an ode to the stripped down wigglyness of one of UK Tech House’s greatest, Nathan Coles - a clear influence of Mr. Earths.From here, we are sat next to the two black sheep of the 12” on what seems like the most pleasurable road trip of a record. B1 being the beefed-out break tune titled “The Closer” and B2 the straight and narrow slammings of “Cobblestone Stomper,” a track surely given its holy legs by the OG Jerusalem Cruiser.What you won’t find on this record is senseless filler, instead, you’ll surely be pumping your face with the permanent botox that is Liquid Earth. Now let’s see that smile!
Takeshi Fukushima, better known as Takecha, is an electronic music artist from Shiga, Japan. This producer with tons of experience has been creating music since the 1980s and running the label “Groove with Machine” since 1995. His expertly crafted sound is deep and thoughtfully layered, blending elements of electronic besides ambient music to create a unique and captivating story. From the pulsing rhythms and soaring synths to the immersive melodies and ambient soundscapes, makes it a must-discover to any fan of electronic music.Sakskøbing is proud to celebrate its 20th release anniversary and welcome Takeshi’s latest offering, a collection of deep electronic music that is sure to captivate and entice. With his technical prowess and musical vision, Takecha has crafted a sonic journey that is both thought-provoking and mesmerizing.
Curated By Time ventures back to the year 2000 with their latest release. It’s a re-issue of Kage’s Meke EP, featuring six distinct cuts of dancefloor-geared musical goodness.The title track takes centre stage, a thick and chunky tech house number that’s packed full of low-slung, club-ready sub. Safe Passage continues in a similar vein, with rolling bass tones sat beside gritty synth pulses throughout.We’re then graced with the ethereal sounds of North Star, acting as a gentle interlude before Captivity ups the tempo once more, as whomping synths lead us deep into heads down, hands up territory.Proceedings then slow down on Return To Ovalau, a penultimate track made up of calming ambient elements. Transporting us to worlds far removed from our own, Rituals then closes proceedings on a similarly dream-like note, rounding off the re-issue in euphoric, club-ready bliss.
High value DJ clobber that gives the purchasing selector options throughout the night. House-master Matthias joins Craigie Knowes for his debut EP with the Scottish imprint. Classy cuts glittering with originality and outright funk.
Forest Ill Records is thrilled to introduce our dear friend Noiro and his latest EP, "Meissa." Featuring four mesmerizing club tracks, this release showcases Noiro's diverse production skills and musical range. Each song presents a unique blend of electronic sounds, capturing the essence of his personal style.
A couple of our druggiest nugs to date coupled with a pair of our cruisiest cruisers make Reflex Blue’s ‘Fantasy Value’ one of our most playable EPs yet. These have some of Gene’s most played secret weapons for months, and now you can too.
DMA, Data Memory Access, Jacopo Latini & Giammarco Orsini, where would we be without them? This iconic duo, the producers of our first release which we couldn’t be happier about, now signed MW006 in the form of a well curated album (2x12"). The tracks range from deep synthy grooves to proper club bangers.
Metroplex dont need an introduction, arguably worlds first and longest running Techno label. OCb aka Driss Bennis is a new face at Metroplex. Since starting his own label Casa Voyager in 2017, the Moroccan artist has gained a reputation for being as versatile an A&R as a producer. Hie debuts his OCB project on Metroplex with ,,The Sequel", an expansive five-tracker, covering a wide range of musical territory from funk-infused breakbeats, fast-paced electro bass, chilled downbeats to focused techno. The astral pads in the opening track ,,THX (The Sequel)" give way to lush electro beats, a funky bass line and warm chords before a vocoded voice exclaims ,,trans human express". Despite its slightly menacing title, ,,Global Warning" has the same ethereal star-gazing vibe, driven by breakbeats and accentuated by dreamy piano chords. On the flip side, the fast-paced electro of ,,Syntax Error" does its title justice with highly-processed fragments of a robotic voice propel the track forward. ,,Translate" is classic Motor City techno - Metroplex style. ,,The Sequel" rounds off with a short, chilled downtempo track, that once again underscores Bennis' musicality. Metroplex is back!!
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When helmets fit like gloves. Release your release.
Losoul and The Mole mixes
As Soul Capsule, Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior made some of minimal techno's most accomplished records. It has been many years since they stopped turning out new material - sadly - but their archive tracks are still in hot demand and undeniably relevant. While 1999's 'Lady Science' might be their most famous offering, this EP from 2001 on Aspect Music is no less vital and it will currently cost you well over L250 on second-hand markets. It is Ford's Trelik label who reissues it here in all its glory: the entirety of the a-side is taken up with 'Law Of Grace,' a delightfully deep and breezy minimal dub house roller with pensive chords draped over the frictionless drums. 'Meltdown' has a more experimental feel with brushed metal drums beneath a wordless vocal musing. The cult 'Lady Science' (Tek Mix) is also inched with the whole package being remastered by D&M to make this one utterly essential.
Derek Carr is a cult underground producer who has been knocking it out of the park in the last few years, but has been making music going way back. He has a stylish take on stripped-back and deep house and techno favoured by many DJs and dancers. Now, two of his most acclaimed cuts get remastered edits by Yossi Amoyal as a taster ahead of Carr's upcoming Archive compilation on the Pariter label. All three of these bring some subtle tweaks and fresh deep techno perspective with far sighted chords futuristic designs and grooves that make you want to move.
We present you our second release, an ecletic 4 tracker with music by friends and music lovers Antonio, Luhk and Pir. Vinyl only. Limited edition. No repress.

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