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As the London-based NorthSouth Records enter their fifth year they also arrive at their tenth release. After a run of artist EPs NSR returns to the split format to deliver 4 tracks from two of the label’s founding members; Sam Bangura and Harry McCanna.

On the North side we hear Sam’s first cuts pressed to vinyl for the imprint. Shining with his characteristic sound of bubbling melodies, refined grooves and tied together with a growling low end, ‘Jaspe’s Groove’ and ‘Marble Leg’ are two driving tunes aimed straight for those facemelting late-night moments.

Heading down to the South side we catch Harry working again under his alias Henry Hyde. ‘More Days Inside’ starts things off on something of a mellow tip, whilst still being a functional track for the dance floor. ‘Wading Through’ on the other hand offers up shuffling percussion, spacey synth plucks and one of Harry’s signature squirmy, swarming basslines.

It’s an EP that showcases some of the signature NorthSouth sounds and who better for it to come from than two of it’s own.

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