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More hot techno tracks on the fifteenth iteration of Reclaim Your City. The trip goes to Paris via Vienna with complimentary pair Eric Fetcher and Arthur Robert taking over for a round of cold-blooded club-busting blends. A full-on hypnotic affair leafing through the darker districts of dubbed-out deep techno, "RYCL.015" eases us in a sunken realm of unquiet oneiric folds and further afield, obscure crannies. Fetcher strikes first with "Arrival" - a pulsating meshwork of distressing signals going pong on the reverbs, as sturdy kick drums and skittish percussions guide the groove onto proper club-ready rails via a clinical 4x4 frame. Then comes Arthur Robert's "Petrichor", an enslaving roller tailored to catch you in its intricate web of sonar-like bleeping and wild, homing hats let loose like hounds on their prey, whilst you progressively lose track of your actual environment to enter a new world of multisensory stimulation and blurred-out abstraction. Flip the record and here is Robert's "Centipede" taking over with an uptempo cascade of heavily delayed machine talk, dust-clogged kicks and surgical 4x4 swing bound to have everyone losing their shit in the basement with shadow-knightly swagger and in-your-face attitude. Fetcher's closing number "Balter" adds a further hip-swaying, breaks-laden, rowdy spin to the overall forward-moving ride, but also some more warmth sound design-wise, which will most certainly find a positive echo in DJs looking for true-school hybrid weaponry - capable to keep the dancing clock ticking in full-swing, without jeopardising the after's chiller vibes. As per usual, RYCL.015 comes adorned with a bespoke piece of artwork, this time courtesy of talented Dutch photographer Joris Graaf, and will be pressed on 180-gram white vinyl for the discerning heads.

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Eric Fetcher - Arrival


Arthur Robert - Petrichor


Arthur Robert - Centipede


Eric Fetcher - Balter

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