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Panorama EP
Panorama EPPanorama EP




1x Vinyl 12"



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(incl. Franco Cinelli & Dorian Paic remixes)

The first record from keepitgoing. is finally here, a panorama from Switzerland all the way to Chile in our world with no borders. An EP from Camilo Gil & ONE+1 with 2 originals backed up by two contrasting interpretations from Dorian Paic and Franco Cinelli, is how we kick off our labels musical journey in our vinyl only series.

The opening original track "Can Soleietes" offers a minimal, dubby twist with sweeping chords and atmospheric pad work with hints of skippy percussion layered throughout. On the second original "Opera House" this is where things begin to turn around a darker, acidic corner consisting of rolling acid baselines and spooky pad-work. It features various chords and stabs working in the background, while the prominent acid bass moves around creating some dark, trippy vibes on the listener.

Franco Cinelli reworks "Can Soleietes" perfectly with a minimalist approach to the track, offering a more mellow and groovy interpretation of the original. One that will get you lost in the cosmos with an immediate listen. The second remix from Dorian Paic is a more stripped back affair than it's original. It is another minimalist one that represents his sound truly, as a classy remixer for the EP alongside fellow family member Franco.

Join us as we begin our journey from every corner of the world, all connected without any borders between us. Like this, anyone can express themselves freely, and really create the way they want to without any judgement or limitations. We are a forever growing family who share the goal of loving and living music together.

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Can Soleietes


Opera House


Can Soleietes ( remix Franco Cinelli )


Opera House ( remix Dorian Paic )

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