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Rain Fall Down (Anthony Nicholson, Marc Cotterell mixes)

Rain Fall Down (Anthony Nicholson, Marc Cotterell mixes)






1x Vinyl 12"

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NDATL continues with the return of Kayenne, Rain Fall Down originally produced by Chris Brann is the first single from Kayenne's forthcoming full length, produced by various Atlanta based producers, Kai Alce, Stefan Ringer, DJ Kemit, Salah Ananse & Chris Brann. This first offering bring forth Kayenne's sweet melody over atmospheric rhythms & pads over driving drums brought together on Anthony Nicholson's rewerk. Next an unexpected late night groover from Plastik Recordings, Marc Cotterell where his deep chords transport you deep into the dancefloor. This last mix comes from Groove Victim aka Jay Brown (whom we unfortunately lost late 2021) simple but elegantly effective very reminiscent of the early 90' MAW dubs! Once again NDATL blazes forward!

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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"Rain Fall Down" (Anthony Nicholson Rewerk)


"Rain Fall Down" (Anthony Nicholson instrumental)


"Rain Fall Down" (Marc Cotterell vocal dub)


"Rain Fall Down" (Groove Victim FoSoul dub)

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