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The very first Zeitnot album, ZEITLP01, comes from American deep techno don Roman Debnar. Having previously released on Zeitnot with the 'Dark Matter EP', Roman is following this up with a wider variety of club oriented sounds on ‘X’.

Plate 1 comprises four heavyweight dance tracks, featuring bittersweet rave nostalgia in 'Lightsdown', and the swirling bass swamp of 'Anger Management'.

Plate 2 takes a different turn, down the route of trip-hop and downtempo. Reminiscent of old 90's IDM and breakbeat comps, we see Roman building emotive atmospheres out of his love for hip-hop and electronic music. ‘After Dark’ in particular brings to mind early Black Dog , while on 'Flip Mode' we hear influences from across the pond, in the form of jazzy keys and a stoned out vocal sample.

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Makes Me Wanna




Anger Management


Secret Garden


Flip Mode




Feeling The Heat

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