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Feel It
Feel ItFeel It




1x Vinyl 12"

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“Embark on a transcendent journey through time as Sex Tapes From Mars proudly resurrects a beloved classic: “Deeper Cut - Feel It”.

This release, features bewitching remixes from Velvet Velour and Baldo, and pays homage to the illustrious era's sultry groove while injecting an invigorating vitality into the chemistry.

Inspired by the fervent underground movements of the ‘90s, Deeper Cut "Feel It" encapsulates the essence of an epoch gone by, transporting listeners to a realm where unadulterated emotion and infectious rhythms reign supreme.

The A1, a meticulously crafted beam of puncturing class, sheds the antiquated vocal elements, presenting a polished rendition that resonates deeply with contemporary sensibilities. This transformative, evocative rework of the acclaimed version fervently championed by FDG, has ignited a digital wildfire, enrapturing audiences and rekindling an impassioned devotion for the track's timeless allure.

Serving as celestial companions on this nostalgic odyssey are the luminary remixes from Velvet Velour and Baldo. Velvet Velour infuses their unmistakable flair, imbuing the track with pulsating vitality and entrancing rhythms that elevate the dancefloor experience to sublime heights. Meanwhile, Baldo bestows his idiosyncratic perspective, guiding listeners through an exhilarating sonic expedition adorned with eclectic nuances and an irresistible groove.

As Sex Tapes From Mars, and the mysterious label head himself Elon Dust, continue to transcend boundaries and exalt the rich tapestry of electronic music, their latest cut stands as a testament to the label's unwavering commitment to cultural heritage, done properly.

For devotees of electronic music and seekers of auditory transcendence, this release is an indispensable addition to your collection.”

Available in a year

Mar 7, 2025

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Valhalla Edit


Velvet Velour Remix


Baldo Remix

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