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Call Edan
Basement Grooves Volume 1

Basement Grooves Volume 1


Call Edan




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Jan 1, 2021



Mysterious Call Edan project on the slightly less mysterious Sounds Better Records label (at least we can say it's from Bristol) . 'Frome' that we got here, as you could hear if you pressed 'play' already is a take on Liz Torres' masterpiece that lived a great life in the 90s and got the resurrection after D'Julz re-released it on his Bass Culture Records. This one, it seems, balances between the original groove and all those 'Deep' and 'Get Down' editions perfectly. Not overloaded with stuff, it squeezes everything from its 126 BPM - almost impossible to listen to the end without moving. I tried. Both A and B-side openers here are slightly similar and could be described as the step on Cosmic Rhythm territory. Both of them got more or less the same pipey vibe, but 'La Riviera' has much more energetic beat structure inside (built around kick) while 'Protos' keeps pumping us with hats. The last one here - 'Gum' , with the most annoying moment on the preview cut (cuts just before the drop), probably will get even more people screaming and shouting, than any other track on this EP. Drop is working perfectly, be sure.

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La Riviera







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