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Silicon Minds
IHY [Interstellar Hypnotic Yama-Biko]

IHY [Interstellar Hypnotic Yama-Biko]
IHY [Interstellar Hypnotic Yama-Biko]IHY [Interstellar Hypnotic Yama-Biko]


VIBR 025


1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Dec 12, 2023

Vibraphone presents another huge release. This time it's Silicon Minds - IHY (Interstellar Hypnotic Yama -Biko) With an timeless Mayday Tribute Mix by the one and only Derrick May!
Highy recommended!

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: NM or M-


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IHY (Satchidananda Mix)



IHY (Mayday Tribute Mix)



Room #XX1X



Teca 745


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Hiatus has finished, new wax is molded and Vakum spits out their celebratory tenth release. Warped Reality EP revisites galactic and spacious backbone sounds from not so long ago infused with fresh production spices. In this case, Cosmic G & Laars, the duo which grows from the new Serbian batch. Take a listen to this five-tracker riddled with space blasters and hypnotic segments.A1. Flowing through interstellar space, B Star revisites some well known and loved sounds from early hypnotic era of electronic music. Upon arriving to the quazzar crossroads it also dives into breakbeat moments just to be reformed into acid sphere once again. A touch of trance goes a long way.A2. Sometimes you hear a track that resmebles multiple tracks combined. This is just the case in Terestrial Dreams. Filled with dreamy and galactic delays it pushes itself into endless progressive spiral of heavy bassline, smooth perc shots and otherworldly segments.B1. All about the cosmic ride in a night train between two planets. Along the way it pasess through multiple sound stations and realms inviting even more passengers for this sparkling night out. Pure delicacy!B2. Broken beats, scrapping vocals and intermitting bassline. Babble is inhaling acid hits fromthe sorroundings and projects them onto punchy snares and raw rhytmics to be carried further into old school babble beats. Perfect B side.B3. The outcast. The villan. The bad guy. Slow and ominous pace bundled with serious bassline sequence that goes into offence during the vocal break. This burner really stomps heavy hits onto you and smashes every sonic valve while pouring acid. "Oh, well, allow me to retort."