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Kawaii San
Covert Operation Ep

Covert Operation Ep
Covert Operation EpCovert Operation Ep




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Dec 18, 2023

London based DJ & producer Kawaii San makes his LMML debut this Christmas.

Kawaii San delivers a well balanced 4 tracker with a track for every time of the night.from the sneaky & steahlty driving bassline of Covert Operation on the A1 to breaking it down and busting a move on Ding-A-Ling on the A2. On the B-Side we find Get Up And Go! on the B1 to get you back out of our seat in the early morning ours and back on the dancefloor and rounded up with Kerwins Nirvana on B2 to flow through the night and vibe while having a breather. Masterfully mesmerizing belters that shouldn’t be missing in any serious DJs record bag for 2024!

Get your copy now before the discogs sharks get wind of it! ;)

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Covert Operation


Ding A Ling


Get Up And Go!


Kerwins Nirvana

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