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Transcendances - New Sound Patterns #2

Transcendances - New Sound Patterns #2






1x Vinyl 12" Sampler



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Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


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Plays perfect!!


Cosmic Rocker - Special Feeture


Ka§par - The Chic & Eclectic


Zoltar - New World

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Pedro Goya’s new album Sycamore proves to stand the test of time. The combination of tracks for this album take the listener on a journey from the best of the 80s to present day with that classic Goya style. Rhythmic, grooving basslines, dreamy 80s synth, hypnotic melodies and the unassuming break this album has it all.One Iota the premiere track of Pedro Goya’s latest album is the timeless track we never knew we needed.The emotion and energy is palpable, melodic keys digging the proverbial ear worm all while the classiest touch of 303 bassline infused groove really captures an outer body experience. Dun, next up in line, further exemplifies Pedro’s profound innate understanding of rhythmic grooves, catchy riffs, complexity in simplicity.Ace turned my head while listening. Nostalgic in vibe, emulated elements that could be from a Super Mario video game takes me on a journey down memory lane.Zextra is the track I would find myself playing out most from this selection. I have always enjoyed Pedro Goya’s simple approach to music and the adaptability of tracks in any situation. For me Zextra will fit into most of my sets, each time used for different approaches on the mixing journey.Sycamore the title track of the new album is classic Pedro Goya. Simple, grooving, relentless and continuously progressive. This is Pedro Goya sound at its best!Each of the tracks on this album have a unique vibe that could be transferable in any situation. What might be used as an opening track for one DJ would make for a pleasant break in the mix for another. “Sycamore” by Pedro Goya is a timeless, instant classic."
Lay Down The Groove is honoured to present its 4th record, named “Down Under”, which is the first of the new Split Series.This time, the label keeps focusing on the blooming Latin American scene and keeps working with close friends.On side A, LDG owners open the record with “We were one”, an electro piece that combines a sticky synth with melancholic arpeggios and deep pads. Following "Aloof from it”, a dancefloor-oriented banger, characterised by strong chords and breaks. Both tracks were recorded in Bogota, Colombia between late 2017 and along 2018, and mixed in Melbourne, Australia in 2019.On side B, the Argentinian Dj Braver delivers "Pick Phunk”, a deep track with a funky bassline that fits perfectly with the chords that pop from left to right creating an amazing and hypnotic groove. Closing the record, the Colombian artist Junn, who was part of our last digital release, presents “Apura”, a blend of solid beats and synths that turns into glitch sounds through the track from beginning to end.