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Mikio Kaminakamura presents five fresh tracks on Sundance.His past release is Oneself than Skill EP (SND 10 / 2018) from Sundance.
B?hm delivers pure dance floor action on Dolly with this solid 3 tracker. Solar cycle is serious UK rave, deep bleep and slamming breakbeat dance floor madness, As simple as that!!! :-)
Another Gem by Francesco, this time embellished by the remixes of a very fresh Alex Neri and completed by a Miki full of pathos!!
It's rare we get such angular and wonky music passing through our floodgates, but this one's too good to pass up. France's Voiceless records bring together their allstars on this 5-tracker of straight soulful stewers, spanning funky 2-step, ghostly organelles, and watery hard house in equally random measure.
Following an action-packed 2021 that included releases on Up The Stuss, Shall Not Fade amd Berg Audio, tech-house/deep house fusionist DJOKO (real name Johannes Kolter) kick-starts 2022 with another quietly impressive EP.
Prolific 90's house maestro Maurizio Verbeni strikes again on Digging Deeper . After stellar past releases on UMM , MBG Records , Discomagic , UMD amongst others his rare and original release on Trancebeat from 1992 with his aka PDQ gets a full re-issue and remaster. Not everybody understand house music
Prolific 90's house maestro Maurizio Verbeni strikes again on Digging Deeper . After stellar past releases on UMM , MBG Records , Discomagic , UMD amongst others his rare and original release on Trancebeat from 1992 with his aka PDQ gets a full re-issue and remaster. Not everybody understand house music
First full release by BSS (Luigi Vittorio Jansen) on Hivern following contributions to both 'Fragments' and 'Hivernation' projects. 'Bredius' showcases four tracks whose common thread is a detailed sound design of electrified percussion and a delicate and emotional approach to melodies. The EP will be available in two different versions: a standard one and a limited edition with the covers printed at l'Anacronica in Barcelona. Both artworks designed by Luigi himself.
Lisbon label VXSM returns with the Insurgence EP, a focussed collection of driving techno from four different artists. VOX99 leads with 'Satlab', a fast and edgy floor-filler with interlocking bass and lead lines caught in a constant flux. Vince follows with the dynamic 'Roll', full of detuned loops and snare rushes for dancers to get lost in. 'Blurr' from Berlin-based Elias. (DE) provides a darker and dubbier moment of inward contemplation before local legend VIL bursts outwards again with the tense and taut 'Clue', combining the perfect amount of pressure and release into a relentlessly building whole.
A new various artists included selected musicians and representatives of the Ukrainian underground scene, residents of the Kyiv Closer club, founders of Odessa DSK Port and Kharkiv Trance Pandemic Krew. Strong limited, must have.
UK techno collectors have long raved about this EP, a 1992 collaboration between Ubik members Dave Campbell and Viv Beeton under the one-off Timenet alias. The record's genius lies in its futurist fusion of elements borrowed from Chicago acid, Detroit and Brooklyn techno and European rave records.
Kyle Hall's outings on the label he founded in 2019, Forget the Clock, always see the Detroit master bringing something new to the table, although usually within the parameters of abundant musicality and good vibes.
Newcomer Donnie Cosmo of Medellin, Colombia takes the helm for TSOL 005 with four spaced out nuggets. Donnie is a special story as he first appeared on the Limousine Dream sublabel Nug-Net after being selected as one of the winners from the Nug-Net course producer competition. Now he becomes the first to make the jump up to TSOL with a full EP.
Lurking near the ocean floor, a beast awakens and ascends to make contact. Friend? Or foe? We shall see... Huerta presents his first EP of the year in the form of Liquid Social, the third offering on his own Leizure music.
This EP was made during the Ukrainian war by Alex Pervukhin.
Putch strikes again with Dee! Jay! Belters! only for diamond geezers and brilliant geezerets out there.
From Seattle we present NYCO on the 16th Self Reflektion release with a selection of previously digitally released music from this talented versatile producer. Essential dancefloor driven cuts!
The first Soul Capsule release gets a timely reissue - certainly if the silly prices it's reached of late on the second hand market - as well as a getting a loving remastering courtesy of D&M. All three parts are swampy, sweaty tech workouts that bump along with an almost indecent willingness to tempt you onto the floor and a groove with way more sexy swing than the minimal genre usually has contact with. Part two is traditionally the most celebrated of the three if internet chatter is to be believed, but some wonderfully subtle go-go percussion makes part three the most immediate of the bunch, with part one's distinctly darkside atmospherics and snippet of female gospel voice clearly wield an air of the classic.
For the 7th installment we welcome Ukrainian producer Lenzyak, with an EP full of dreamy and progressive digressions, that drives us from the deepest atmospheres to the brightest vibe supported by a blend of breaky, trancey and techno grooves.
ARAPU presents another big release on RAWAX!First New Dance is a statement and the hope that we all will be soon able together again - worldwide!
Lion & Lamb is of course the unlikely but cult pub in London that plays hosts to some of the underground's best DJs on a sporadic basis. After a few years of special events there it has recently branched out to come a label. After a fine various artists debut it follows suit with a second featuring electro don Radioactive Man whose 'Golden Mane' is deep and bleepy minimal electro classic. Fat Svelte offers a groggy late night number, Thoma Bulwer's 'Proper Wiggelr' is just that and Silverlining closes with a fresh tech house pumper.
Welcome to Is A Feeling, a brand new label presumably from Triform who is also known as Scott Featherstone, and Beyond A Void, and Lemongrass. He has a kick for digging deep into his archives to turn out old but still godlier tackle and we guess that Underground Grooves Vol 01 is another such project. This 2" packs plenty of irresistible heat with the lively and low slung drums of 'Take Control', silvery tech edges of 'Skipron' and best of all, the raw, jacked up house of 'Remember Me.' All three are timeless and very useful tunes.
David Agrella returns to his Agrellomatica Records with the spacey house sounds of 'Flowing', featuring remixes from Ben Hauke & Mr Barcode.Hot on the heels of his recent 'Freedom Unfolding' release, praised by Raresh, Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Vladimir Ivkovic and Dorian Paic, Italian-born tastemaker David Agrella is back on his Agrellomatica imprint with more intergalactic fire. This time, the London-based selector serves up four groove-laden cuts across 'Flowing', including remixes from WoopRecords' Ben Hauke and Into The Wizards' Sleeve Mr Barcode.Title track 'Flowing' is a cosmic voyage peppered with glossy pads, eerie synths and sharp percussion, before Agrella's own 'Sabotage Mix' throws in deep, driving tones, subtle robotic vocals, and interstellar keys. On the flip, Ben Hauke delivers a dubbed-out reshape, harnessing fluttering echoes, emotive harmonies and deep basslines. To close, MrBarcode provides a punchy electro remix, as warped samples and driving low-ends get down in this slice of dancefloor mania.
Other than being one of the affable fellows behind the counter at Berlin record store Bikini Waxx, Norweigan expat Alexander Skancke is an active DJ around town and runs the new Quirk imprint - which is now into its third release.
2nd release from Norwegian label Quirk.
Earlier in the decade, Alexander Skancke released a swathe of admired singles on NeoStrictly, Eskimo Recordings and Shadow Hide You, before promptly vanishing from view. "Jungle Japes" sees the Norwegian return to action after three long years via a heavy and mind altering four-tracker that we believe to be his strongest work to date.
CWPT are pleased to deliver four tracks of intoxicating after-hours dance music from Italian duo, Voodoos & Taboos. Self-releasing a number of vinyl-only releases before debuting in 2021 on Phonica AM, a new sub label of the legendary London record store, ‘Tropical Love’ refines the V&T sound further still into physicality and sensuality alike.
Electro duo Sons of Slough have their first EP brought back to print thanks to Perko's FELT label. It kicks off with the whirring machines and bumping kicks of 'Snares & Temptations.' 'I Can't Hear The Stereo' then gets all fuzzy and sleazy with a more kinetic rhythm and darker vocal samples. 'Boxhead' ups the ante once again with more flashing synths and coruscated drum concoctions. 'Say It, Don't Do It' closes out with more analogue brilliance, and a squirrelling synth line that never lets up. It adds up to a visceral EP of searing electro.
SHDW & Obscure Shape welcome Alarico back to Mutual Rytm as the Italian delivers a medley of diverse techno cuts across his latest EP, 'Boya'.Arriving fresh from an impressive twelve months with releases via the likes of Token Records alongside his notable self-production only mixes, Italian DJ and producer Alarico continues to grow as a talent on the rise within techno. Combining nuances from across the genre to shape his own fast-paced and raw yet soulful sound, the Milan based talent hasn't slowed down since launching the alias in 2019. Having featured on the label's VA 'Federation Of Rythm I' earlier this year, he now returns to SHDW and Obscure Shape's blossoming Mutual Rytm imprint for his first EP on the label - delivering eight cuts across both digital and vinyl for 'Boya'.Kicking things off with the rugged and loopy 'AE86', Alarico quickly gets to work fusing driving grooves with slick vocal interjections, while title cut 'Boya' veers into slightly more raw and metallic territories guided by snappy claps and resounding kicks. 'Killa Cut' brings the funk on the B-side as soulful vocals ebb and glow amongst the mix, with 'Lost In Time' offering up pulsing bass beneath ethereal vocals, sweeping melodies and lively hats. The vinyl package is wrapped up by 'The Ballad of Lisa', with the infectious bleeping topline leading off-kilter clangs, slightly offsetting the track's tight core groove.With three bonus tracks on the digital package, the Italian continues to bring the heat with 'God Bless Hip Hop' providing yet more punchy, skipping rhythms accented by rich chords. 'Cigarettes After Sex' carries a more manic and chaotic arrangement yet still manages to hold the track together amongst murky flutters, before closing the show via 'The Rush Hour' to deliver warping, arpeggiated basslines and a constant battle of tension and release.
Novaj Records is very happy to present its first vinyl release. This will allow us to continue to support artists associated with Novaj media. "International Love" is a universal message of peace. The musical vibrations that reverberate through our lives are universal. They reach our bodies and our minds no matter who we are, or where we come from. The globe represents this vision of a borderless world. Similarly, music invites us to come together, forget our differences and remember the things that unite us.
We are really thrilled to share with you the second release of Watermelon Music, the mother label of Slice Music.

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