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Obergman is back on the Brokntoys label with a new EP that follows up his widely acclaimed first. The Swedish artist offers up six killer tracks of icy machine sounds and snaking groove hypnosis, starting with the nice and eerie 'Aperture Synthesis' before heading on to 'Seemingly Coincidental' with its mystic pads and tightly coiled drums. 'Cassiopeia' closes out side one with a downtempo and moody crawl, then the flip picks up again with more prickly electro-tech from the future. For us, the highlight might just be the loose melodic workout but crispy electro drum work of closer 'End Of An Era.'
Kuldaboli, Alek Stark, Mokotron and -=UHU=- together on this heavy hitter with four bombs full of vocoders, analog beasts and 808 beats.
This debut EP from Manchester producer Kalcagni brings us 4 slices of deep, vibey electro. Kicking off with EP title track ‘Manners’ which provides 303 acid lines laced with infectious chord stabs and beefy 808 drums. Next up ‘Retox’ takes proceedings even deeper with a soulful, slightly melancholic touch. On the flip side ‘Wrong Fix’ jacks up the BPMs for a wonky electro affair, before EP closer ‘It Knows Me Bad’ rounds things off with oscillator sync bass stylings interspersed with minor chords, modular percussion and punchy drums.
RAWAX proudly welcomes Mr. Helmut Geier aka DJ Hell to the family!We are extremly happy and excited to present you his own series on our label, featuring classic re-issues and present works. Starting with former Disko B #38 by Hell + Jonzon - EP No. 1 from 1995!Re-mastered vinyl edition will be out next week.
FR015 by Jay Tripwire, 12" Hand stamped, tracks from the vaults. Includes an unreleased mix of 'I wont Stop' by Sounds of the suburbs.

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