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Nocturnal Detour

Nocturnal Detour






1x Vinyl 12"



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Obergman is back on the Brokntoys label with a new EP that follows up his widely acclaimed first. The Swedish artist offers up six killer tracks of icy machine sounds and snaking groove hypnosis, starting with the nice and eerie 'Aperture Synthesis' before heading on to 'Seemingly Coincidental' with its mystic pads and tightly coiled drums. 'Cassiopeia' closes out side one with a downtempo and moody crawl, then the flip picks up again with more prickly electro-tech from the future. For us, the highlight might just be the loose melodic workout but crispy electro drum work of closer 'End Of An Era.'

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Aperture Synthesis


Seemingly Coincidental




Nocturnal Detour


Pomegranate Seeds


End Of An Era

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