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Various Artists
Volume Eleven

Volume Eleven
Volume ElevenVolume Eleven




1x Vinyl 12"

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Here at Rube Goldberg Series we pride ourselves on having everything you need to complete your ski gear set-up this season. So, whether it's ski bindings, ski goggles, ski poles, helmets, thermals and base layers, or a new 4 track VA record, Trust us. We have it all in our collection.

While you're here, why not check out our stylish new release? Discover tunes from Velvet Velour, Picasso, Bowyer and Kawaii San. Shop our selection online or at your nearest store today and find quality tunes fit for your next adventure to the dancefloor.

As well as increasing cardiovascular fitness and muscle growth, DJing is a thrilling snow sport that allows you to glide across snowy slopes with speed, grace, dexterity. Getting the right records for your build, experience, and terrain type can make all the difference to performance and enjoyment on the dancefloor.

Available in a year

Feb 16, 2025

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

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Velvet Velour - "Shifting Slabs"


Picasso - "Dubaholic"


Bowyer - "Lotions 'n' Potions"


Kawaii San - "Interplanetary"

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'EP 2' hones in on highlights from RX-101's arsenal of warm, melodic techno gems. For those who crave playful analog basslines and wistful, evocative synth pads, you'll be hooked within the first minute of opener 'August '97.' The references are clear: if you're a fan of Bochum Welt or Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works Volume 1,' this 6-track 12' delivers just that sound - authentic, effortless and pure. Repress!!!
Since its the very beginning, Chat Noir Tools has been a home for new and upcoming producers with the goal of discovering the future talents of our scene. We’re glad to present a new debut release by French artist Mitsunobu, founder of the Youtube channel Metroid Vibes. With his Neurodancer EP, he shows his love for 90’s influenced house music. Watch out!
The mysterious Black Fan is back! After his releases on Local Talk and Quintessentials, Black Fan is for sure one to watch in 2024. „I know – I am“ is his most mature work to date and shows his love for House and Techno when it started – New York, Detroit, Sheffield! Black Fan has his roots in the good old rave and early House days and has many stories to tell! He was DJing at places like „The Dance Factory“, „The Eclipse“, „Tolerance“ plus more times at the now legendary „Energy“ parties than he cares to remember, and has kept in love with House and Techno ever since. Be ready for „I know – I am“, a proper New York/New Jersey styled house tune or „deep rotation“ and „TE2“ - raw, deep and detrotish with a touch of UK techno! Ready for 2024!Artwork pic shows the aftermath Blackburn warehouse party, Nelson 1989/90.
Industrious Polish DJ, producer and live performer Szafran is summoned to Thabo's Berlin-based house imprint Home Again, debuting a new alias and sound in his arsenal as he reaches the spaces between house, breakbeat and acid house. The label's third release, Thabo grabs revered Parisian producer Leo Pol for a killer remix.Previously releasing and performing as Oskar Szafraniec, he broke through under the mentorship of acid house legend A Guy Called Gerald, touring extensively together and developing his live show. His releases have come through notable labels Rawax, Deset and Cyclo, while collaborations with heavyweights Ricardo Villalobos and Pier Bucci brought more discerning ears, and basing himself in Berlin ensured that he'd play across the city's hallowed haunts, including Club der Visionaere, Watergate, Tresor and Salon zur Wilden Renate."After eight years in Berlin, I relocated to Croatia's Dalmatian coast last year. There was the enforced break from touring, but I also took a break from producing. I wanted to step back and find new inspirations. I was listening to a lot of Warp Records, feeling hugely inspired by the melodies in Aphex Twin and Squarepusher's '90s releases. My musical direction changed and I wanted to present these influences with my own touch. I feel my music is more emotive through the way I'm contrasting analogue, digital and organic elements and I hope people feel that." - SzafranPacking punch and propulsion in equal measure is 'It's Just A Feeling', a striking, emotive track that cuts through with the sonic signature of the Roland TB 303. Prolific mastermind Leo Pol picks up the pace, giving the track a rerub with all the bang and bustle to vitalise a dancefloor. Prodigious outing 'You Don't Know' enters the field full of vigor with the breakbeat drum loops and 4 X 4 kick drum sequences giving it a propulsive, rousing pace, while 'Infuse' reaches through and closes the EP with a laidback flex.Artwork by Ken Hanamura
RAWAX proudly welcomes legendary Fresh & Low to the family!We are very happy to present you in future most of their amazing past productions on the new "Treasures" series. Starting with groundbreaking LITTE "i" EP from 1997.