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Various Artists
Volume Eleven

Volume Eleven
Volume ElevenVolume Eleven




1x Vinyl 12"

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Here at Rube Goldberg Series we pride ourselves on having everything you need to complete your ski gear set-up this season. So, whether it's ski bindings, ski goggles, ski poles, helmets, thermals and base layers, or a new 4 track VA record, Trust us. We have it all in our collection.

While you're here, why not check out our stylish new release? Discover tunes from Velvet Velour, Picasso, Bowyer and Kawaii San. Shop our selection online or at your nearest store today and find quality tunes fit for your next adventure to the dancefloor.

As well as increasing cardiovascular fitness and muscle growth, DJing is a thrilling snow sport that allows you to glide across snowy slopes with speed, grace, dexterity. Getting the right records for your build, experience, and terrain type can make all the difference to performance and enjoyment on the dancefloor.

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: Not Graded


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Velvet Velour - "Shifting Slabs"


Picasso - "Dubaholic"


Bowyer - "Lotions 'n' Potions"


Kawaii San - "Interplanetary"

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Vinyl Only!! Unknown edits series coming from the heart of Porto. Limited series! "Francesinha is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat, and covered with melted cheese and a hot and thick spiced tomato and beer sauce. It is typically served with french fries. "
Azaad steps out with his own new label, Born 2 Be Free, for the first time here and says that the plan for it is to 'break out of the mold.' The man himself takes care of the first EP and shows the world what he is all about with a fine homage to early garage sounds but with a hint of London grit. 'Dubba Ding' is a nice chord-laced pumper with shuffling beats, 'Feel The Rhythm' is more raw and stripped back with loopy, chopped-up vocals and 'Get Da Runaround' brings warm pad swirls and some soulful vocals to a nice deep garage vibe. Three very useful tracks indeed and a great first EP from this new label.
Kicking off 2024 with all time classic from White Dopes On Funk.Steve Cobby first released it on his own Imprint, Pork Recordings, which he co-founden with Dave Brennand, in 1994, then re-released on Absolut Records and Bionic Beat Recording, adding a remix to the classic track "Ne Plus Ultra"The Magik Black Purse Mix has been making the rounds for some years now, being spotted in many big DJs record bags.Finally a reissue of these classic tracks is coming, adding a second mix to the record!
Rework's classic 2002 cut 'You're So Just Just' gets fresh remixes fromTroxler X Crosson and Cinthie alongside an updated version from the actthemselves.Underground mainstays Rework released this standout track on thelegendary Playhouse label and it is one that established them aspioneers right from the off. It was followed by several vital albums andreleases on the same label, as well as the likes of Visionquest andexlove records.Here, they revisit their original, which features vocals from Laetitia, andupdate its cold minimal grooves with fresh energy. The bass rolls deep,and the drums are snappy and upright as the edgy chords keep thingsfull of suspense. Laetitia's soulful stylings are cut up and smearedthrough the mix to make for a brilliantly driving and emotive track.Visionquest co-founders and long-time techno talents Seth Troxler andRyan Crosson also pair off for a remix. Their version is full of trippysound designs and wiggling hooks. It's a tightly interwoven minimalgroove with an afterparty feel, and the original vocals bring their ownseductive vibe.The second remix comes from much-loved Berlin native Cinthie, whoruns the Elevate store and 803 Crystal Grooves label. She recentlyserved up a fantastic mix for the legendary DJ Kicks series and bringsher timeless sound to this remix. It is raw, dusty and perfect for sweatybasements, as its hypnotic loops and punchy kick patterns are draped inold-school chord vamps.This is a great update to a dance music classic from a fine selection ofscene favourites.
Garage Hermétique bids farewell to the music studio where many seeds were planted between 2016 and 2020, including Onirik's solo projects and collaborations. Hidden under the Schlesicher Tor underground station, it was a chaotic but special place. This release contains a number of tracks recorded at the beloved location, with different aesthetics, seeking a balance between positive and mysterious vibes. On A1 and B1 we find two tracks from the collaborative project Oni-KI. On A2 we find a west coast infused joint recorded with jazz pianist (and ex-Flatmate) Uri Gincel. The Ep is rounded off on B2 with a solo production by Onirik, aimed at potential mind relaxation. Good Bye Schlesi. Ltd pressing of 150 copies
Since its the very beginning, Chat Noir Tools has been a home for new and upcoming producers with the goal of discovering the future talents of our scene. We’re glad to present a new debut release by French artist Mitsunobu, founder of the Youtube channel Metroid Vibes. With his Neurodancer EP, he shows his love for 90’s influenced house music. Watch out!