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1x Vinyl 12"

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Lee Humphreys and Evasive head honcho Rob Pearson returned to the imprint for their 2nd EP together as Lovable Rogues. This followed on from their first collaboration which launched Evasive Records : Look Into Your Eyes / Chica / Twilight Manouvres (EVA001)

For this Ep Rob travelled out to work with Lee in the depths of the German countryside at Lee’s Tofu Studios. EVA003 delivered 3 more tasty underground cuts for main floors and urban warehouse spaces and pleased all the right DJ movers and shakers in the year 2000. It now finds favour in 2024 with Tech House connoisseurs hungry for that early South London Tech sound.

Time Zones delivers some peak time twisted year 2k Tech. Swirling ear candy synths and tripped out almost acidic twangs are the order of the day. A head nodding bass combines with the filtered and sample triggered vocal phrase ‘Eternal Energy Music’. As if the production pair were indeed clairvoyants able to look ahead and prophesize the future state of underground dance floors some 20 years later! This cut has since become a classic requested early noughties gem for those in the know.

On ‘Integer’ Lee Humphreys rides solo to showcase his unique talent and slick production sound. Driving filtered percussion elements and an infectious bass combine with ‘Body Grooving’ vocal cuts and eerie reverse synths and sounds. Lee basically hit this track out of the park here so Rob had no choice but to request this cut and it was snapped up for the EP.

‘Thursday’ see’s Rob & Lee back on the joint production for some Tech Funk shenanigans that are ‘sure to get you high’. Not sure what Mr Humphreys was on to allow Rob to play the lead keyboard solo on this funk fuelled excursion but it stills sounds fresh over 2 decades later.! A very different vibe that has not been equalled or surpassed on Evasive since.

Available in 7 months

Feb 26, 2025

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Time Zones





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