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Ritmatico (remixes)

Ritmatico (remixes)








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Afterhours. continues their journey through the deepest of the realms via their freshly created sub-label Elements., keeping up to their promise of releasing stripped-down music, where hypnotizing palettes float on top of bare yet highly functional sonic bones.

Alsi‘s release did leave a solid statement to defend their motto, and because of this, it deserved a remix EP. Who better for such a task than two local heroes at the forefront of the Romanian scene? Cristi Cons and Priku require little to no introduction. Their remixes elevate everything Elements. had previously envisioned for this project: two very mature interpretations of Alsi’s original work, filling them with an outstanding richness and a straight-to-the-point, functional groove structure that assures both sides of the release are two incredibly deep, minimal techno wonders.

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Ritmatico (Cristi Cons remix)


Ritmatico (Priku remix)

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