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Salomo & Reece Walker start their new sublabel from R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings with a collaborative EP of house groovers and freedom vibes.

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"Drop Free"






"Drop Break"



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After being marooned in a small beach town in Brazil at the start of the pandemic, California-born Gene On Earth eventually made it home to Berlin. As the reality of the global situation sunk in, he set to work on his second album, working in an obsessive daily rhythm. After gathering an arsenal of samples and inspiration he returned to the studio for 5 months of feverish work. Set for release on June 3rd via his own imprint Limousine Dream, ‘Time on The Vine’ is a slick record delivered with the laid-back warmth of a producer at the top of his game. Breezy yet assured, its wonky minimal rhythms are as feel good as they are fun, a perfect antidote to the long and waning pandemic that birthed them.
io Fa is back with another release exploring his finely tuned approach to effortlessly rolling, yet playful pumpers that have become characteristic of his sound. This time on his new imprint Sunset Drifters, the label launches with 4 devious dancefloor cuts that solidify his sonic relationship with the sounds of early dance music. Straightforward yet effective, the EP merges his many inspirations - the dynamic drums & flecks of acid in proto-house, the rolling basslines of progressive, and the mini melodies and synth stabs of EBM and early rave.
Lello Di Franco is L.D.F. and Brian Garrett is Javonntte and together they are a peerless deep house combo with perfect deep house sound. For this one they arrive on YORE with artful yet floor-ready grooves that are steeped in classicist traditions but are executed with modern style. 'How We Groove' has a busted bassline powering along slinky drums and a chopped up vocal under swirling chords. 'From Day To Night' smooths things out with wispy cosmic synths darting about over chunky beats and 'Believe' then gets a little more prickly and jazz tinged in its synth work.
Physical Education is back with another signature offering. Four tracks, four peak-time cuts courtesy of ‘90s production veteran Bryan Zentz, under his seldom-seen pseudonym: Barada
Rezpektiva present the 12th release from their umbrella label with a round-up of under-the-radar cult tunes from the one & only Simon Ellis, aka. The Soundlords, aka. The Inspiring Sound Source. Four tunes with different flavours, but with one common theme, these are straight-up minimal trance-tech tidbits, beginning with a new mix of Ellis' classic 'Off The Wall', before getting dubby and weighty with it on 'Pulse 48', and ending on the buzzingly surreal and strangely named 'The Sugar Frogman'.
Dutch boss of House and Techno Orlando Voorn on Michel de Hey's In The Future label. Totally in your (Detroit) alley! Coming with a mega remix of Anil Aras with the best strings you will hear!

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